How to Remove Viewbots & Followers Bot from Twitch in 2022

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Are you scared of getting banned from twitch because of getting fake viewers and followers? Don’t worry, I have a few solutions for you on how to remove Viewbots from Twitch in 2022.

Generally, Viewbots and followers bots are used to gain fake views and followers.

But many people use it to send these viewers to other streamers either as a hater or to get those streamers banned.

I have personally faced this, so I understand how this feels and so I am sharing here what I did to get rid of these view and followers bots.


How to Remove Viewbots & Followers Bot from Twitch?

So, let me first share how you can get rid of Viewbots on your Twitch channel, and then we will proceed with removing fake or bot followers.

Since there are many services that are offering free and paid viewers for Twitch, many haters or rivals just enter the username of the twitch channel and send the Viewbots.

There are a few ways to remove Viewbots from Twitch and I will start with the basic one.

Solution 1 – Manually Check Bots

If you feel there are some Viewbots on your stream and their numbers are not high then better make an audit.

Look for people with a strange names and check chat for some common spam messages. Such activities clearly indicate that the users are bots.

If you are a small streamer what you can do is

Take the name of such users in your stream and talk to them in a manner so that they should reply. If they are real they will reply and if not then they are the Viewbots and then you can instantly block them.

How to get rid of follow bots on Twitch
How to get rid of follow bots on Twitch

As I said this is only when you have felt the very low number of Viewbots in your stream.

Solution 2 – Ban Words or Phrases on Twitch

As a Twitch streamer, you get access to the moderator feature where you can blacklist any word or phrase.

So if bots are spamming with a few specific words then you can blacklist those words. Even you as a Streamer should avoid words banned by Twitch.

Follow the below steps to blacklist any words on Twitch chat.

  • Open the Twitch website and log in with your account.

  • Click on your profile picture at the right-hand top and choose “Creator dashboard”.

  • From the left-hand menu click on Settings and then on Moderation.

  • Now from the right-hand options click on Blocked terms and phrases.

    Remove Viewbots from Twitch
    How to block words and phrases in Twitch

  • Here you will get the option, to search for a term to block. So type the word or phrase that you want to block and then click on Add.

Once the word or phrase is added you will see it under the active terms. So now the bots or anyone won’t be able to spam with these words. 

Step 3 – Restart Stream

This is the best and recommended way to remove all Viewbots from Twitch. 

Just 2 weeks back I used the same method to get rid of Viewbots as my regular viewers are between 15 to 20, but on August 27th it went to approx 50 viewers watching.

To be honest first I got a bit happy, but when I saw no chats from them, I immediately checked the viewer’s count and found some strange names.

Luckily I was in a 12 by 7 situation in the Valorant game, so it took about a minute to win the game and I announced that I am going to restart my stream.

I waited for around 3 minutes and then restarted my stream.

After coming back, I found that I was having regular viewers of 13. So this is a quick trick to make bots or haters feel that we have ended the stream and most of the time it works.

Step 4 – Contact Twitch

As a streamer, we try to stream clean because we don’t want to get banned or lose our twitch affiliate.

Twitch may ban you or cancel your affiliate program if they find you using Viewbots or a followers bot as this is against Twitch policies.

So when you have got tons of viewers or followers or keep getting even after trying the third method then you should contact twitch.

Now here you will have 2 benefits 

  • Twitch will help you to get rid of these Viewbots and followers bot 
  • This will act as evidence to avoid getting banned as you reported yourself for getting Viewbotted.

You can contact Twitch and briefly explain everything that is happening on your stream. Also, attach if you have evidence.


What to Do When you Get Viewbotted or Get Bot Followers?

If you ever get raided by Viewbots or Followersbot then stay calm and do not panic. All you need to do is to keep all the solutions shared above in your mind.

Accordingly to the bot’s numbers and how frequently they come to your stream you need to apply the solution.

You have 2 best options where you can either restart the stream or report to twitch about this.

Twitch is aware of these bots and will surely keep you out of the danger zone if reported at the right time.

Even if you have ever used these Twitch Viewbots or follower’s bots services, do not be scared of calling Twitch. 

Max, you will lose huge bot followers, but it’s okay as they are just numbers with no use. 


How to Block ViewBots and Follow Bots on Twitch?

If you have not been Viewbotted so far then you must have some precautions to avoid viewership botting and fake engagement on Twitch.

This doesn’t guarantee to block Viewbots completely but yes this will surely reduce it.

In Sep 2021, Twitch enable a phone verified chat feature where every new follower needs to verify their account via phone number before they can chat.

Twitch enabled phone verification
Twitch-enabled phone verification

So the first thing that you must do is to set up chat verification settings on your Twitch account. Follow the below steps.

  • Open twitch, click on your profile picture at the right-hand top, and choose “Creator dashboard“.
  • From the left-hand menu options click on Settings and then on Moderation.
  • Now scroll down a bit to Channel Privileges. Here you will see chat verification with Your overall safety ratings.
  • So first you need to set up Email Verification which you can either set to All Chatters or Some Chatters for more specific settings.
  • The same you need to choose in the Phone verification.

Once done save settings and you are all done. You can either go with All Chatters or Some chatters which totally depends on you.


How to Tell if you are being Viewbotted?

Most of the time it’s easy to guess that you are Viewbotted by keeping some key points in mind.

With these tips, you can even know about other streamers who use Viewbots

So whenever you see a sudden increase in your viewers without any engagement in the chat or some common spammy messages, then it’s a Viewbot.

You might be thinking that it can also be RAID from some other streamers.

Generally, whenever someone raids your channel, you see viewers coming to your chat and typing messages like RAID from (streamer name) or some similar messages.

There are many haters who even text or message you before sending fake viewers. 

In such situations, you should take a screenshot of their conversation and continue the chat to get more details from them.

Another tip for you is that you must keep an eye on your follower count, so whenever someone adds tons of bot followers to your account you can easily know.

How to Spot ViewBots on Twitch?

There are generally 2 best ways to tell if a viewer is a Bot or a real user. As a streamer or a twitch viewer, you must know how to sport Viewbots on Twitch.

  • Streams with somewhere 100 live viewers but no live chat or few messages. 
  • Twitch channel has a high number of followers but only a few watching indicates the streamer has bot followers.

However, there are many viewers or I can say twitch lurkers who mostly enjoy the stream without engaging in the chat.

But still, there is good engagement in the chat where users are real.


Twitch Fake followers check | Remove Bot Followers from Twitch

Probably you are not sure about the type of followers you have or are just curious to make twitch fake followers check so that you can remove bot followers from your twitch account.

There is a way through which you can find bot followers and can also remove them all.

  • Visit the commander root twitch tool website and click on login via twitch to sign in with your Twitch account.

  • Click on Authorize and then you will come to the twitch fake followers check dashboard.

  • This will now display the list of all your followers and all the bot’s followers will be highlighted in orange color.

  • You will see a section that says Follow from known bot accounts that will display the number of bot followers and also give an option to remove it.

    Twitch Fake followers Check
    Twitch Fake followers Check


This is one of the best ways to remove Viewbots or follower bots from Twitch.  You can only see the followers of your own account as you need to log in with your own Twitch account.



FAQs on Remove Viewbots from twitch  

Can Twitch detect Viewbots?

Yes, Twitch does detect Viewbots and keeps tracking every Twitch channel. But the channel should meet the minimum number of viewers before Twitch can start monitoring for Viewbots.
Twitch has an algorithm in which they trace the IP addresses of viewers to find the fake or Bot views.
In 2021, Twitch removed around 7.5 Million bots used to increase views and followers count.

Why does Twitch have Viewbots?

Twitch does not have any Viewbots, it’s people like us who made such bots to send fake views and followers.
This is not only on Twitch but also on other social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
But every platform like Twitch has its strict policies and algorithms against such bots.

How do I get rid of Hoss bots on Twitch?

Hoss bots are followers bot that follows twitch accounts automatically. The best way to remove or ban these bots is through the commanderroot website.
Visit the commander root twitch tool website, log in with Twitch and it will show all the followers bot in your Twitch account.
You can either ban them or remove them.



In this article, you got the complete information on how to remove Viewbots from twitch. You can restart the stream, use the tool website to ban or remove bot followers, and can also contact Twitch to remove Viewbots and followers.   

Hopefully, this information will help you to get rid of bot followers on Twitch.

Twitch Viewbots and followers bots are not legal by Twitch and so if you have ever used them, then better remove them to keep your account and affiliate safe.

If you have any questions then let me know in the comment box, and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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