What does VIP do on Twitch and How to Get VIP badge in 2022

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If you are on twitch whether as a Streamer or a viewer you must know what does VIP do on twitch and how to get VIP badges or how to make someone VIP. Twitch VIP badge is one of the best ways to thank and cheer your viewers who helped you to move forward towards success.

I will be covering everything about Twitch VIPs and you must read the entire article.

Even if you are a viewer on twitch you must know how to get the twitch VIPs badge and also how you can lose it.



Twitch VIP Badges Meaning

VIP in twitch is a kind of role or badge that streamers assign to a few of their viewers as these badges are limited.

If you have used discord you may know better about roles where discord owners give a special role to their selected members with more access.

Twitch VIP badge is a unique pink glowing icon with a white diamond inside it. Viewers with twitch VIPs badges can be easily identified by their unique badge icon.

Twitch VIP Badge icon
Twitch VIP Badge icon


What does VIP do on Twitch?

Every streamer on twitch is assigned with a few VIP badges depending on their achievement that they can hand over to their selected viewers in the community.

So there are limitations and a streamer can have more VIPs slots once they reach a higher level with more achievements.

As a viewer, there are certain things you can do to get these VIP badges and their perks that I will brief below.

Let me divide the VIP information as per Streamer and Viewers.



Twitch VIP Badge (Streamer)

I have divided this information into two different segments so that both streamers and viewers can understand this easily.

Every streamer on twitch should use this great feature and if you are a beginner then you must join the few best twitch communities to stay updated and support. 

As a streamer on twitch, you can unlock 10 VIP badges once you complete the “Build community” achievement on your channel.

These slots of badges will increase according to your channel achievements.


How many VIP slots do Streamers have on Twitch?

Twitch VIP badges are something that cannot be purchased and can only be unlocked by channel achievements.

So if you are a viewer better support your favorite streamer by subscribing to them or at least by following them so they can unlock more badges.

So as you know streamers need to unlock the Built community which can be done by getting the first 50 followers with 5 unique chatters. Unique chatters mean 5 unique chats from visitors on a selected date.

By this achievement, streamers get 10 badges and in order to get more VIP badges, they need to reach the following milestones.


5 10
10 20
15 30
20 40
25 50
50 60
100 80
200 100


How to VIP someone on Twitch  

So if you have completed the twitch “Built Community” achievement and got your first 10 twitch VIP badge then you are eligible to hand these badges to your selected viewers.

You may have 50 followers or probably much more than that, so now you have to find out those 10 viewers whom you can make VIP.

This can be based on the viewer’s engagement and on many other factors. So you better decide it and let’s see how to make someone VIP on twitch.

NOTE:- You cannot make any MOD a VIP. You will first need to remove this MOD role and then assign a VIP role.


  1. Open the Twitch website and log in to your account.


  2. Click on your profile picture located at the very right-hand top and from the drop-down choose “Creator dashboard”.


  3. Now from the left-hand creator dashboard menu option, click on Community and then on Roles Manager.

    What does VIP do on Twitch
    What does VIP do on Twitch?


  4. Here you will see the list of all the followers you have on your twitch channel.


  5. Click on “Add new” and then type the name of the follower.

    How to VIP someone on Twitch
    How to VIP someone on Twitch


  6. Once the follower name comes up, click on it and this will bring up the roles available.


  7. Click on the VIP box, then click on Save and you have now made this follower a VIP.

You need to do the same for every follower to whom you want to assign a Twitch VIP badge.


NOTE:- In case if you do not see the VIP box, then you are not eligible for this feature as you have not completed the Built community for your channel.


How to Check My Twitch Badge Slot

Probably you have assigned someone as a VIP a long time back and now don’t remember how many VIP slots you are left with.

You can easily know whether you have a VIP badge slot or not and if yes then how many slots are remaining.

Go to Roles manager and try assigning someone VIP and there you will see how many VIPs are left in your slot.


Twitch VIP Badge (Viewers)

Now you must also understand the importance and details of the VIP badge in twitch. As a viewer how you can get a VIP badge and how you can lose VIP perks.

Twitch VIP Perks  

There are some decent perks of being a VIP on twitch chat and this is the reason streamers have limited VIP badges.

So even if you are not a VIP yet you must know about the perks that a VIP enjoys on any twitch channel.


  • VIP can chat normally even if a chat is in slow mode, sub-only or followers-only mode.
  • Get a special badge on their username.
  • Can post links on the chat even if the links are disabled.
  • VIPs are not affected by rate limits and can chat continuously with people.


How to Get the Twitch VIP Badge

Now as a viewer if you wish to have a Twitch VIP badge then your loyalty of being good can only let you get this by a streamer.

Streamers have limited VIP badges and they cannot hand them over to every viewer on their stream.

But yes there are a couple of things that you can bring in practice to make yourself a good member for getting this Twitch VIP badge.


TIP #1 – Stay Active on Chat

This is one of the best ways as streamers really love the viewers who are always active during their stream.

Streamers always see their viewers and check twitch chat logs to find a few best and worst viewers.

Now you can enhance your activeness by positively engaging other viewers in the chat as this will let streamers know that you are really providing them value.


TIP #2 – Participate in Giveaways

Most of the streamers also organize a giveaway with a VIP badge as a winning prize.

We know what does VIP do on twitch and so after knowing its perks you must focus on every opportunity to get this badge.

So if you follow the above tip and always stay active then you may not miss any giveaway and this also increases the chance of winning.

TIP #3 – Help & Welcome new members 

Streamers love those viewers who welcome and help other viewers, especially the new viewers.

This is again related to the first tip, so if you stay active on chat try to give a good welcome to new viewers and also help them out if they are seeking any help or information.

I have seen many new viewers asking for some tips and help like how to change name color on twitch and many. Just help them answer their question with relevant answers.


TIP #4 – Be the first to chat 

If you are active on chat and love watching your streamer stream then you might be aware of their stream timings. 

Become the first to chat with them when they start with some good greets and motivational messages.

Trust me this will be really appreciated and whenever it comes to VIP badges they won’t miss your name.


NO #5 – Don’t be Toxic

Toxicity would never be in your favor even if you become hard and toxic with any viewer. 

So better be calm and polite when you are on chat.

Instead, you calm down other viewers who use bad language or break twitch chat rules.

So overall you need to understand the basic concept as you need to create your value in the stream as a viewer and prove yourself as a good participant for getting a VIP badge.

NO #6 – Show your Engagement on Streamer other Social Media 

The more you get streamer attention, the more are the chances of getting a twitch badge. 

Most of the streamers are on other gaming social media apps like Discord and other social accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

Join their discord server, be active on the chat and help other people over there, you can also share streamer clips and some good memes.

You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter, retweeting their tweets and sharing their posts will surely pull your name on top.


Do Twitch VIPs get Ads?

Do twitch VIPs get ads is one of the most asked questions I have seen people asking when it comes to Twitch VIPs.

Let me make it clear first that yes twitch VIPs get ads as VIPs are only offered with some perks and you need to be either a subscriber or should have twitch turbo to avoid ads.

Twitch ads are one of the earning sources for the streamers and twitch and in order to avoid ads, you need to be a paid subscriber or purchase a premium turbo monthly plan.


How do you lose VIP on twitch?

So far you got to know that there is a limited twitch VIP badge slot and streamers only assigned to the deserving viewers.

If you were lucky and got a VIP badge, then you need to maintain the reason as streamers hand over a VIP badge to you just because of that reason.

Mostly there can be two reasons through which you may lose a VIP badge on twitch.

  1. You are no longer a frequent participant of that channel and have not been active during stream chat for a long time.
  2. There are lots of policy violations from you like breaking twitch rules. Few of them are like sending irrelevant links, spamming, and toxicity.

These are the 2 major causes and there can be many other reasons where streamers can take off your VIP badge.

Streamer can go over to the Creator dashboard > Community > Roles and look for the user, click on it and uncheck the VIP box.



How to make someone VIP on Twitch as a Mod

As a mod, you cannot make someone VIP on twitch and only a channel owner can make someone VIP or mod.
Mods are only to keep the chat safe and welcome new viewers.

Can mods timeout or ban VIP

No, mods cannot timeout or ban VIP as these are the perks VIP enjoys. But if VIP is breaking channel or twitch rules he can be banned from the channel owner.

So if any viewers break the rules even VIP will be banned if not by the mods then by the broadcaster.

Can someone be a mod and VIP at the same time?

No, a user cannot be both Mod and VIP at the same time. So this is kind of a drawback of VIP as well where it becomes challenging when you can not make any of your mod a VIP.

In order to make any Mod a VIP you first need to remove their mod role and then assign them a VIP role.




Twitch VIP badge is really an amazing perk for the viewers who prove their loyalty on any channel.

So as a reward VIP badge is one of the best options as this can not be purchased and can only be awarded by a streamer.

You better know what does VIP do on twitch, it’s better you make a proper selection from your viewers while choosing VIP.

As a viewer, you must follow the above tips to get a twitch VIP badge.

Let me know in the comment section if you still have questions related to the twitch VIP badge 

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