What does Booba Twitch Emote Mean? – How & When to Use?

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You might be excited to know more about Booba Twitch emote or you may have seen people spamming with this emote or meme when something exciting or sexy appeared on the stream.

Do you like Booba a meme so simple, people probably don’t think it matters but they should? Because it’s not just a meme indicating the presence of breasts online it’s also a symbolic statement about eroticism itself

I personally love this emote as this is the perfect emote for the purpose it’s been made for.

In this guide, I will explain what Booba twitch emote means, where the Booba meme came from, and how to use it.



What does Booba Twitch Emote Means?

Booba emote is another variant of Pepe the Frog twitch emote. It looks like Pepe Emote where the expression is funny, shocked and eyes are coming out. 

Now you might be thinking why this has been named Booba Emote or Meme? Booba emote is basically the misspell of Boobs.

This emote is used when something sexy happens during the stream. This could be from any hot female streamer or a male streamer showing something sexy.

You may see viewers using Booba emote in the twitch rerun stream of streamers like TheNicoleT.

Booba is on the surface a very superficial meme, a suited Pepe is staring at boobs. Booba sight-based arousal is something Freud considered a distinctly masculine form of eroticism.


Where did the Booba Meme come from? Emote Origin

Like me, you also might be eager to know how this Booba emote originated?

The pleasure of looking at the scopophilic trait is heavily exaggerated in this meme as it is drawn directly from old cartoons. The cartoonish reaction is in fact the origin of this meme. 

Booba emote came from a popular emote Pepe the frog that originated in 2005 and became more popular on 4chan due to more popularity Pepe became a global emote in 2015.

In 2020, an anonymous user replied on a thread with this Booba and this gave birth to a new variant of Pepe emote called “Booba”.

The Booba emote was uploaded on the Better TTV extension in September, 23rd 2020 and since then there have been tons of anime variants of this emote.


How to Use Booba Emotes on Twitch Chat?

Booba emotes are not global twitch emotes and so in order to use it, you need to Install BetterTTV or FrankerFacez extension on your browser.

I would recommend going with BetterTTV through which you can enable many other emotes like Pogchamp and WidePeepoHappy.

As a Twitch streamer, you need to install BetterTTV first on your channel to enable Booba Emote for the viewers. 


How to Get Booba Emote on your Twitch Channel (For Streamers)

Follow the below steps to add the emote on your twitch channel.

  1. Navigate to the Better TTV website and Install the BTTV extension on your browser. BTTV extension is available for almost all browsers.

  2. Once downloaded log in with your twitch account and then it will be successfully added to your browser.

  3. In the next step, you need to enable BetterTwitchTV from chat settings. Once enabled you will be explored with lots of additional emotes.

  4. From the BTTV dashboard, click on the “Emotes” tab and type Booba in the search box.

  5. Here you will find all related and matching emotes. Spend some time and add whichever you like and then click on Add to Channel.

Now refresh the twitch page and you will find that Booba twitch Emote has now been added to your channel. In case the Emote doesn’t appear then wait for some time and refresh the page again.

If emotes still don’t show up read this article on BetterTTV emotes not showing up.


How to Get Booba Emote on your Twitch Channel (For Viewers)

Now as a viewer you also need to install the BetterTTV extension to use this Emote on any channel.

Even if the streamers have added this Emote on their channel you won’t be able to use it without a BTTV extension.

  • Open the Better TTV website and Install the BTTV extension on your browser.

  • Click on Download and then follow the steps to install the extension.

Once installed, you are all set just refresh the twitch channel, and then you will find a new Emote section has been added by BetterTTV just left to the Chat at the very right-hand bottom.

When to Use Twitch Booba Emote?

Now so far you have understood the meaning of this emote which is basically used when something sexy happens on the streams.

These are mostly used for hot girls with nice breasts. A few of the examples can be

  • You can spam with the Booba emote while watching rerun streams on twitch like Amouranth.

  • When any streamer watches some other shows and suddenly any hot woman appears.

  • Someone else watching or starring a woman.

  • Streamers playing memes and clips containing hot scenes on their discord server or on other platforms.

There can be many more occasions and once you have completely understood the meaning of the Booba meme, you can start using it in the right place and also engage other viewers.

Best Example of Booba founded by xQc

If you have been engaged in this digital and streaming world, look around and you will find tons of live examples of this Emote in real life.

About a year back xQc a famous twitch streamer found the best example of Booba while streaming Grand Theft Auto.

Here a man was staring at a woman standing behind him and then he suddenly use his telescope to stare at that lady. This made xQc laugh out loud. Check the video below.



I still see Booba Emote missing from many twitch channels and I really don’t understand if they have enabled other BTTV emotes then why not Booba.

Do you think it’s because it can be under sexual content or is this emote underrated? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Now once you know emote meaning you can use it at the perfect time and place.



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