What are Channel Points on Twitch – (How to Setup and Earn)

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Twitch keeps bringing up new features like channel points that were launched back in 2019 for all twitch affiliates and programs. So, what are channel points on twitch, and how this is useful for twitch streamers and viewers?

Twitch understands the importance of engagement between a streamer and a viewer.

Streamers try their best to keep their viewers engaged on their stream but they really need something extra, like some special rewards.

This is the complete guide on twitch channel points or I can say twitch loyalty points, so stay with me.



What are Channel points on Twitch?

Twitch channel points are a kind of currency that viewers can earn for a particular streamer’s channel that you can spend to unlock rewards for that specific channel alone. Streamers with an affiliate or program can use these channel points to reward their members of the community. 

Viewers can use these channel points in twitch to enjoy special perks that are almost like the perks enjoyed by the Twitch VIP and subscribers.

I consider this as a great marketing tool for the twitch streamers through which they can get their viewers engaged on their channel.

Below are a few examples through which viewers can earn these points.

  • Following channel
  • Subscribing channel
  • Claim special bonuses
  • Watching the stream for 10 minutes
  • Participation in a Raid

These are a few examples as these channel point tasks are created by the streamer.

Now as these channel points are important for both streamers and viewers to understand, let me divide them into two different sections.

  • Channel Points for Viewers
  • Channel Points for Streamers


Twitch Channel Points for Viewers  

I want to share complete information on channel points and so I will first start with the viewers.

This will include how channel points are important for viewers, and how they can check and get more channel points.

How to See Channel Points on Twitch?

After reading the above information on what are channel points on twitch you must be excited to get the channel points that you have been missing for a long time.

There is no need to worry as you are very close to the perks of getting your twitch loyalty points.

As a viewer, you can check channel points very easily by just going to the bottom of the chat window.

  • There is an icon just below the streamer’s chat box that may even show you some numbers if you have earned some points called your twitch points.



  • If you simply click on the icon you can see the claim codes you can redeem there that you can use within that particular channel and it will show you how much each reward cost for you to redeem it.


    Twitch points rewards
    Twitch points rewards

You can see these channel points any time even if the streamer is offline. Just visit their profile on twitch, click on Chat and you will see your earned channel points.


What’s the best way to Redeem Twitch points?

For every channel, you will have different channel points that can only be used for that specific channel.

The easiest way to redeem your twitch channel points is by clicking on the channel points icon located at the very left-hand bottom of the chatbox.

Once you click on the channel points icon it will show up all the rewards that you can redeem along with the channel points required to redeem those rewards.

If you have enough channel points to redeem the rewards then simply click on the reward to unlock it.


Few Popular rewards set up by Streamers 

Different streamers on twitch set their own channel points rewards for the viewers. Few popular and common rewards set by most of the streamers are.

  • Unlock a random sub-Emote
  • Modify a Single Emote
  • Highlight my message
  • Send a message in Sub-only mode

However, I have shared these popular rewards set by the streamers on the channel just to give you an idea about the perks and benefits of channel points.


How to get Channel Points on Twitch in 2022

Now that was enough we learned what are channel points on twitch and about their rewards, so know how viewers can get these channel points.

I have seen people asking about twitch channel point hacks so that they can quickly unlock the rewards.

Below is the list of all the actions set by twitch for the viewers to earn these points.


Watching & Active Watching Stream When non-subscribed viewers watch a channel stream they get 10 twitch points for every 5 minutes of live watch time.

Similarly, non-subscribed viewers will earn 50 points for every 15 minutes of live watch time.   

Participation in a RaidWhenever streamers raid and if you participate too, you will be awarded 250 points.

Follow ChannelBy simply following the twitch channel viewer will earn 300 points front that channel.

Watch Streak 2Viewers earn 300 points for watching 2 consecutive streams. Each stream must be at least 10 minutes long, and the previous stream must have finished at least 30 minutes ago.

Watch Streak 3Returning viewers earn 350 points if they watch 3 consecutive streams. Each stream must be at least 10 minutes long, and the previous stream must have finished at least 30 minutes ago.

Watch Streak 4Viewers earn 400 points for watching 4 consecutive streams. Each stream must be at least 10 minutes long, and the previous stream must have finished at least 30 minutes ago.

Watch Streak 5+Returning viewers earn 450 points for watching 5 consecutive streams. Each stream must be at least 10 minutes long, and the previous stream must have finished at least 30 minutes ago.

1st CheerAfter knowing what are channel points on twitch the first question that comes to mind as a viewer would be do you get points for the first cheer on Twitch?

Every 30 days, viewers gain 350 points for their first Cheer on the channel. Cheering anonymously will not gain you any points.

1st Subscription Gift –  Viewers will earn 500 points for gifting their first subscription on the stream per 30 days. Anonymous sub-gifting will not earn points.

These are the hacks and ways through which you can earn more and more twitch channel points.

So better choose the best from the above list that seems good to you.



Twitch Channel Points for Streamers

Channel points on twitch are one of the powerful tools for streamers to keep their viewers engaged.

If you have achieved your twitch affiliation or program, or are almost close to it then you must know what are channel points on twitch and how to set them up.

But before that let’s know something more about it.


What do Streamers get from channel points? 

Twitch channel points help streamers to keep their viewers engaged and to earn more points. 

Viewers earn points by spending more time in the stream, following channels, and participating in raids that exactly a streamer wants.

Do channel points help the streamer?

Yes, of course, twitch launched these channel points so streamers can set amazing rewards on channel points to increase watch time, followers and engagement.


How to Set up Channel points on Twitch in 2021

So if you just hit twitch affiliate, then congratulations and best wishes for your future. I would additionally suggest you join a few best twitch communities for beginner streamers that will help you to grow.

Now once you have achieved a twitch affiliate or program then you need to set up a couple of things and channel points are one of them. 

Don’t worry I will guide you through step by step on how to set up and customize channel points on Twitch.



  • Go to twitch.tv and log in with your twitch account.
  • Click on the profile picture at the right-hand top and from the drop-down choose “Creator Dashboard”.
  • From the left-hand creator dashboard menu click on “Viewers Rewards” and then on “Channel Points”.
    How to enable channel points twitch 2021
    How to enable channel points to twitch 2021
  • Channel points screen will now be up and “Enable Channel Points” will be the very first option. You can enable it by toggling on it.



  • Next, you can click on “Customize Points display” to edit points.


  • On the customize section you can change the channel point’s name, and upload icons for points that can be your brand icon or any other.

  • You can either customize it or leave it as it is the default.



  • Click on Manage rewards and here you can manage your default rewards or create custom rewards as well.
  • If you feel lazy and don’t want to perform this task, then you can leave it to default as twitch has already set everything by default.


  • But if you want to make some changes like creating a few custom rewards you can go with that option.
  • You can edit rewards cost, icon, and background color as well.


Twitch channel point ideas?

Most of the streamers struggle here wondering with some good twitch channel point ideas. Here I will try to help you out with some ideas that will surely help you out.

However, till the time you are not able to get some good custom channel point ideas, it’s better to leave channel points to default.

So here are a few of my recommendations that are most suitable for small streamers check them out

Suggest a Poll – This can be a good channel point idea where viewers can suggest a poll and of course, engage viewers in the chat.

The redeem points can be set to 1000 because it requires much work.


React –  This is basically more suitable for small streamers, particularly affiliates who don’t have enough emotes unlocked. A good example can be a failure to react or failure to redeem.

This actually brings more fun as people will use it when you fail during a game or anything else.


Hydrate – Here chat will remind you to stay hydrated and redeem by drinking some water.


I wanna play –  This is my favorite and especially awesome for the beginner streamers. Someone who is able to redeem this point can actually play with you. It’s up to you when you allow them to play with you, maybe in the next round.


Give a Compliment – Someone who redeems this point, you need to give a compliment that can be either on Twitter, Instagram, discord, or any other platform.

There can be many others and you can also check a few big streamers like xQcow to see what kind of rewards they are offering.

But hopefully, you got an idea about twitch channel points and you can bring some new ideas based on the above one.



How many hours are 100k channel points?

As explained above with Twitch watching action, viewers get 10 points every 5 minutes and that makes 2 points for every minute.

So if we divide 100k that is 100,000 by 2 then it makes 50,000 minutes which is 833.33 hours.

How to give yourself channel points on twitch as a mod?

You might be thinking of some kind of automatic channel points miner or extensions that basically generates points.

There are few token mine generators, as I am not sure about them but there is an extension as well called Twitch Channel Points Autoclicker.
Once you install this extension it will automatically claim twitch points.

How to see channel points on twitch when offline?

You can easily check the channel points for any channel by simply visiting that channel profile.

Click on the Chat tab and then you would be able to see the channel points at the left-hand bottom of the chat.


Twitch channel points are a great tool given by twitch to the streamers and are amazing perks for the viewers.

Hopefully, so far you know what are channel points on twitch, how to use them, and how this is useful for the streamers and the viewers.

If you still have any doubts related to twitch channel points or anything related to twitch, let us know in the comment box.

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