Sims 4 Sim won’t sleep (Check these 10 Solutions)

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This becomes really annoying and irritating when Sims 4 sim won’t sleep.

The sim energy level goes down from green to orange and then to red but nothing works to send sim for sleep.

Did you try anything to get rid of this as I tried a couple of things to fix this?

You won’t believe when I shared with my friends that I fixed this problem, I got tons of calls to fix their sim won’t stay asleep problem.

So I got tons of solutions as well and today in this article I will share that all with you.



Why Sims 4 Sim won’t sleep  

Now as many SIMS 4 players are experiencing this glitch or problem where sim won’t sleep or if sleep then just wake up right away.

You must know Sims 4 is not on the twitch prohibited games list and so you stream this game as many viewers are waiting.

This glitch or problem where SIMS 4 sim won’t sleep can be because of multiple reasons like not sleeping on the right bed or right side, lights are still on, or TV and Radio sound are near to earreach.

Though many players reported that they already did all these and still have the issues.

So I am sharing the best fixes for this problem through which my sim went to sleep and even many other users recommended a few solutions that I will share with you all.


How do you Fix the Sleep Glitch in Sims 4 sim won’t sleep?

Probably you may have tried a few of the solutions from the below fixes but try again and follow all the fixes properly to assure you made your best.

I am very sure by the end of this article your sims 4 sim won’t sleep problem will be fixed no matter you play on PC or Playstation.

Before moving to the fixes try changing sim sleeping costumes and have night sleeping costumes.


FIX 1 – Sleep on the right side of the double bed

In this scenario, if you have a partner in a double bed, you probably may have trouble.

This is a huge problem in service for more like a bug when your Sims can’t share the bed if the bed is against the wall.

Keep in mind on a double bed your position is pre-decided and in Sim 4 sim won’t sleep on the wrong side.

So if you send your first sim to sleep on the bed it will just easily do it but when you do the same thing with the second sim it just won’t.

sim won't stay asleep
sim won’t stay asleep
How to make two sims sleep in the same bed sims4

All you need to do is to cancel the NAP sequence and then while the first sim is still sitting on the bed you need to make your second sim take a nap on their side.

Once they will shift over and take a nap and then your first sim can go to sleep back 


FIX 2 – Turn Off TV and Radio

Any noise either from your room or coming from another than your sims 4 sims won’t fall asleep. Kindly try switching off all the noise-creating sources like TV, radio, earbuds, and also stop if any baby is crying or yelling.

You need to be practical as this also happens in real life, many people can’t sleep if some noise or sound is playing nearby to them.

Please check all devices and make sure there is a pin drop of silence.


FIX 3 – Turn Off Lights Completely

You might be thinking that this is just a basic step and most of us do this but I am also sure that most of them also make mistakes here.

They as usual switch off all the lights but miss a few of them and that few can come between your sim and precious sleep.

my sims energy won't go up
Turn off all the lights to make sim sleep

Make sure to switch off all the sources of lights like ceiling lights, lamps, bulbs, and computer screens.

Just double-check all of them and try again to see if your sim goes to sleep now.


FIX 4 Room not Closed

There are many bedrooms where there are no doors and have only aches that can be a reason behind sim won’t sleep.

So if the room is not completely closed there can be some sound and lights coming in from other parts of the house.

Few users suggested that this was a cause in their case in Sim 4 sim won’t sleep issues.

Better work on it or have proper doors.



FIX 5 – Pets keeping Sim awake

As you may have tried a couple of options and so if nothing is working then you also need to make sure that the pet is not barking or meowing.

If pets are making noises your Sims 4 sim won’t sleep, so you need to scold pets.

You can do this by selecting the pet and then choosing the option of Scold/lecture for waking up.

Once done try again and check if your sim goes to sleep.


FIX 6 – Bad Relationship with SIN you are sharing a bed

Most of the beginners make mistakes here as you must know that in order to sleep with another sim you need to ask them first to be your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

If you already have a partner then assure you have a good relationship with them.

Keep healthy relationships and any arguments or high complications can also be the cause behind sims 4 sim won’t sleep with a partner.

If you feel something then sort it out and then try again. You can also try getting more information on cheats sims relationships.


FIX 7 – Delete the Bed

Deleting a bed and then creating again with a new position also helped many SIM 4 unresponsive sim sleeping issues and glitches.

After trying a couple of methods you can also give it a try with this fix a well.

You can delete the bed by selecting it or by opening the cheat console using the (ctrl shift c) key.

Once the bed is removed try to place it in a different position where it should not be placed against the wall and should be easily accessible from both sides.


FIX 8 – Make Sim travel

This is another pro tip from my pro friend who fixed his problem by just moving Sim out of the house to another world.

So what you need to do, take your sim out of the house then come back again, and then probably your issue of not sleeping will be fixed.

You can do this by opening a Sim cell phone and then looking for a travel option.

Additionally, you can also try resetting your Sim, if nothing works.


FIX 9 – Delete Mods

Sims 4 sim won’t sleep and other glitches can also be because of having too many mods and custom content.

To enhance game features you might be using too many mod scripts which can mess some of your settings or game files.

Try deleting mods and custom content (cc) that you recently installed.

If not sure try deleting all of them and this will let you know what was creating the problems.


FIX 10 – Restart Game and Device

If you are still wondering about the solution, try restarting your game or better restart your PC or PS.

Maybe the above solution you tried worked but needs a restart. Restarting the game and device will fix any temporary issues and will even implement the changes done by you.

I covered this at the last only because restart becomes more effective after applying all the solutions.



Additional Tips: 7 ways you can make your Sim Energized

I understand when the Sim won’t fall asleep we are more concerned about the sim energy level.

These few tips will surely help to boost SIM 4 sim energy level.

  1. Having your Sim a Brisk Shower Having your sim take a brisk shower is easy and a shower is in most houses.
    I feel that everyone is a shower person these days. Doing this will leave sims with a plus one energized moodlet for four hours.

  2. Workout Enthusiasm with Computer research Use a computer to research fitness tips as this will provide a plus two moodlet for four hours. 

  3. Being around energizing decor with the emotional aura enabled – Crystals are a great option for energizing decor and you can find them by digging up rock piles around various worlds.
    Particularly those rock piles with gems poking out of them the energized moodlet here will last for as long as you’re around the energizing decor.

  4. Drinking Coffee –  I do love my coffee brewing and drinking this will leave sims with a plus one moodlet that lasts for four to six hours depending on the quality. 

  5. Drinking Tea – This fifth way we’re turning our attention to tea which is also love in particular making and drinking oolong tea will give sims a plus two energized moodlet for four hours. 

  6. Mixology Skill – With Mixology you can make the Vigorator drink.
    Note that to make this sim will already need to be in an energized state once made drinking this will provide a plus two energized moodlet for four hours.
    If you’re level 5 fitness then you’ll also be able to use a bar to make protein shakes which will provide a plus 2 energized moodlet for 4 hours.

  7. Protein Plate –  This is another way through which your sim can be energized by making a protein plate. Similar to the vigorator drink you’ll need to be energized already in order to make this the good news here is that you only need level two cooking and it’ll give you an energized plus two moodlet that lasts for three hours.



Why does Sims 4 Sim keep waking up? 

Your sim won’t sleep and keep waking up if any of the above problems occur. This can be a glitch as well so better try with a simple restart.
If nothing works then you need to make sure you have properly followed the above fixes.

My Sims energy won’t go up?

If your sim fails to sleep your energy will keep going down until you manage to make your sim sleep.
Better follow the above fixes to make sim sleep first and your sim will be energized.
For more energy, you can also see the tips given above.

Pregnant Sim won’t sleep?

You better check the above 10 fixes to make sure you are sleeping on the right side of the bed and other lights, radio, TV are off.
Also, try sleeping with your partner Sim, hopefully, that can work.

Sims 4 Sim won’t move?

Sim won’t move if you are out of energy and that mostly happens when your sim did not sleep.
Better make your sim sleep and in case your sim energy is full and still, it’s not moving then try restarting the game.



Hopefully, your problem for Sim 4 sim won’t sleep will be resolved by the following fixes I shared.

If yes also read the tips given to energize your sim.

Let me know if you are still having issues with brief information about the issue, I will try to find more solutions.


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