Top Twitch Streamers Earnings Leaked in 2021 – Shocking Facts

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Recently top twitch streamers earnings leaked and have been revealed on the Twitch website.

Twitch leak that ended up leaking a ton of information and with that we had a lot of lists come out as to what many content creators supposedly are making on the platform.

Many people are alleging that the whole source code for twitch. tv was leaked.

This is becoming a massive news story that actually pretty crazy and going viral on Twitter and everywhere.

Twitch streamers earnings
Twitch streamers earnings



How Twitch Streamers Earnings leaked

Twitch leaks all the financial earnings of the twitch top streamers.

Basically what happened was 4chan or some other people hacked into twitch servers and got this crazy information.

Later twitch tweeted from their official verified account saying that

We can confirm a breach has taken place. Our teams are working with urgency to understand the extent of this.

Twitch tweeted to confirm breach
Twitch tweeted to confirm the breach


Twitch on Work

However, the full credit card number was not saved in the twitch server, so credit cards are not exposed and safe.

Twitch has also requested users to update their software and stream key manually.

Though twitch also said the users using Twitch studio, Streamlab, twitch app, Xbox, and Play station are not required to take any action.

OBS users can manually do this action and everyone can check their updated stream key on the

Twitch Stream key changed
Twitch Stream key changed


What was Leaked in Twitch Breach?

According to Twitch, the breach was caused due to change in server configuration that leaked data.

In the twitch streamers earning leaked website, only the highest paid streamers in sequence, how much they have been paid from twitch, and earning date too was shared.

Though Twitch also confirmed that they did not save the full card information so it’s safe.

But still, Twitch changed the stream key and also requested users to change their password.

So twitch says according to their protocol but many other streamers think that the entire twitch server was hacked and the information within it.

I would say to immediately change your twitch password, connect with a new stream key, and make a test stream on twitch before going live to assure everything is working fine.



Top Twitch Streamers Earnings

A lot of stuff was leaked and no one knows the extent of this, so if you are a twitch streamer too better change your password.

Since the information leaked and everyone knows who the highest earning streamers are now, let’s talk about them.

Let’s see the top 5 twitch streamer’s earnings leaderboards that are on the top of this high-earning list.

The earnings report leaked is based on the total payout from August 2019 to October 2021.  



Name Earning Period
#1 Critical Role $9,626,712.16 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#2 xQcOW $8,454,427.17 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#3 Summit1g $5,847,541.17 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#4 Tfue $5,295,582.44 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#5 NICKMERCS $5,096,642.12 August 2019 to Oct 2021


So these are the top twitch streamer’s earnings leaked which are accurate according to twitch.

Now Twitch has also updated that this information is authentic and real.

Check the rest top high-paid twitch streamers under 25 below and rest you can check the complete Twitch Earning Leaderboard for more streamers.


#6 Ludwig $3,290,777.55 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#7 TimTheTatman $3,290,133.32 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#8 Altoar $3,053,839.94 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#9 auronplay $3,053,341.54 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#10 LIRIK $2,984,653.70 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#11 _unknown_ $2,863,780.63 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#12 Gaules $2,844,985.18 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#13 HasanAbi $2,810,480.11 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#14 Asmongold $2,551,618.73 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#15 Loltyler1 $2,490,584.90 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#16 RanbooLive $2,401,021.84 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#17 MontanaBlack88 $2,391,369.58 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#18 ibai $2,314,485.53 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#19 Castro_1021 $2,311,021.81 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#20 MOONMOON $2,236,043.55 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#21 TheRealKnossi $2,157,258.23 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#22 Moistcr1tikal $2,098,742.63 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#23 Mizkif $2,086,548.21 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#24 CohhCarnage $2,061,059.29 August 2019 to Oct 2021
#25 Shroud $2,040,503.15 August 2019 to Oct 2021


Twitch Streamers Reply on the Twitch Leak

Of course, after this action is done from twitch there will a reaction from the streamers as they better know how this impacted their life and carrier.

After this twitch streamer earning leaked news, many streamers tweeted and a few came on YouTube as well.

xQcOW simply tweeted and asked Twitch to Explain with a GIF. This is only a tweet from him so far.

xQcOW tweet on Twitch streamers earning leaked
xQcOW tweet on Twitch streamers earning leaked

Almost every streamer on twitch talked about this either on their stream or on other social media.

Pokimane looked cool and happy while streaming, she also tweeted that at least people can’t over exaggerate her “Making millions.

Pokimane tweet on twitch leak
Pokimane tweet on twitch leak

Asmongold who is on no #14 on the twitch streamers leak list website came on YouTube and gave a normal answer.

Twitch streamer Asmongold said that he was even not streaming for a year and he really doesn’t do anything crazy with his money and will spend in taking care of her mother.




During this period since Twitch Streamers Earnings Leaked, there has been a lot of discussion among the viewers and streamers.

Though there are a lot of myths that around 99% of the twitch streamers are even not able to justify their salary.

According to Kotaku’s recent post, only 3% of twitch’s top-earning streamers are women and the rest are men.

Let me know what you think about these streamers and the data leaked.


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