When is the Best Time to Stream on Twitch in 2022 – Secret Tips

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When you come to the streaming industry there are lots of questions in your mind like when is the best time to stream on Twitch?

Generally speaking in order to answer this question you need to look at data on the viewers and how that’s curving over time.

Then you need to compare that with data in terms of the number of comp channels.

So I can say “viewers is demand” and “channel is the supply” so what you need to do is find some times where there’s a discrepancy between supply and demand.


When is the Best time to Stream on Twitch?

There are no such rules or fixed timings that you can follow straight away to stream and so it all depends on your location, type of stream, and audience.

As I said above, viewers are like demand and the channel is the supply. 

So you need to find a point where the demand is a little bit higher but the supply is a little bit lower. For example in terms of viewers versus channels then you can find a baked-in opportunity to grow by optimizing the time of day you stream.


Find the Best Time to Stream on Twitch

As a new Streamer, there are certain things that you can follow to gain more audience which will also help to decide your twitch peak hours.

Finding the best time to stream will depend on how you analyze the time. 

Let’s take an example. In twitch stats you find that viewers and channels streaming are both high during any specific day or time then that is not the best time for you to stream. 

Follow the below points to get your best time to stream.


TIP 1 – Optimize the Time to Stream on Twitch

If you have been streaming for a few days or months then better look at twitch stats. Twitch stats will help you to find the best time to stream. Look at the stats graph and avoid timings when viewers and channels streaming are both higher.

So first bring up the twitch viewers stats graph and look at the timings when viewers are high, mid, and low. As you can see in the twitch global chart below the lowest viewers are around 4:00 am (EST) and the highest at 14:00 pm (EST).

Twitch Global Stats of Viewers
Twitch Global Stats of Viewers

Let’s look at the channel graph now and we can see almost matching the viewer’s graph. During 4:00 am (IST) only a few channels are streaming and most of the channels are streaming at 14:00 pm (EST)

What is the best time to stream on twitch
What is the best time to stream on twitch?

But what I notice is that in the viewer’s graph viewers really go down after 14:00 pm but channels streaming is not that down as compared to viewers.

This means competition is more during 14:00 EST and after 14:00.  So the best time you can pick is around 4:00 EST which of course has low viewers but competition is also down.

You can check the twitch stats from websites like Twitch tracker.


TIP 2:- Pick the Time according to Game popularity

Your best time to stream on twitch also depends on the game you stream. 

For example, the game Apex Legends is more popular in the United States and around 38% of apex players are from the US. Whereas only 3% of players are from China

Apex Legends popularity country wise
Apex Legends popularity country wise

So if you stream Apex legends from China as per China time zone you would have less audience as the game has low popularity in China as compared to the United States.

But again here you will also see less channel streaming Apex in china, so you need to check twitch stats and see if you can find any opportunities.

However, if you are a new streamer you can stream such games that are less popular in your country.


TIP 3 – Pick the Right Time as per your Timezone

You must choose the right time of streaming according to your time zone. Though streaming now works 24 hours because of the viewers all over the globe.

Most of the streamers either stream from the afternoon or in the night.

I would better recommend splitting your total hours of streaming into two parts. Let’s say you stream for 8 hours every day, then try streaming 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the night.

Do this for 2 weeks at least and check the result to find out the best timings.


TIP 4 – Stream according to your Audience

Twitch is a multiplatform now where not only gamers but people from all industry streams.

Let’s say you teach Yoga in your stream which probably brings an audience who are health conscious and the best time for you to stream would be in the early morning like from 6:00 am to 11: am.

You can split these timings into two parts like 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening.

Let’s take another example if you stream games like PUBG which I guess is mostly popular among the age group of 14 to 28 years old. The majority of them are students and would not be available in the morning.


TIP 5 –  Choose a Consistent Time

While researching and reading several articles do not forget that you need to pick a time where you can be consistent.

When you stream at a specific time your viewers make their mindset to expect your stream at that period of time.

So pick the time which is convenient for you and when you can be easily available to stream and never disappoint your viewers.

Keep in mind your viewers will switch to other streamers when you are not consistent with your streaming time and days.


TIP 6 – Time when you can be easily Discovered

I am trying to make it easier for you to understand and find when is the best time to stream on Twitch for you.

So if you have read the above 5 tips then this tip will help you to make a quick decision.

It’s really a bad idea to stream at a time when most of the big streamers are already streaming as it would be hard for viewers to find you out as they may have better options.

So better choose a time when big streamers and few channels are streaming as you will be easily discovered and can gain more viewers.


How many hours should you Stream on Twitch?

Probably if you have decided the time to stream you might have another question, how many hours should you stream on Twitch in 2022?

With my research and as per many experts the most important thing is to be consistent.

Even if you stream 4 hours a day, you should be punctual on your stream timings. Viewers should be assured that you will be coming live at your stream time.

Now if you have more than enough time to stream and want to be a full-time streamer then you should at least stream for 8 hours. During your stream hours, many viewers will come and go as you are covering viewers of different times.

Additionally, you go with some challenges like streaming for 12 hours or 24 hours that really helps to get more viewers. You can do this at least once or twice a month.


Additional Tips for Small Streamers to Grow in 2022

Streaming is a booming industry and many people get motivated to stream after looking at big streamers’ lifestyles and making huge money.

If I talk about 2022 I can say streaming is not an easy task now as it was before 2021.

Still, you can grow as many other streamers are growing but just keep following points in your mind that will ease your path towards success in streaming.

  • Maintain patience as you may get success in a few months or probably take years.


  • Be active on all social platforms like Twitter, Discord, and YouTube as well.


  • Share your best clips on YouTube and Instagram.


  • Join best twitch communities for small streamers.


  • Be consistent and accept challenges to stream 12 or 24 hours.


  • Focus on your skills like gameplay and entertainment. It’s a great combo that grabs the viewer’s attention.

There are many other things that you will learn day by day when you have patience and try bringing some new changes that your viewers demand.



Best time to stream on Twitch Saturday and Sunday?

Most of the countries have the week off on Saturday and Sunday both in-office and schools. But you need to check for your countries as most of the gulf countries have a week off on Friday.

As a beginner, you must stream all 7 days for at least a few months as many big streamers do not stream on Saturday and Sunday.

You can grab this opportunity, but you need to try a couple of weeks as many other small streamers would also stream on Saturday and Sunday. So check for a few months and see what day works best for you.

Why do Streamers do 24 hours Stream?

One of the biggest priorities on Twitch is to quickly gain affiliate programs in order to start their earnings.

Small streamers do a 24 hours stream to either get quick followers or to achieve some level in gaming.

Big streamers are also seen sometimes streaming for almost 24 hours and that’s just to achieve some kind of sub, followers, or any specific target.



To be very honest, when someone asks me when is the best time to stream on Twitch, personally I recommend them to work hard for at least 4 months by streaming 8 hours daily.

Because you are the best to decide the stream time by analyzing twitch stats. 

Try streaming for a few months and see when exactly you get the maximum viewers and then you can continue that time.

Do not forget that you must be consistent as I asked many viewers and none of them like the streamers who are not consistent with time.




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