How to Add Watchtime Command with Streamelements in 2022

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With the Watchtime command Streamelements on Twitch, viewers can know how long they have been watching your stream. 

This is a great stat that helps both streamers and the viewers. Streamers can find out any viewer’s total Watchtime in order to reward them.

Now you might be thinking that what is the command for Watchtime with Nightbot. So unfortunately Nightbot doesn’t have this command and you will have to use Streamelements to enjoy the Watchtime command.

Follow the simple step-by-step guide to quickly set up the Watchtime command.



How to Setup Watchtime Command for Twitch with Streamelements

StreamElements is the best way to add the Watchtime command on twitch. Nightbot, of course, is a good bot for followage command and uptime command but here for Watchtime, you will have to use Streamelements.

Now to set up this I have broken down the process into 4 easy steps. Follow these simple below steps.

Step 1 – Connect StreamElements to Twitch

This is the basic step where before setting up anything we first need to connect SteamElements with Twitch.

  • Open the StreamElements website and click on Login located at the right-hand top of the website.
  • A small box will pop up, choose Twitch and then authorize the permission if asked. 

  • You will now see the StreamElement dashboard and on the right side of it, you will see BOT SETTINGS. Under that click on the Join channel.

    Connect StreamElements to Twitch
    Connect StreamElements to Twitch

Step 2 – Enable Watchtime Command

  • Now click on the hamburger icon at the left-hand top, click on the ChatBot drop-down and choose Chat Commands.

    Watchtime command nightbot
    Enable Watchtime command

  • Here in the default commands section, scroll down to look for the !watchtime command and click on the toggle to enable it. You can also search for it by pressing Ctrl + F.

    Enable Watchtime command Streamelements
    Enable Watchtime command Streamelements

By default, this command is already enabled but still, you need to recheck it. Once done you also need to enable Loyalty so that it should display the total watch time. 


Step 3 – Enable Loyalty

This is an important setting and if you miss this by leaving it disabled then every user will return will 0 seconds of watch time.

  • Open the StreamElements dashboard, and click on the hamburger icon at the left-hand top. 

  • From the options click on Loyalty and then on Loyalty Settings.

    Enable StreamElements Loyalty
    Enable StreamElements Loyalty


  • Here click on the toggle of Loyalty Disabled to Enable it and then click on Save.

So now you are almost done and only left with one small step where you need to make Streamelements a moderator on your twitch channel.


Step 4 – Make StreamElements a Mod & Test Command

In order to run this command successfully, you need to make StreamElements a mod in your Twitch channel.

Follow this last step and then we can test the command.

  • Open Twitch and make sure you are logged in with your account. 
  • Click on the profile picture at the right-hand top and choose Channel.  
  • Open your channel chat, type /mod streamelements and then hit the enter key.

Now all the steps have been completed and we can now test the command. Open your twitch channel, type !watchtime, and hit the enter key.

You will see the details from Nightbot showing how long you have watched this channel.



Watchtime Command StreamElements not Working

For many users, the Watchtime command is not working in two different ways.

  • Streamelement command is not working
  • Streamelement command is working but the returnWatchtime always shows 0.

If the Streamelement command is working but returns Watchtime is always showing 0 then you need to make sure Loyalty Settings has been enabled from Streamelements.

Just wait for at least a few minutes after enabling loyalty settings and refresh the twitch page before running the command again.

Make sure of the following points if the Streamelements command is not working at all.

  • Streamelement has been connected to twitch. 
  • Make sure that you have added Streamelement as a Moderator on your Twitch channel. 

Once you have checked the above settings, also try restarting your PC. 


Watchtime command copy and paste Nightbot?

Unfortunately, there is no command of Watchtime fromNightbot and so you need to use Streamelements to enjoy this feature.

Luckily Streamelemts have this command in their default sections and you can quickly enable it by simply clicking on the toggle.

How do you check someone’s Watchtime on Twitch?

You can check your Watchtime on the twitch channel by using !watctime command of Streamelements.

But Streamers first need to enable this command on their channel through Streamelements.

What is the command for Watchtime NightBot?

As of now, Nightbot does not have any command for Watctime and so you need to use Streamelements for this purpose.



If you properly apply the steps to enable the Watchtime then your viewers can quickly start using this Watchtime command.

You must share and let your viewers know about this command either through stream title or through chat.

Let me know if you still have any doubts related to the Watchtime command of Streamelements.


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