What does Lurk Mean on Twitch | How to Lurk | Funny Lurk Ideas

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Lurking on Twitch is pretty common and is the act of viewing content but not contributing to the conversation. Many people still are not clear that what does lurk means on Twitch.

In this guide, I will take you through twitch lurk meaning, how to properly lurk on twitch and some best funny lurk message ideas.

Probably some of you may be lurking in the wrong way, so keep reading the article.



What does Lurk mean on Twitch?

Anyone who views content without interacting with anyone or anything else is called lurking on Twitch.

In simple words, if you love your streamer and you want to give them your view but you may have some other work then just pull up their stream and leave it on.

Many twitch viewers are lurking in chat rooms, using this as a way to follow their favorite streamers. Lurkers are usually very loyal fans who didn’t feel like they could contribute anything else to the streamer’s experience.

So neither they are watching the stream and neither they are bots as these are the countable views that benefit the streamers.

However, there are many viewers who just want to enjoy your stream without getting engaged in chat and with streamers.

Keep in mind, never recommend any viewer to lurk as you may not be sure whether a viewer wants to lurk or probably want to be a part of the stream. So know you know what lurking means on twitch so let’s move and see how to lurk.

How to Lurk on Twitch?

There are many viewers who still make mistakes while lurking on Twitch and even many streamers have not set the lurk command on their channel.

Here, I will briefly explain how to properly lurk on twitch as a viewer and how streamers can set the lurk command on Twitch.


How Viewers should lurk on Twitch?

Lurking on Twitch is easy, open twitch and then pull up your favorite twitch streamer stream.

Let the stream play and you can continue doing your other work.

Now what you must know is that never mute the stream from twitch or else it won’t be counted as a view or lurk.

You may have a question that I don’t need a sound while lurking on twitch. No problem, there is a way through which you can mute the channel without losing the view.

Make a right-click on the current twitch tab and from the options choose “Mute Site”. 

How to lurk on twitch
How to lurk on twitch


How Streamers can Add the Lurk command on Twitch?

Streamers can easily add the lurk command on twitch through which viewers can let streamers and other viewers know that they won’t be able to interact for some time. Or you can say indirectly informing that they are lurking.

Lurk command is the same for almost all chatbots like Nightbot and Streamelements

I have seen many streamers have not added the lurk command on their channel yet. Kindly create more fun in the chat by adding this command to your channel.


Add Lurk Command on Twitch with Nightbot  

Nightbot is one of the popular bots used for several other purposes like adding followage commands and uptime commands on twitch.

Lurk command must be added in Nighbot so that viewers can use this command in chat.

  • Open the Nightbot website and log in with your twitch account. 
  • From the left-hand menu of the Nightbot dashboard, click on Commands and then on Custom.

    How to add lurk command on twitch
    How to add lurk command on twitch


  • Click on the + Add command on the right-hand side to bring up the setup box. 

  • In the first box of command type !lurk and in the message type “have a nice lurk :kappa:”. You can keep any message and later in this article I will also share a few funny lurk messages. 

  • Keep User level to Everyone and Cooldown to at least 5 seconds. Once done click on Submit.

    Nightbot lurk command
    Nightbot lurk command

You also need to add Nightbot as a mod to your twitch channel. Open your twitch channel chat, type /mod nightbot, and hit Enter.

Now lurk command has been successfully added and in order to test it simply type !lurk in the chat and you will see the result.


Add Lurk Command on Twitch with Streamelements

Stream elements is another popular website for streamers to add commands like watchtime and for many other purposes.

Follow the below steps to add the lurk command on twitch with Streamelements.

  • Open the Streamelements website and log in with your twitch account.
  • Once you are in Streamelements dashboard, from the left-hand menu click on Chatbot and then on Chat commands.
  • Now click on the Custom command tab and then on Add new command.  
  • In the command name, box type lurk and keep user level to Everyone. 
  • Next is the Response box where you need to type the message. Here I am sharing a variable with a message, name and an emote.

Have a nice lurk ${user.name} Kappa


  • Once done click on Activate Command.

Now in case of Streamelements is not added as a mod in your twitch chat, then simply type /mod streamelements on your twitch channel chat.

You can now test the command by typing !lurk in the chat.

 Lurk Message Ideas

I am pretty sure you may have proper information about twitch lurking and how to add this command to your stream.

But you might be confused with a message for lurk and so I will try to help you to get some good and funny lurk messages.

You can also start with an introductory message below by simply copying and pasting,


➡️ Thank you for Lurking $(touser), Your support is always appreciated!

➡️ $(touser) Is in the shadows

➡️ Have a nice lurk ${user.name} Kappa


Funny Lurk Messages Examples

If these lurk messages are funny it can also create some fun in your twitch chat. Check a few of the examples below that you can simply copy and paste into the command message box.

Note:- It’s always recommended that you must think of something special and unique for your channel that makes you stand out.


➡️ Blank is lurking from the dimensional rift!

➡️ Holding Teddy with both hands ${user.name} 

➡️ ${user.name} is one of the top lurkers and my favorite

➡️ ${user.name} What took so late to lurk


These were a few recommendations and lurk message ideas that either you can copy or create something related to this that matches your community.


Why do People Lurk on Twitch?

Lurking on Twitch can be both intensionally or just because someone feels shy to communicate or chat with streamers and other viewers.

Now as you know enough about twitch lurk and how it works you must also know why people lurk on Twitch.

  • Many viewers feel shy or uncomfortable chatting and so they prefer only to watch the stream.


  • Few true fans will pull up your stream even if they are occupied somewhere else just to support the streamer.


  • Few small streamers open their own stream from many other devices to increase the view count which is also considered a lurk.

The above are the 3 major reasons why people lurk on Twitch. Lurking on Twitch is done by tons of viewers and honestly, streamers never mind this.


Is Lurking on Twitch Legal?

There are no conditions to watch streams on twitch until you break any twitch policies.

Lurk simply means watching a stream silently without any engagement which is neither a problem for a streamer nor for Twitch as well.

Viewers are free to watch streams according to their mood or circumstances. So it won’t be wrong if I say lurking is legal on twitch.

But as a small streamer or if any streamer is using view bots to lurk on the channel, they may be in problem because it’s against twitch T&C. 



Do Lurkers count as Viewers on Twitch?

Yes, lurkers are counted as viewers on twitch, and the majority of the viewers are considered lurkers because they simply enjoy the stream without any engagement.

Only the people who have muted the twitch stream from the twitch volume button would not be considered as a view.

I have seen in the case of big streamers where chat flow is too fast there are 90% of the viewers are lurkers. 


Is Lurking bad on Twitch?

No, lurkers are the type of viewers who simply enjoy the stream without involving themself in the chat. There is nothing that makes them bad and streamers also do not have any problem with the lurkers.

Many lurkers do not engage in chat because of their shy nature or because they feel nervous and uncomfortable coming on chat and talking with other viewers and streamers.

In such cases, streamers must think about them and try their best to communicate with them. 

They can start talking about them or can also raise a poll where lurkers will hopefully participate.

Can you lurk on Twitch mobile?

Yes, you can lurk on twitch mobile as lurking is just watching the stream without any involvement in the chat. 

You can also use the lurk command from mobile if the streamer has activated the lurk command on their channel.

Can twitch Streamers see Lurkers?

Twitch allows streamers to see the viewers who are watching the stream from their twitch account.
You can see viewers through the Users in Chat option.

But this data doesn’t seem to be accurate all the time as it also displays the name of the users who have left the chat before.



Lurking on stream is pretty common not only on platforms like Twitch but also on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
You must know what does lurk means on twitch and how this exactly works.

If you are a viewer that really wants to support your streamer then you know what to do and streamers should set the lurk command on their channel.

Streamers should also try their best to convert these lurkers into chatters. The more chatters in the chat more the chances are channel will grow.

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