Twitch Stream Key Not Working on OBS and Streamlabs – FIXED

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Are you getting an error that Twitch “failed to retrieve stream key” or if anyhow twitch stream key is not working on OBS or Streamlabs, here is the solution?

I have seen people on Reddit, Quora, and Twitter discussing this issue and fortunately, I got 5 top solutions that will surely fix your problem.

To start streaming on Twitch through streaming software like OBS you need a twitch stream key.


How to Fix Twitch Stream Key not Working

Different users who fixed their issues with stream keys have different solutions and I am going to share all of them with you.

I would be happy enough if you go from here with the solution. But before starting

Twitch recently changed the stream key of all twitch channels due to some hacking issues where all twitch streamer earnings were leaked. So better get your twitch stream key again from twitch and then try again.

Okay let’s move on with the solution and before starting I would recommend that you better restart your PC and check if this is fixed. 

If not proceed with the below fixes.


FIX 1 – TRY A DIFFERENT BROWSER if Twitch Stream Key Not Working

In order to stream on Twitch through OBS or Streamlabs, you need a stream key which most of us access by opening Twitch through the browser.

So if you cant see the option of stream key in twitch or that key is not working then you better try doing the same with some different browser.

Browser cache, cookies, or some other bugs may give your error.



Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security to protect you from hackers. 

You will be getting a verification code whenever there is a login to your twitch account from a different browser or location.

Enable 2FA from Twitch

  • Open Twitch and log in with your account.


  • Click on the profile picture at the right-hand top and from the drop-down choose Settings.


    How to open Twitch Settings
    How to open Twitch Settings


  • From the settings tabs, click on Security and Privacy and scroll down a bit to the Security section.


    Twitch stream key not working
    Twitch stream key not working


  • Now click on Set Up Two-Factor Authentication and this will bring up the Two-Factor Authentication box.


    How to Enable 2FA on Twitch
    How to Enable 2FA on Twitch


  • Click on Enable 2FA and this will now ask for your phone number, type your phone number and then click on continue.


    How to Set Up Two factor authentication on Twitch
    How to Set Up Two-factor authentication on Twitch


  • Enter the 7 digit code that you receive on your phone number and then hit continue.

Now here you will be displayed with a QR code and you need an authorization app like Google authenticator or Authy to scan this.

But for easy 2FA authentication click on Skip & Use SMS and you are all set. For more safety, you can also proceed by installing Authy on your phone. 

Your broadcast to twitch failed
Your broadcast to twitch failed
NOTE:- In case easy SMS authentication doesn’t work, then kindly go with phone authentication through Authy.

Once done restart your PC and log in again to your Twitch. Hopefully, your problem will be fixed.



You may also get an error message of “could not access the specified channel or stream key twitch” or “failed to retrieve twitch stream key” if you do not have the proper internet connection or wrong selected server.

The first thing you can do is check your internet connection and speed. 

Visit the speed test website and see what kind of Ping and speed you are getting. In case of a bad internet connection or high ping, restart your modem and PC.

You also need to check your OBS or Streamlabs selected server.

This will also fix if OBS fails to connect to the server or stream. In the case of OBS follow the steps below.

  • Launch OBS and click on settings located at the right-hand bottom. 
  • From the settings box, click on the “Stream” tab, and from the Server drop-down choose the nearest server location.


    OBS won't stream to twitch
    OBS won’t stream to twitch


Once done click on Apply and then ok. Now restart your PC and check if the issue is resolved, if not revert the action and move to the next fix.



Reducing or Increasing delay on Twitch, Streamlabs or OBS can also create such problems.

A user texted me on Discord recommended this method.

If you have changed stream delay settings on Twitch then better revert the action both on Twitch and OBS.

Set the value to default and check if this fixed the issue.


FIX 5 – CHANGE KEYFRAME VALUE to Fix Twitch Stream Key Not Working

Few users suggested this method as changing the keyframe value on Streamlabs and OBS fixed their problem.

  • Open your OBS or Streamlabs.


  • Click on Settings. In Streamlabs you will find the settings gear icon at the left-hand corner and on OBS there are Settings at the right-hand bottom.


  • From the settings box, click on Output, and in the Streaming tab, you will find Keyframe Intervals.


    Twitch stream key not working
    Twitch stream key not working


  • By default the value is 0 seconds, try changing it to 2 seconds

Once done click on Apply and then on OK. Check now if the twitch stream key, not working issues have been resolved or not.  



How to reset the stream key on Twitch?

Open your Twitch account, click on your profile picture at the right-hand top and choose the “Creator dashboard”.

From the left-hand menu options click on Settings and then on Stream.

Now here at the top, you will find your primary stream key and on the very right of it you will see Reset.

Click on Reset and Twitch will give you a new stream key.

Twitch stream key not showing?

If you are not able to find the twitch stream key, then probably because Twitch changed the stream key location.

Go to Creator dashboard > Settings > Stream > Primary Stream key.

If still, you can find it then try checking from a different browser.

Your broadcast to twitch failed?

This basically happens with NVIDIA GeForce Overlay settings.

Make sure you have enabled Twitch two-factor authentication. If SMS authentication doesn’t work then go with full authentication through Authy phone verification.

If you have already tried 2FA and still not working then try choosing a twitch server in NVIDIA Geforce overlay settings.



Twitch stream key is an important part for the people who want to stream on Twitch using the best streaming software like OBS studio and Streamlabs.

This becomes really annoying when the stream key is not working with OBS and so these above solutions for the twitch stream key not working are the most effective.

Hopefully, you got the solution from here, I would be happy to see your comment.


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