What does o7 Mean in Twitch? (When & How to Use)

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If you are a regular viewer on Twitch you might have seen people using this o7 and you want to know that what does o7 mean in Twitch.

O7 generally typed as o7 is a kind of expression or acronym to show respect.

Here “o” indicates head and “7” as a salute. So it means “I salute you

So even as a streamer, you must know about o7 as you should not miss respect from someone.


What does o7 mean in Twitch?

I have seen people asking o7 meaning in Twitch.

While streaming on Twitch there comes a moment where your audience would salute you Like if you help your enemy in the game or use some kind words or talk about someone who really deserves respect.

So during this moment, viewers can either use any emote from betterTTV or o7 to salute and show respect.

There are a few other options from BetterTTV emotes that you can also use for salute or to show respect.


How People use o7 or similar emotes on Twitch

Possibly you might have also seen people using just 7 before some text to brief their respect.


Let me give an example, this can be used after like TriHard 7 or Wishes 7.

So here TriHard 7 is to motivate a streamer or anyone to work harder and Wishes 7 can be for wishing them blessings.

Hopefully, you know now what does o7 mean in Twitch and you will use it at the perfect place.

Let see a few popular o7 categories


Importance and Examples of o7 Emoticons

There would be no need for emoticons and symbols while you are meeting someone face to face.

But this is becoming an online and digital world where most people are connected online and communicate either through chat or call.


How to use 07 in Twitch chat
How to use 07 in Twitch chat

We are also avoiding offline activities and spending more time online like on streams.

Let’s come to the point

Instead of using emojis on chat, you can simply add some text to express your feelings. Below are few examples

Seb – I guess you need me, I am coming 

Youthnku! o7    


Seb – I think we should help them, r u with me?

YouYes Sir! o7


Seb  – He is an enemy in the game, but a friend in real life. I will help him

You – o7


BetterTTV 07 Salute

I am sure if you are using Twitch, you may know about Better Twitch TV that enhances your Twitch features.

There are many emotes for a salute on betterTTV just like o7.

Before using these emotes you need to enable BetteTTV emotes.

Check the below image for a few popular salutes emotes on Better Twitch TV.


Better TTV salute emotes
Better TTV salute emotes


Frequently Asked Questions

What does o7 mean Minecraft?

As discussed above o7 is used as a salute to show respect to someone especially on any stream.

I have also seen on Minecraft stream, viewers use o7 along with some prefixes to show respect.


What does o7 mean in Age?

This is basically on any stream where the o7 salute is related to some kind of age factor.

Like streamer disclosing their age in some emotional way.


Bottom Line

I am sure you have understood that what does o7 mean in twitch and how to use it. You must try these emotes and show respect to someone on any game or stream.

Such emotes like o7 and MonkaW are really trending and make sense to express your feelings online.

Though, it’s really tough to be updated with the new emotes and codes like 07.

Better subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with such topics.





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