WidePeepoHappy Twitch Emote Meaning and Origin – Full Guide

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Do you still wonder what exactly WidePeepoHappy emote in twitch means or about its origin?

It’s not only you, thousands of people are still searching about this emote.

Wide Peepo Happy is another variant of the popular emotes PeepoHappy that was a Pepe Frog emote.

Let me explain everything about this emote and keep reading the article as I have some bonus tips for you.



WidePeepoHappy Meaning

In simple words WidePeepoHappy means happiness and this is one of the Pepe emotes used in the Twitch chat by the viewers when they are widely happy.

You may have seen people spamming with this emote to share their extreme happiness.

This emote even gives an expression of wide happiness compared to Peepo happy and this is why the name of this emote is WidePeepoHappy.

So, now you may be thinking about this emote origin.


Origin of WidePeepoHappy Emote

All Peepo emotes came after the origin of Pepe the frog which is an amphibian.

Matt Furie who created Pepe the frog uploaded the emote in a comic in 2005 that was further adopted by 4chan and then in 2015 became a global emote.

In 2017 another popular emote MonkaW was created and added to Frankerfacez and BetterTTV.

With the overall popularity of MonkaW and Pepe emotes, PeepoHappy was uploaded on twitch global emotes by the Twitch community.

Then finally in 2018 WidePeepoHappy was created and uploaded on Frankerfacez and BTTV by Balck_tic_tac.

You won’t believe Wide PeepoHappy emote became more popular than its original emote and was spammed in many streams.

How to Get WidePeepoHappy Emote in Twitch?

Probably you may have searched for this emote in twitch and got nothing. The emote is available only with FrankerfaceZ and BetterTTV.

In order to use these emotes you need to install either BetterTTV or FrankerfaceZ extension.

  • Open your favorite browser like Google Chrome on your PC and then open a better extension website. 
  • Click on Download and then on Add to Chrome. Click on Add extensions again if prompted. 
    Install BetterTTV on twitch
    Install BetterTTV on twitch



  • In case it asks to upgrade permission, click on it and then on Allow. 
  • Now open the Twitch website and enable the BTTV extension from Twitch chat. 
  • Once BetterTTV is installed and enabled you will find a new emote section has been added by BetterTTV just left to the Chat at the very right-hand bottom. 
    How to Use BetterTTV Emotes on twitch
    How to Use BetterTTV Emotes on twitch



  • Here you will find lots of new emote from BTTV, just look for WidePeepoHappy emote and in case you don’t find it you need to manually add it from the BTTV website.


How to Add more BTTV Emotes to Twitch

Now there may be many emotes like WidePeepoHappy which you need to manually add from the Better twitch TV website.

Follow the below simple steps.

  • Open the BetterTTV website and then click on the Emotes menu at the left-hand top menu section. 
    How to Use WidePeepoHappy Emote in Twitch
    How to Use WidePeepoHappy Emote in Twitch



  • At the right-hand top, you will find the Search box, type WidePeepoHappy and then hit the enter key to bring up the results. 
  • Here you will have many variants of WidePeepoHappy, you can choose which to add or can add all of them. 
    How to Add WidePeepoHappy Emote in Twitch
    How to Add WidePeepoHappy Emote in Twitch



  • Simply click on the emote and then on Add to Channel 

Once done, refresh the twitch page and you will see WidePeepoHappy emote has been added to the list of BetterTTV chat emotes.

If you don’t find it immediately then better wait for some time as this may take a few minutes to appear in the list.


How to Get WidePeepoHappy Emote in Discord?

Discord has become one of the most popular platforms, especially in the gaming community. 

So if you are also in discord you can have a WidePeepoHappy emote or any betterTTV emote on your discord server.


  • Open the BetterTTV website and click on the Dashboard menu located at the left-hand top. 
  • From the left-hand menu click on Connections and then on Connect with Discord. 
     How to get WidePeepoHappy Emote in Discord
    How to get WidePeepoHappy Emote in Discord



  • A box will appear to log in to your discord, just log in with your discord account and then choose a server where you want to add the betterTTV emote. 
  • Click on Continue and then verify the captcha verification. Once done you will be notified on your discord server that BetterTTV has been added to your server. 
  • Now click on Sync Discord Server and you are all set.

Just go to your discord, click on Server Settings, and from the left-hand menu choose Integrations.

Here you will find BetterTTV in the integrations. 


Other Variants of WidePeepoHappy

With the popularity of the first WidePeepoHappy, many other related emotes came up. Some are even by the same name.

Just have a look at all of them and you can also use them by adding through betterTTV.

WidePeepoHappyM rzosyk Extreme CLoseup Happiness WidePeepoHappyM Emote
PepetheFrog Mircuzzo25 Surprised Expression PepetheFrog Twitch
WidePeepoSad ThatGentleman2 Wide Sadness WidePeepoSad Twitch
WidePeepoBusy Lundarrra Too busy WidePeepoBusy Twitch
MonkaW MrMutants Shocked Monkaw Twitch



Using new emotes really enhances your experience while chatting on stream like Twitch. But you must also know the meaning and when exactly to use these emotes.

WidePeepoHappy meaning in Twitch, origin, and how to use it have been cleared in this article.

Do you have some additional information on these emotes to add some more value to this guide? Let me know in the comment box.

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