How to do a Test Stream on Twitch in 2022 (In just 3 Steps)

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Have you made up your mind to stream on twitch? And want to learn how to do a test stream on Twitch.

You made the right decision, even if you have started streaming but something is going wrong.

Run a test stream first to assure your stream quality and audio is good and then go live. I personally run the twitch test stream at least twice a week to assure everything is working well. 

This test needs to be done in 3 steps, so keep reading carefully.


How to do a Test Stream on Twitch   

Let me first clarify with a clear answer for people who ask can you test your twitch stream without going live?

Yes, you can make a Twitch test stream without going live.

Now before beginning the test, make sure you are ready with the following requirements.

  • Access to your Twitch account
  • OBS
  • Twitch Inspector

Set up is easy and within a few minutes, you can test stream on Twitch.

Step 1:- Run a Stream test from Twitch Inspector

Twitch has its own broadcasting diagnosis tool called twitch inspector and from here we can run a stream test to find problems with the broadcast.

  1. Open the twitch inspector website and make sure you are logged in with your twitch account.

  2. On the Twitch inspector page, you will see the “Run a Stream Test” box, click on it and that will bring up a new box.

    Twitch inspector to run stream test
    Twitch inspector to run stream test


  3. This box will show you the instructions where it first asks to get your twitch stream key and add the twitch inspector test key after the stream key on

Do not close the Twitch inspector website, as we will need after setting up everything to check if the test passed or not.


Step 2:- Get Twitch Stream Key

  1. Open the Twitch website and make sure you are logged in with your account.

  2. Now click on your twitch profile and then choose “Creator Dashboard” from the suggestion drop-down.

  3. The Creator dashboard will now load up and from the left-hand menu options, click on Settings and then on “Stream”.

    Twitch Stream key
    Twitch Stream key


  4. Stream key & Preferences will now be up and the very first option of the Primary Stream key is your twitch stream key.

  5. You can view the key by clicking on show, or simply click on Copy to copy your stream key.

So now we are done with the Twitch part and let’s move to the third step.

Step 3:- Use OBS for Broadcasting

Streaming software like OBS and Steamlab OBS is recommended not only by me but almost by all other big streamers.

So now we need to set up streaming on OBS, so first, we need to enter the Twitch stream key along with the Twitch Inspector test key.

  1. Open your OBS studio and if you have not downloaded yet, so visit the OBS project website and download it first.

  2. On your OBS, click on Settings which is on the very right-hand bottom.

  3. Now under settings, click on the Stream tab from the left-hand menu options.

  4. Click on the Use Stream key and enter the Twitch stream key followed by the Twitch inspector test key. Check the image below.

  5. If you do not find the option of using the stream key, then click on Disconnect Account. Now you will see the option of Stream key and enter the twitch stream key followed by Inspector run test key.

  6. Once done click on Connect account and this will now ask you to log in with your Twitch account. if prompted for OTP, check your email linked to twitch and Verify.

    OBS Stream settings
    OBS Stream settings


  7. Simply login and then you will find the Stream Information box on the left and Stream Chatbox on the right. You can also check if all your emotes like betterTTV emotes are showing or not.

  8. Fill in all the information on the Stream information box and click on Done.

  9. Now click on the Start Streaming button that is on the very right-hand bottom of OBS.

  10. Come back to the Twitch Inspector website and here you will now see LIVE no delay with a green box that says Stable status.

    Test twitch stream without going live
    Test twitch stream without going live

Let it be open for a few minutes to assure you this gives you a stable connection.

If no unstable status is found after leaving it for a couple of minutes, then you are good to go LIVE.

Click on the green stable to get more details like bitrate and for how long your connection and stream are stable.


Test Audio & Video Quality on OBS

Now you should also test your audio and video quality as well.

So, make sure your mic has been connected, and first, we need to configure Audio and Video Capture on OBS.

How to Record Microphone Audio on OBS?

  1. Open your OBS studio and from the Sources box, click on the + icon and then choose Audio Input capture.

  2. Give any name to this Input and choose your external mic from the drop-down.

  3. Your mic should now display under the Audio mix box, speak something and if the track moves with the green line then your audio is good to go.

  4. If not, click on the setting gear icon in front of your mic, choose properties and then select your mic from the drop-down.


How to Record On-screen and Webcam on OBS?

If you use a webcam to show your face then you need to add both your screen and webcam on display capture.

  1. Open OBS and from the source box, click on the + icon and choose Display capture to show your computer screen.

  2. For Webcam, click on the + icon again and choose Video capture device. Give any name to this webcam and select your camera from the drop-down.

Assure that your voice quality, on-screen, webcam everything is working fine. Hopefully, you might be ready now after learning how to run a test stream on Twitch.


Play your Game to Test Twitch Stream

Now as you are testing stream quality, audio and video you should play your game in order to see what your real stream will look like.

Launch your game, and then come over to OBS and click on Start Streaming.

Video on-screen capture will automatically detect the game and see if everything is working fine.

How to Fix Bitrate and Twitch Test on OBS

So if stream quality does not seem to be ok or fluctuating then you can try these 2 tips for improving bit rate.

  • Use LAN connection with high internet speed and low ping rate.

  • Match the bitrate of the Twitch inspector with the OBS output video bitrate. You can do this by opening OBS settings > Output > Video Bitrate.

Now to optimize Bitrate and bandwidth you can do some more tests by visiting the twitch test website.

Open the Twitch test website and scroll down to download and Install the twitch test.

Now open the app and enter your twitch stream key along with the closest server location.

Start your stream from OBS and the twitch test will automatically start by analyzing several tests.

Once completed, the results will be in front of you.


FAQs on Twitch Test Stream

How long should the Test stream last?

It’s recommended that you should at least run the test for 10 to 15 minutes.
Within this, you should stream with your game, audio, and video to make sure everything is working fine. After 15 minutes you can analyze bitrate stability from Twitch inspector and bandwidth test from Twitch test.

Is twitch inspector safe?

Yes, of course as almost all the streamers on Twitch use this tool to test their streaming to diagnose the problem.
This is not any third-party website and it’s a subdomain of Twitch to test the stream.

Is the 6000-bit rate too high?

According to twitch your video bitrate should be 2500 to 4000 kbps, so yes we can 6000 kbps would be a bit high.
You can change it by going to OBS settings > Output > Video Bitrate.

Can you do private streams on twitch?

Yes, you can do a private stream on twitch. So once you have tested everything probably you wish to preview what, how your stream looks like now.

Once you have connected the twitch stream key along with the twitch inspector test key you can click on OBS “Start streaming”.
This will be a private stream and you can test your twitch stream without going live to the public.



Doing a Streaming test before going live on twitch is always recommended. I have heard streamer like xQc who has high net worth also make a regular stream test.

This at least assures that your stream is smooth and clear.

So as you have learned how to do a test stream on twitch, you can always diagnose the streaming problem by using this method.

Hopefully, I have covered everything here and if I have missed anything, let me know in the comment box.

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