What Is Viewbotting On Twitch And How Can You Stop It?

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Getting more views on Twitch is great no matter where the viewers come from, right? Not so! While it can be tempting to think Viewbotting on Twitch is helpful in growing your reach, it’s actually quite harmful to your stream and overall channel health.

Here we’ll look at exactly what Twitch Viewbots are, why Viewbotting is not allowed on the platform, how to tell if you’re being Viewbotted, and how you can stop Viewbotting on your Twitch channel.


What is Viewbotting on Twitch

According to Twitch itself, Viewbotting is “the practice of artificially inflating a live view count, using illegitimate scripts or tools to make the channel appear to have more concurrent viewers than it actually does.

In other words, Viewbotting is using software to make it look like more people are watching your stream than actually are.

These fake views increase your overall view count, which is why some people resort to using Viewbots to seemingly increase their popularity.

Though Viewbots are not recommended but still if you wish to use them you can check a few best and safe Viewbots for twitch in 2022.

Fake viewers mean bad news: Viewbotting is 100% against Twitch’s terms of service and accounts that utilize it will be banned from the platform if caught. People have also been known to Viewbot other users’ streams to sabotage their channels out of competition or pure spite.


Why Is Viewbotting Not Allowed?

If Viewbotting on Twitch is as simple as artificially increasing one’s viewer count, why is it such a serious issue? Firstly, Twitch is a community of real people connecting online.

Any social media platform or community-based streaming platform prides itself on authentic interactions between real people, and bots distract from the overall integrity of any site.

But banning Viewbotters goes beyond platform principles.

Advertisers on Twitch pay per view on any stream, so if there are hundreds or even thousands of fake viewers, real companies’ real money is being wasted on fake views. That can add up to millions of lost dollars, and lawsuits can occur as a result.


How To Tell If You’re Being Viewbotted

Unfortunately, Viewbotting can also happen on your channel—even if you don’t want it to. As previously mentioned, malicious users can Viewbot your stream out of competition, nastiness, or pure boredom.

The most frequent sign this is happening to your stream is if your viewer count suddenly increases by hundreds or thousands of views, without any changes in your content or outreach strategy.

Another frequent sign to tell you’ve been Viewbotted on Twitch is if new “viewers” have nonsensical names that are clearly created by a name generator (PurpleRabbitSwim or RainWheelShoe).

Your chat is also a good place to spot bots: if most new users make general comments not specific to your content—i.e. “Nice stream!” or “Hey”—there’s a good chance you’re being botted.


How To Stop Viewbotting On Your Twitch Channel

Viewbotting is a very serious issue that can get your channel banned from Twitch, but if it happens to you don’t panic. There are steps you can take to shut the bots down and protect your profile and content.

  1. If you’re being botted and know who is doing it, report them right away.

  2. Take relevant screenshots of any conversations to send them to Twitch.

  3. Let your real viewers know you have unwelcome bot guests.

  4. Stop and restart your stream—this will sometimes automatically remove bots from your channel. You can also switch your dashboard from “playing” to “not playing.”

  5. Ban the bots: if there are a small number of them, you can block them one by one.

  6. You can also ban keywords and messages that bots were sending in the chat.

While Viewbotting on Twitch can have very serious consequences, if you stay diligent and aware of your regular audience size and interaction style, you can prevent bots from infiltrating your stream.

And remember if you are botted, stay calm, report, and stream on.


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