Sinatraa Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, and Monthly Income

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Sinatraa is a famous Twitch streamer and a YouTuber as well. Earlier he used to play and stream overwatch but now he is a Valorant start and so people wish to know Sinatraa net worth and current salary as of April 2022.

In this guide, I will first share about Sinatraa Salary, his income from all sources, and then all about his personal life like his age, real name, and height.



Sinatraa Net Worth, 2022

Sinatraa net worth is calculated at around $1 Million USD which is calculated by adding his income from Twitch & YouTube and deducting all liabilities.

This is an estimated amount that has been calculated based on his income and salary from the contracts like Esports.

Sinatraa apart from Twitch streaming and Youtube is currently a valuable esports player for Valorant. Before Valorant he used to play Overwatch, retired from the overwatch scene in 2020, and then joined Valorant.


How Sinatraa Makes Money?  

Sinatra makes money from different platforms like streaming on Twitch, uploading content on Youtube, and through Esports contracts.

I am sharing the breakdown from all different sources so that you can better understand.


Sinatraa Income from Twitch

Many viewers wish to know how much money does Sinatraa makes from Twitch? The major sources of Twitch through which Sinatraa makes money are

  • Subscriptions
  • Twitch Ads
  • Donations



Sinatraa currently has 1.4 Million followers but there is no data on his subscribers. Even websites like Twitch stats and twitch tracker don’t have any record of his subs.

He streams almost every alternate day on Twitch and I assume he must be having around 4500 active subscribers on Twitch.

Most of the subscribers have tier 1 subscriptions that cost $4.99 on which twitch takes its commission as well.

If he gets 50% of the subscription fee then it will be $2.5 X 4500 which makes $11,250 USD every month from Twitch subscriptions


Twitch pays around $3.5 to the streamers on every 1000 views for showing ads.

According to twitchtracker report, last month’s total views on the Sinatraa twitch stream were 1,833,257.

Sinatraa Salary from Twitch
Sinatraa Salary from Twitch

If I divide 1,833,257 views by 1000, it will be around 1833.

Now let’s multiply 1833 by $3.5 which will be $6415.

So Sinatraa is currently making around $6415 USD every month from twitch ads.


Donation is another way of earning from Twitch. Apart from Twitch direct donations, Sinatraa has also linked his PayPal account on his Twitch about section.

There is no record of how much donations get from his viewers, but after a research, we assume that he may be making around $2000 a month from donations.


Sinatraa also earns through the affiliate products that are linked on his twitch about section.

Affiliates like Nord VPN and Dying light 2 are linked on his about section and if anyone purchases these products, he gets the commission for it.

He is also been sponsored by brands like TMobile, JBL, and Star Wars.

There is no concrete information about his income through affiliates and sponsors. 


Sinatraa Income from YouTube

The major source of earning from YouTube is through ads for which Google Adsense pays according to views.


Sinatraa has currently 387K subscribers on YouTube and according to social blade, his last month’s total views on YouTube were 3.758M.

YouTube generally pays $3 to $5 for 1000 views and if I divide 3.758M by 1000 it will be 3758. 

Sinatraa Income from YouTube
Sinatraa Income from YouTube

So, if I take $3 CPM and multiply it by 3758, Sinatraa monthly income from YouTube ads will be $11274 USD.


YouTube creators like Sinatraa have many sponsors who pay them to sponsor the videos.

His last video was sponsored by BUFF and so I guess he must be making at least $1500 a month from the sponsors.


Sinatraa Salary from Esports

Apart from YouTube and Twitch Sinatraa had a contract first with Overwatch Esports and now with Valorant where he gets a good salary or income.

You must be also excited about Sinatraa highest salary in Esports?

Sinatraa Highest Salary in Esports

Sinatraa has won over $160K prize money or salary from his overwatch esports career.

His highest win was during the overwatch esports, season 2 playoffs where he and his team won a total of $1.1 Million out of which Sinatraa earning was $110 K.

Apart from this, esports also pays a salary to their players which is not disclosed but during kyedae stream, she leaked that Sinatraa salary is $25,000 per month as a Valorant player.

Won joined Valorant esports after April 2020 and made a total of $31k, and currently, he is suspended from Valorant due to sexual allegations.


Sinatraa Age, Real Name, Height, and other Personal Details

Sinatraa real name is Jay Won and was born on March 18, 2000, in Shoreline, Washington, United States. So as of April 2022, Sinatraa is 22 years old.

Sinatraa is a tall guy with 6 feet of height and 70kg of weight. Won grew up in Washington only with his elder brother, June. 

His father is South Korean and his mother is German.

Sinatraa Girlfriend

Jay Won is dating Emmy Uh since 2020 and she is currently Sinatraa girlfriend.

In March 2021 SInatraa was accused by his ex-girlfriend Cleo Hernandez of sexual abuse after which he was suspended from Valorant and Sentinels.


What Ethnicity is Sinatraa?

Sinatraa is an American streamer and his ethnicity or race is Multiracial. His father is South Korean and his mother is German.

How much money does Sinatraa make a year?

Sinatraa makes money from different platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Esports, and other tournaments.
On average, in 2021 he made approx 1 Million after deducting his liabilities which is his net worth.


Jay Won, known as Sinatraa is a professional gamer and by the age of 22, his net worth is approx 1M.

If he continues like this I am pretty sure he will have a bright future. If you have read all about him in this article let me know what you think of this young gamer and streamer Jay Won.



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