What does POG mean on Twitch – (How to Use PogChamp Emote)

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I have seen most of the people have 2 questions in their minds what does POG mean on twitch and how to use Pogchamp emote.

Pogchamp emote, you’ve probably seen this dude’s face when something hyper surprising happens on stream but who the hell is this guy and where did he come from

Keep reading the article till the end as I will share everything about this Pog emote like Pogchamp origin and is it still available for use.



What does POG mean on Twitch?

POG stands for Play of the Game and this is one of the popular emotes used mostly on Twitch and other gaming platforms.

Similar to Pog there are a few popular emoticons and symbols like o7 and MonkaW that are very popular on twitch.


Pochamp emotes were added to Twitch global emotes in 2012 and then later on BetterTTV and FrankerfaceZ in 2018.

So basically these emote of Pog, Poggers, or Pogchamp are used in gaming where viewers use this emoticon when they are shocked or excited with the streamer’s reactions or gameplay.

This reaction was made by a guy when he was shocked. You might be curious now to know about this guy, Pogchamp origin, and how this emote was discovered.


Pogchamp Emote Origin

Pog emotes were made by a guy who gave a shocking reaction so the question comes to mind. What did the Pog emote guy do?

Back in 2010 cross-counter TV released a blooper reel between longtime social street fighter bros Ryan Gootecks Gutierrez and mike ross. Youtubers loved Gootecks unexpected expression of the off-camera incident but no labels managed to accurately describe its dankness.

A year later Gootecks and Ross released a promo for a Mad Catz FightStick using their goofy brand of humor and a random game of Pogs.

Gootecks would stomp Ross using an ingenious technique pong champion. The term Pogchamp was born and gradually attached itself to the now iconic face.

It wasn’t long before Pogchamp was added to twitch chat where today it is still one of the site’s most used emoticons. But unfortunately Pog emote has been removed from twitch global emote in January 2021.


Why was the Pogchamp Emote removed by Twitch?

I am pretty sure if you still don’t know why Pog emotes were banned and removed then probably you are new on twitch.

This was one of the trending news when twitch removed Pog, Poggers and Pogchamp emotes on Jan 6th of 2021.

Twitch tweeted that they are removing Pogchamp from global emotes as Pog face encourages further violence that occurred in Jan after election results in the United States.

Twitch tweet removing Pog emote
Twitch tweet removing Pog emote

This violence was initiated by Trump followers as they believed that the election was either stolen or rigged against Donald Trump.

I seriously don’t understand why Pog was removed but I think this was related to Gootecks involvement during the violence. Things got worse when Gootecks tweeted graphic footage of a woman who died in that violence and said she died for the country.

Why was the Pogchamp Emote removed by Twitch
Why was the Pogchamp Emote removed by Twitch?

After this tweet, twitch immediately announced a ban on Pog-related emotes.


What is the current Pogchamp emote? What does POG mean on Twitch   

So pretty much after adopting the multi-face system twitch decided to find a final permanent new Pog champ.

Twitch left it to the community to vote on this new Pog champ on February 12, 2021. Pretty much after getting all the votes they ended up on komodo hype which is a lizard as a new Pog champ.

Twitch new POG Emote
Twitch new POG Emote

Twitch went ahead and made this whole announcement video for the new Pogchamp.

Pretty much after their announcement tweet, the new Pogchamp was trending once again and it was because people are pretty mad about it.

Hey, don’t worry as still you can enjoy the old Pog that I am explaining below.



How to use the old Pog, Poggers & Pogchamp Emote?

Now as you know what does POG mean on twitch and why it was removed. Many people still wish to get the old PG and asked me how do you get the POG Emote?    

Pog meaning twitch
Pog meaning twitch

Here I have the solution and you can still use a few emotes with the help of BetterTTV that are very similar and almost the same as old POG.

Follow the below steps to start using POG emotes on the twitch channel.

  1. Navigate to the Better TTV website and Install the BTTV extension on your browser. BTTV extension is available for almost all browsers.


    Install BetterTTV on twitch
    Install BetterTTV on twitch


  2. Once downloaded log in with your twitch account and then it will be successfully added to your browser. 
  3. In the next step, you need to enable BetterTwitchTV from chat settings. Once enabled you will be explored with lots of additional emotes. 
  4. You can add more Pog emote from BTTV by visiting the betterTTV website. From the BTTV dashboard, click on the “Emotes” tab and type PogChamp in the search box.


    How to use Pogchamp in Twitch
    How to use Pogchamp in Twitch


  5. Here you will find all related and matching emotes of POG. Click on it and then click on Add to Channel.


NOTE:- These emotes may take some time to reflect in your betterttv emotes list so kindly wait for an hour and check back again.

If emotes still don’t show up read this article on betterTTV emotes not showing up.


How to Use POG Emote on Discord 

Pog Champ was mostly used on Twitch but I have also seen users using Pogchamp on other gaming platforms like Discord.

There are a couple of ways you can use Pog and Pogchamp emotes on discord.


  1. By connecting  Better TTV to Discord
  2. Uploading emotes directly to the discord server.


You might have an idea about BTTV that you can connect discord from the BetterTTV dashboard.

Let me brief you about other and easiest methods.

  • Navigate to the Emoji.gg website and then click on Download Emoji.
  • Once downloaded go back to your discord server and then click on Server Settings. 
  • From the left-hand menu options click on Emoji and then on Upload Emoji. 
  • Browse the emoji that you just downloaded and the emoji will be uploaded. 

So Pogchamp emoji is now ready to use on Discord. Similarly, you can add more Pog-related emojis to your discord.



What is POG slang for?

POG slang is basically used to show some shocking expressions during any stream or while gameplay.
Streamers have also been seen saying POG when they were excited or shocked.

What does POG in chat mean?

In chat POG, the Pogchamp emote is used to express your excitement or shocking reactions.

So while watching streamer’s gameplay, viewers use this emote if a streamer shows some amazing gameplay or something weird happens all of a sudden.

What does Pog mean in gaming?

POG became one of the most used emotes in platforms like Twitch and YouTube when an amazing shocking reaction was given by Gootech in a Cross counter TV show.  

Since then this shocking face reaction has been used by gamers.
Both viewers and streamers enjoyed this POG emote in games like Minecraft and others.



Pogchamp was really champ emote in gaming until it was removed from twitch. But hopefully, you know now what does Pog means on twitch and how you can use it with BetterTTV.

There are many other matching emotes like Pog and what do you think about the new Pog emote in twitch. I really don’t like it.

Let me also know if you face any trouble related to Pog emote.

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