What does MonkaW means on Twitch – Origin & USE

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You might have a question what does this MonkaW mean on Twitch as you may have heard from someone or seen people spamming on twitch chat?

Probably you might have also tried looking into your chat emotes, but found nothing.

In this article, I will explain what dos MonkaW means on Twitch and how you can use it.



What does MonkaW Mean on Twitch?

MonkaW is a better twitch emote that looks like a frog and is used by the streamers and the viewers. These emote are used during intense moments or if either the streamer suddenly gets scared.

If anything sad happens in real life or while on a game stream MonKaW and MonkaS are the best and most ideal emotes to spam.

This emote indicates sweating because of anxiety.

Now you might be thinking that what is the difference between MonkaW and MonkaS?

There is no major difference; MonkaW is the zoomed-face version of MonkaS.

In simple words, MonkaW is a close-up of MonkaS and is mostly used after the Monkas emote.


How did MonkaW Emote become Popular?

MonkaW emote was founded in 2017 and added to Frankerfacez chrome extension and better TwitchTV.

I have noticed most of the viewers use this MonkaW emote on the stream of xQc who has a high net worth income from streaming.

This was not trending in the beginning but when it got trolled on a few twitch chats like on Forsen, Monka Emotes became so popular that it got ranked 16th in the top list of Streaming Emotes in the streaming industry.


What does MonkaW mean in Gaming?

So far, you came to know what does monkaW mean on Twitch. MonkaW is mostly used by gamers and streamers during any intense situation.

Let’s say a streamer is streaming any game like Valorant and get stuck in a position where he is in a 1 v 2 position and it’s really important to win that game. So during this viewers can spam with MonkaW emote.

A few other examples can be streamers discussing any upcoming competition or discussing any complicated subject.


What are Better Twitch TV and Frankerfacez?

Better Twitch TV and Frankerfacez are extensions to enhance twitch with several features and emotes.

Better twitch TV also called BTTV once installed you will see a new emoji section beside twitch chat settings.

A few major benefits and features that you get with extensions are

  • Extra Emoticons like MonkaW and PepePLS
  • See deleted links and messages
  • Anon chat


How to use MonkaW or MonkaS Emotes with Better Twitch TV?

I know you might be excited now that how to use MonkaW after knowing what is MonkaW on Twitch.

To use MonkaW or any BTTV emoticons you need to enable BTTV first on your Twitch. So let me share the method on how to enable BBTV on Twitch step by step.

  1. Open the BTTV website on your chrome browser and then click on “Download for Chrome”.
  2. This will bring the chrome extension page, now click on “Add to Chrome” and then on “Add Extensions”.
  3. BTTV is now installed and added to your chrome browser. If you don’t see the extension on the extension bar then click on the puzzle icon and then on the pin icon which is in front of the BTTV.
  4. Open your Twitch website and BetterTTV website again, and make sure you are signed in to your twitch account. At the very top of the BetterTTV website, you will find the Emotes tab, click on it.
  5. The first option you will find will be MonkaS, click on it and then click on “Add to Channel”.
  6. Now go to your twitch account and there you will find a new section of emote beside the chat. If you click on it, you will list new emotes under BetterTTV global emotes.


Similar BetterTTV Emotes like MonkaW

Once you have installed BetterTTV and synched with your Twitch account you will get several amazing emotes.

Now let’s see what are a few more similar emotes like MonkaW


FAQs on What does MonkaW mean on Twitch

What does Monka in MonkaW mean?

Emote name Monka was originally taken from one of the Nimba stream viewers called Monkasenpai.

What is the Monkas Meme?

MonkaS is one of the best and most popular twitch emotes that has an expression of both fear and confusion.
This emote became more popular in 2019 and now you might see this spammed in almost all the twitch channel chats.

I can’t find MonkaS on Twitch emotes?

MonkaS is not the Twitch-created emote and so you won’t see these emotes and gif until you install BetterTTV.



To be honest I also use these BetterTTV emote and especially MonkaS almost all the time.

However, I thought that I should share what does MonkaW means on Twitch and how you can use it.

MonkaW is under the top 20 emotes in the streaming industry, so according to you, does this holds the right position? If not leave your comment.

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