Where Does Streamlabs Save Recordings (Full Guide)

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Streamlabs has become one of the best streaming tools and also very popular for recordings. Now many of you might not know where does Streamlabs save recordings

There are many creators who upload their recorded gameplay or create tutorial videos on different social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok.

In this guide, I will brief you about Streamlab OBS recording location and how to change where Streamlabs save recordings.

Do Streamlabs automatically save recordings?

With Streamlab OBS you can smoothly broadcast or record any screen by just clicking on the Record button. Streamlab has an option of “Automatically record when Streaming” which will start automatic recording once enabled.

Rest for other recordings you need to click on the Record button before starting the recording.

Replay buffer is a feature in Streamlabs obs that will automatically capture and record up to the last two minutes of your live stream.

While you are streaming on Streamlab it creates a short clip that you can show to your audience.

So let’s say you were playing a game and something interesting happened you can replay that moment and relive that moment once again with your audience live on the stream 


Where Does Streamlabs Save Recordings

I understand you quickly want to find your Streamlabs recordings as you may have spent hours or recorded something very important.

Just follow the below simple steps

  • Launch Streamlab OBS and click on the settings gear ⚙️ cog icon at the very left-hand bottom.

    How to Open Streamlab OBS settings
    How to Open Streamlab OBS settings


  • In the Settings window, click on Output from the left-hand menu.

    Where does Streamlabs save recordings
    Where does Streamlabs save recordings


  • Now scroll down to the bottom to the Recording section and there you will see the recording path or location where Streamlab saves the recording.

So now as you know that where does Streamlab saves recording you can easily locate the location to view your saved recording.


How to View Streamlab Saved Recordings?

You can either locate the location and find your saved recordings or simply follow the simple steps

  • Copy the path that you just found above. 
  • Open file explorer on your PC and simply paste the path at the very top bar and hit enter. 
  • Here you will see all your saved recordings.

In most cases, the default location of Streamlabs saved recording is in  Videos under C drive.

If you wish to change Streamlab saved recording location you can also do that by following the below steps.


How to change where Streamlab Saves Recordings?

By default, Streamlab has a default path that is mostly your C drive in Windows but if you want to save your recording to any other location you can quickly change by following simple steps.

  • Click on the settings gear ⚙️ icon located at the left-hand bottom and from the settings box click on Output. 
  • Scroll down to the Recording path and if you have already the path simply paste it into the Recording path box. 
  • If not then click on Browse and then navigate to the location where you want to save the Streamlab recordings.

    How to change where Streamlab saves recordings
    How to change where Streamlab saves recordings


  • Once you are done choosing the location of the folder it will return to the same Streamlab recording path box as the new location path that you just changed. 

You can make a quick test by recording something with Streamlab and then checking the recorded video in the new saved location.

Streamlabs not saving recordings?

I have seen many users asking that Streamlab is not saving the recording or not recording the stream at all.

This all depends on what exactly you are trying to do, please read every point carefully. 

  • If you are looking for automatic recording then make sure you have enabled the option of Record Automatically when streaming on SLOBS. Click on settings > Scroll down to Output and check the boxes of Automatically Record when streaming.

    Does streamlabs automatically save recordings
    Does streamlabs automatically save recordings

  • Make sure the Recording Format is set to MP4.  
  • Try updating your Streamlab OBS or OBS studio as outdated SLOBS can also cause a black screen while displaying capture.
  • Run Streamlab OBS as an Administrator. 
  • Kindly check that you have enough space on the drive where recordings get saved. Try deleting some junks from the drive where recordings get saved to free up some space and then check if this issue is resolved.

No space in the drive is the main cause when recordings are not saving and you should better know how much space you need for Streamlabs recordings.


How much space is required for Streamlab Recordings

Streamlab recording size depends on the recording resolution, bitrate, and quality.

On an average of 1 minute of recording with 720p60 and 4500 bitrates of settings, it occupies around 42MB.

So if you have similar settings and record for 1 hour the total space will be required around 2520MB of space.

Make sure you check your recording location space before recording video and if you regularly record your stream then have an extra external HDD.


How to pause recordings on Streamlab OBS?

So far I have not seen any pause option or pause hotkey in Streamlab OBS. So if you just need recording better go with OBS studio that has a pause hotkey.

Streamlabs stuck on testing recording encoder

The major cause behind SLOB being stuck on testing recording encoders is a bad internet connection.

Testing may stop at any point like 50% or 60% and that basically happens when your internet fluctuates a lot.

Better check your internet speed, restart your modem and device.

Additionally, you can also skip optimization, on the start auto-optimization screen at the bottom right you will find an option of the skip.



So far you know where does Streamlabs save recordings and how you can change the recording path of Streamlab OBS.

It’s better if you create a SLOB folder on a drive with enough space and save its path as a Streamlab obs recording path. For a basic replay and short clips, you can also use the Streamlab replay buffer feature as well. 

Hopefully, I have covered everything related to Streamlab recording, and still if you have any doubts or issues feel free to leave your comment.

I will surely answer your comments.

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