What does OWA OWA Mean (Twitch, TikTok & Pudgy Dog)

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While on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram you may have seen people saying “Can I get an Owa Owa”. What does Owa Owa mean on Twitch, Tiktok, and other social platforms?

How and when this Owa Owa originated. Is it just slang or is there any meaning of OWA?

You might have a couple of questions in your mind but no worries as you are in the right place and you will know everything by the end of this article.



What does Owa Owa Mean

Owa Owa is basically a vocal sound from a dog Pudgy that was made when the dog owner asked “Pudgy can I get an Owa Owa?

The pudgy dog replied “Owa Owa

This was captured in a video by the owner which went viral on Tik Tok and this single video gained around 16.2M of likes and has a total of 12.5M followers.

Owa Owa Meaning on Tik Tok
Owa Owa Meaning on Tik Tok

The video went so viral that it has been used as a meme on all social platforms like Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and even on other gaming communities like Roblox.

So let’s learn more about it and start with the Owa Owa origin and how this is used now on different platforms.


Owa Owa Origin

On December 20th, 2020 there was a video uploaded on Tik Tok by Pydgywoke

In this video, the dog owner asks his dog (pudgy) “Pudgy give me Owa Owa” and Dog replies with a similar sound “Owa Owa”.

The video was loved by people and became viral first on Tik Tok and then also on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.

Owa Owa further spread as a meme on streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube. People started using this meme, especially in Gaming.


How to Use Owa Owa on Twitch and other Platforms

Since the pudgy Owa Owa became popular I have seen people on different social platforms asking “Can I get Owa Owa”.

If you have heard it too, then you might be confused about what does Owa Owa mean and why do people use it.

On Tik Tok after the pudgy viral video, many other Tiktokers started making a video of Owa Owa with either their dogs or friends. 

Now on streaming platforms like twitch Owa Owa has been used for celebration where either the streamers asked viewers or viewers asked other viewers “Can we get Owa Owa”.

Let me give you some recent examples, where I saw one of the streamers make a tremendous ACE in Valorant, and then one of his viewers said in the chat.

Can we get OWA OWA for him?

Entire viewers started spamming with Owa Owa. So basically this motivates streamers or anyone who deserves respect similar to an emote of o7 in Twitch.

Even many started yelling at their dog to say Owa Owa. There was a tweet I saw where someone Tweeted that their brother is yelling at his dog to say.

Owa Owa on twitter
Owa Owa on Twitter


More About Pudgy Dog

Pudgy the dog is the creator of this vocal sound Owa Owa and because of this sound, most of the people started asking their dogs to say similar phrases.

Of course, this dog has been loved all over the world on different social platforms. I think this even raised more love against not only dogs but also other pets.

But as we are discussing more on a pudgy dog here, let’s know what happened to the pudgy dog.



What happened to Pudgy Dog?

I saw people on Twitch and Twitter saying that the pudgy dog just passed away.

Pudgy the Owa Owa Dog died

To enquire more I did some research and found a youtube video and a post confirming pudgy death.

According to a dexerto report, the pudgy owner Malachy James uploaded a video on YouTube on July 16th, 2021 that the pudgy dog had passed away

The incident occurred when someone asked him to allow his dog to play with pudgy.

The dog was allowed to play but unfortunately, the dog attacked pudgy and gave many injuries. Sadly Pudgy was not able to survive and went down.



What does Owa stand for in TikTok?

The Sound made by the pudgy dog has no meaning as this pudgy replied “Owa Owa” to his owner.
Though OWA has multiple full forms, If I talk about the viral video on Tik Tok then it has no full form.

What does Owa Owa mean in Roblox?

After the Pudgy dog, the Owa Owa video went viral on Tiktok and other social platforms. Different players in Gaming started using this meme and phrase.

I have seen a few Roblox streamers saying that can I get an Owa Owa.

In Roblox, different creators and streamers used this phrase to appreciate any player on his gameplay and even created videos of how different players in Roblox says Owa Owa.

What does Owa Owa mean in dog language?

After watching the Pudgy viral video, many people searched for what exactly this means in dog language.

This is just a phrase and a similar bark sound of a dog. But pudgy made little difference with the sound of Owa Owa when his owner asked.

If you have seen the video, you know how to say Owa Owa, it all depends on your tongue.



Before writing this article it took me 2 days to know the exact meaning of Owa Owa meaning and related information.

In the beginning, when I watched the Pudgy dog viral video I really laughed a lot but I was very sad when I got to know that Pudgy the dog has died. 

Hopefully, you know what does Owa Owa means on twitch and how this went viral on Tiktok.

If you are reading this line I would request you to keep using Owa Owa during streaming and other platforms as a tribute to the cute dog Pudgy.


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