What are Origin Points used for? How to Get it in 2022

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If you have recently switched to Origin to enjoy EA games and other PC games then you must have heard of Origin points and must have a question what are origin points used for?

Origin is a big platform just like Steam where you can access multiple games like Apex legends and Sims4.

In this guide, I am sharing what does origin points mean, what do origin points do, and how you can get them.


What are Origin Points?

Origin points are kinds of achievements that help every player to know other players’ achievements, level, and game progress.

Origin points were introduced in May 2013 to calculate and display players’ virtual performance.

Keep in mind, origin points are not any kind of currency that can be used for any purchase and this is only meant to represent a player’s performance.

What are origin points used for?

As I mentioned above origin points are not a currency, so you can not purchase anything from it and neither redeem it. It’s even not like twitch channel points that can be used to get some emotes.

So what are Origin points used for and what do these points do?

These points are just stats used to know the user’s engagement with origin. In simple words, I can say that origin points are points that symbolize the origin player’s expertise and availability in gaming. Even origin gives these points so that users can spend more time on this platform. 

These points cannot be used for any game purchase or discounts. However, many users wish that origin points should be used for some discounts while purchasing game cosmetic DLC on origin.

How do I redeem Origin Points?

Origin points cannot be redeemed and these points are only used as stats.

You can redeem your code, in-game content, cash card or EA play subscription time with the product code. 

In order to purchase or redeem you need Bioware points that can be used for purchasing new characters, weapons, armors, adventures, and many more.

Overall, origin points and Bioware points are two different things.


What do Origin Users and Gamers say about Origin Points? 

As I am also an origin user and I really feel that these points should be used somewhere to at least redeem something or for any discounts.

The more you will be active on the origin and play games, the more points you will earn. I think origin must reward their active users by converting these points into rewards.

I went to many forums and social media groups to know what other users think about these points. I found 90% of the users were disappointed with origin points, saying that they have earned too many origin points but sadly they are useless.

Even new users are disappointed and they really don’t care about earning the origin points.

EA should consider our feedback on origin points by giving some more value to these origin points which will also increase more user’s engagement on origin.

How do I get origin points?

There are different points for different games on the origin that can be earned by completing the task.

You can open your game and under the achievements tab, you will find your total origin points along with the task that will help you to earn more origin points.

My favorite game is Apex legends and I will take an example of this game to explain to you further. Open the origin website and then click on My Game library from the left-hand menu.

Now click on  Add a game and Apex legend or any game that you wish to play. Once the game is added click on it and then click on the Achievements tab.

Here you will find all the tasks with the origin points that you can earn through it.


So far you learned what are origin points used for. Like me, many users and gamers are not happy with these points as this cannot be used anywhere.

This is fine that these points show player’s achievements, abilities, and experience but that is not enough.

I would request you all to contact EA and give your feedback about origin points and request them to put some more value to these origin points so that they can be used for some discounts or to redeem.

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