xQcow Net Worth, 2022 from Twitch and YouTube (FAQs on xQc)

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Felix Lengyel who is known by his alias name xQc is one of the richest twitch streamers who started his carrier as an Overwatch player. But like me do you also want to know xQcow Net Worth from Twitch and YouTube.

xQcow Net Worth 2021
xQcow Net Worth 2021


xQcow Net Worth 2022 from Twitch and YouTube

As of 2021, xQc net worth has been calculated at around $6 million yearly. But recently Twitch streamer’s earnings were leaked and according to that xQcow was on the second top after a critical role with earning of  $8.454,427.17 from August 2019 to October 2021.

xQc makes money from both Twitch and YouTube and there are several sources through which he earns this huge money.

As of July 2021, xQcow has 6M followers on Twitch and 1.67M subscribers on YouTube.

Now let’s see how much xQc make from Twitch and YouTube and what are the main sources.


xQcow Net Worth from Twitch?

xQc initially started and got popular on Twitch where he has 6M of followers and around 60K subscribers.

There are different ways through which xQc makes money like

  • Subscriptions
  • Twitch Ads (Bits)
  • Donations
  • Selling Games and Products

So let’s break down these earning sources from twitch and see how much does xQc makes from twitch resources.


xQc Earning from Twitch Subscribers 

xQc has around 60,000 twitch subscribers and he gets somewhere $3.50 whenever someone subscribes to him.

This is the basic starter twitch plan I shared and the twitch cut on this is just 30% which is only for the top streamers.

So according to this if we calculate $3.50 with 60,000 subscribers it would be around $210k.


xQc Earning from Donations 

External Donation is another main source that gives the most earnings with no revenue sharing.

Yes, from no revenue sharing I mean whenever xQc or any twitch streamers get donations from PayPal or Google Pay then twitch has nothing to do with that donation payout, and the whole money goes to the streamer.

Such earnings can’t be calculated exactly as it depends on every month as well as every day. But still, it’s been estimated at around $15,000 to $25,000 per month.

Now Twitch has its own donation system as well called twitch bit. Here viewers can directly pay the streamers by purchasing twitch bits or so-called twitch currency.


xQc Earning from Twitch Ads

This is another source from which Twitch streamers earn and xQc earns good money from here as well.

For every 1000 views twitch pays $20 and so you know better how many views he gets on his videos.

As I also enjoy this stream sometimes I can say without any doubt that he gets millions of views on most of his videos and this is why xQc net worth is so high.

So even if I take 1M as an average and multiply it by 20 days it would be around $400K per month.

That’s insane, right?


xQcow Net Worth from YouTube?

xQc also has 1.67M of subscribers on YouTube and on average, he uploads 25 videos in a week.

These videos are the saved Twitch VODs which he further uploads on YouTube after broadcasting on Twitch.

Now in order to find Felix’s net worth from YouTube, I used the social blade website which gave me estimated earnings of around $130,000 per month.

How much does xqc make from YouTube in 2021
How much does xqc make from YouTube in 2021

This estimated revenue is from his monthly video views which are around 30M every month.


Other sources of xQc Income from YouTube

Now there are many other sources like affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and Merch.

There are many gaming products and games for which is leave the link in the description box and if anyone purchases from it, he gets the commission for that.

xQc is a big name and so there are several sponsors who reach xQc and pay huge amounts for sponsorship.

So no doubt collectively he is also making good money from here and xQc net worth is really among one of the top streamers.



Why is xQc so popular?

xQc has become famous for several reasons and day by day he is gaining more popularity. Few of them are

  • xQc has become one of the watched streamers in the first quarter of 2021 with around 73 million watch time hours.
  • In 2019, he reacted to many other videos and memes which made him more famous.


How tall is xQc (Felix Lengyel)

Felix Lengyel known as xQc has a height of 6 feet 2 inches which also makes him more popular.


Who is xQc girlfriend?

xQc is dating Adept who is 27 years old and from Texas, United States.

Adept is also a Twitch streamer with 400k followers.

Sorry for the girls, who asked that is xQc single.


How old is xQc and where is he from?

xQc is 25 years old and he is from Canada.




Hopefully, you know xQcow net worth in 2021 from twitch and YouTube. I have also shared a few basic FAQs that you might be interested in knowing about him.

If you are a streamer too, you might have a thought here can you also become like xQc? I would say Yes, maybe more popular them him.

You must have an idea that how he streams and what strategies he used to gain more popularity and followers.

Use your own mind and show some creativity as you should give one chance at least.

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