Why is Verizon so Slow (Sep, 2022) – 9 Reasons with Solution

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In this digital world, slow internet seems like a curse and like you, I used to have a question in my mind why is Verizon so slow in 2022, and how to fix it?

The problem can be with both your cell phone data and with the WiFi.

After much research, I found 9 major reasons and fixes for this Verizon slow internet.

If you came here to know why Verizon is slow today only, then it can be because of some network outage or issue with your device.

I would recommend that you should restart your device and router before proceeding with the below fixes.

Yesterday I was getting a speed of approx 12mbps on my Samsung phone and once I restarted my phone the speed boosted to 80mbps.



Why is Verizon so Slow? 2022 (Quick Answer)

There is no simple or single answer to this question as the causes vary according to your location, device, and network.

Verizon customers are complaining that they have the 5g ultra-wideband and still they are having slow connection or getting LTE network.

The majority of the customers having a 5G connection are complaining of slow speed which can be because the 5G ultra-wideband is currently working only in a few locations.

A few causes for slow speed can be because of some network outage, too many devices connected, or problems with the device.

Let’s see 9 major reasons for Verizon’s slow speed and how to fix it.

Reason 1 – Area with Poor Connectivity

If you are in an area where Verizon connectivity is not good then you may face slow internet issues all the time.

These are in some urban and majorly in the rural areas where you will face poor connectivity. 

So what is the solution?

There is nothing you can do if you live in a rural place except complaint to them.

Verizon is continuously working on its network range to give you the best connectivity. 

What I personally recommend is that convince more people from your area who have issues and complain altogether to Verizon. 

This will bring Verizon’s attention more quickly to your area.


Reason 2 – Network Outage

If you found a recent and sudden slow internet change then it can be because of a Verizon network outage.

Verizon slow today
Verizon Outage Status

Network Outage can be because by multiple reasons like

  • Bad Weather
  • Verizon Service Outage or Network Congestion
  • Verizon equipment failure

So, how to get rid of this problem?

To verify if there is a network outage you can either check the status on the down detector or better contact Verizon customer support.

If you get to know that there is no network outage then you can move to the next step.


Reason 3 – Out of Data

If you found Verizon’s internet slow all of sudden, then probably you ran out of data. 

Data limit is really annoying and If you are on a limited data plan, then check your monthly data plan to assure that limit has not been exceeded.

This can be with your cellular mobile data or with the WiFi as well.

You may also be notified by Verizon if your data plan limit exceeds and after the limit exceeds your internet will be either very slow or no internet.

So what to do now, if the data limit exceeds?

You can call Verizon for help or go with Verizon’s unlimited data plan.


Reason 4 – 5G not working for you

Verizon still has the least amount of 5G ultra wideband network. 

So if you are connected to Verizon 5G network and if you do not have that ultra-wide network coverage then your speed will be slower than compared to 4G or LTE.

I visited one of Verizon’s stores in Redlands, CA to fix my slow internet issues. When I explain my slow internet problem to them, they made a test on my device and I got a very good downloading speed of 96mbps and 89mbps uploading speed. 

This was just because they have good coverage in their store location.

But when I just went away around 8 miles away from that store and again made a speed test my speed reduced to 19mbps of downloading speed.

So you know why Verizon 5G is so slow at some places and what you can do is.

  • Try restarting your device and checking the speed again.
  • Switch to a 4G network

Once you move to a new location you can try switching to 5G again to check if you get proper 5G coverage at that place.


Reason 5 – Too many devices connected

In the case of broadband connection or even mobile data, you use a shared internet connection which is not a dedicated line.

So, if you have connected too many devices to your single internet connection that the speed will be affected and will lead to slow internet.

Why is my Verizon cell phone internet so slow
Why is my Verizon cell phone internet so slow

This can be when you have too many devices or members in your family and they all connect to your single internet service.

How to fix this Verizon slow Internet?

Try disconnecting all other devices connected to your internet service.

Once done restart your modem or cell phone and check if this resolves the issue.


Reason 6 – VPN is On (Why is Verizon so Slow)

If nothing worked from the above solution and you still wondering why is Verizon so slow then you should also check your VPN.

A VPN can slow down your internet speed, especially when you are using a free version.

A week ago I connected a VPN to a different location from my browser. I forgot to disable and I started facing a slow internet connection.

Later I realized that when I disabled the VPN, my internet speed came back.


Reason 7 – Data Saver mode is on

Data saver is an option to save your internet data when you have a limited data plan and you want to save some data for the end of the month.

Once the data saver is on, your speed will be affected as well.

If you are an Android user then open your phone “Settings”, look for “Network” or “Connections” and tap on it. Now look for Data Saver and assure that it’s been turned off.

iPhone users open “Settings” and then “Cellular”. In Cellular look for “Options” and then look for Data saver or low data mode. Make sure it’s toggled off.

Once done restart your phone and check if Verizon’s slow internet issue has been fixed or not.


Reason 8 – Device is Buggy or Outdated

Slow Internet issues are also because by device problems. This can be on your mobile, laptop, or PC.

Probably you have an old or outdated phone that doesn’t support a 5G or even a 4G network.

If you have slow internet issues on the browser then probably the browser needs optimization. 

So how to fix the device causing Verizon’s slow internet problem?

  • Clear Browser Cache
  • Uninstall apps and programs that are not in use or you don’t identify.
  • PC or Laptop users can run Antivirus and Antimalware scans.

You can watch the video below on how to optimize your PC.


Reason 9 – Router located too far (Why is Verizon so Slow)

Verizon or any ISP internet connection can be affected if your router is placed too far from your location.

Router position in Home
Router position in Home

5G-enabled routers have limited range and once you go far from the router your connection will also go slow.

What you can do is

You can try first by going close to the router and checking the speed again, if this works then place the router close to you and also in a high-top place.


Verizon Call quality issues 2022 

Recently many Verizon customers complained about having horrible call quality issues.

So is there a problem with the cellphone or with the Verizon network? In order to give you the authentic answer I called Verizon and even made many types of research.

The issue people are facing is the call poor quality. Most of them have with Verizon network and few are using messenger through the internet.

The majority of the users have Verizon call quality issues because of the cell phone, especially with Samsung devices.  June 2022 security updates on Galaxy S21 are also causing network issues.

So, how to fix this Verizon Call quality issue?

  • Check Verizon Network outage on the down detector and see if there are any current issues going on. If not then follow the below tips. 

  • Insert your sim in another phone and check if the issue still persists. If not then the problem is with the phone and you need to contact the phone manufacturer. 

  • If you are using Verizon internet to make calls from messengers then check your internet speed. If the speed is slow, then check the above 9 solutions.

These are the few best possible solutions that you can try. |


Why is my Verizon Cell phone Internet so slow?

As discussed above there can be several reasons why your Verizon cell phone internet is slow. 

If you had slow internet for a long time then you might be using a 5G network and your area doesn’t have a proper Verizon 5G ultra-wide network.

The slow or fluctuating internet can create issues while watching streams on Twitch. You may get Twitch error 3000 or keep buffering problems.

Try to find that you have issues just in browsing or even in the apps and download.

Your phone may also have a slow internet connection because of the phone browser, apps, and device.

Make sure VPN is not on your device and your rural location or network outage can also be the reason behind Verizon cell phone slow Internet


How to improve my Verizon Internet speed?

How can I make my Verizon Internet Faster?

There are a few tips and solutions to make your Verizon Internet faster, but this will only work if there is no outage.

You can check the above 9 reasons first to fix the issue and then apply the below tips.

Increase Verizon Internet speed on Mobile

On mobile, you can basically try two solutions which are changing APN and optimizing the device.

If you are using 5G and getting bad speed then better switch to 4G.

Change APN 

Open your phone settings > Tap on Connections or Network > Tap on mobile network > Tap on Access Point Names > Tap on Add, and the following entries.

Name – Verizon

APN – Internet

MMSC – http/mms.vtext.com/servlets/mms

MCC – 310

MNC – 012

Bearer – Tick top 4 options

You only need to change the above options and avoid all others. Once done tap on the 3 dots at the right-hand top and then tap on Save.

Make sure the APN you created is now selected and then restart your phone.|

Optimize Phone

Here you need to tune up your device, below are the solutions that you need to apply

  • Uninstall apps that you don’t need 
  • Clear app cache
  • Clear browser cache and history
  • Reset browser

If you are not aware of how to perform the above actions then you can search on Google or YouTube.


Increase Verizon Internet speed on Windows PC

On Windows PC or laptop you can make some changes and optimize the device to improve the Verizon internet speed.

Change DNS Server Address

  • On your Windows search type NCPA.CPL and hit Enter. 
  • Right-click on the connection that you are using and then click on Properties. It can be Ethernet or WiFi. 
  • Now double click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP /Ipv4) and then check the circle of Use the following server DNS addresses 
  • In the Preferred DNS server type and in the alternate DNS server address. This is Google DNS which will boost your internet speed.

Once done save the settings by clicking on Apply and ok.

Advanced WiFi settings

  • Type NCPA.CPL in the search box and hit enter. 
  • Right-click on the WiFi adapter and choose properties. 
  • Click on Configure and click on the Advanced tab. 
  • From the property box, look for Fat channel intolerant and enable it from the right-hand side value box
  • Now look for roaming aggressiveness and set the value to medium from the right-hand side value box.

Optimize Windows

  • Clear browser cache and history 
  • Uninstall unwanted or unidentified programs. 
  • Disable third-party apps from the startups


FAQs on Why is Verizon so Slow

Why is Verizon so slow in my area?

If you have Verizon slow issues only in your area then it can be because of the following reasons.
– You are living in a rural place or where Verizon coverage is very low.
– You are using a 5G network but there is no 5G ultra-wide network. So better switch to 4G.
– There is a temporary outage in your area.

Verizon Internet Slow all of sudden?

If you are noticing a sudden change in Internet connection that can be because of.
– Verizon server issues.
– You had a limited data plan and all data has been consumed.
– Too many devices are connected.
– VPN is on

Why is Verizon 5G so slow?

Verizon 5G slow issues are mostly because of 2 reasons
– You are not in an area that has proper 5G network coverage.
– Your mobile phone is not compatible with the 5G network.

Why is my Verizon unlimited Data so slow?

There is a usage cap even for the Verizon unlimited plan and once you reach that limit you may experience throttling or deprioritization.
Apart from this, there can be many more reason for having slow internet which has been explained above in this article.



No one likes slow internet as it affects everything like while Gaming, browsing, or doing some important work.
Verizon is a popular and one of the largest network operators in the United States.
All the reasons shared above are the best answer for why is Verizon so slow. You should try switching to a 4G network if you have issues with 5G.

Let me know if you still have questions related to this guide and also share if you have any other tips in the comment box.


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