PS4 Controller not working with Spiderman Remastered – FIXED

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Is your PS4 controller not working with spiderman remastered? No need to worry.

I am listing here a bunch of solutions to fix this problem as I have gone through this problem and found a couple of solutions.

As per Nixes, this game has inbuilt support for many controllers and will show all in-game icons along with rumble features support.

But in many cases, it won’t work even if the game supports it.

Check these 4 best solutions to fix Spiderman remastered controller not working and all supported controllers.



PS4 Controller not working with Spiderman Remastered

There can be a few reasons for this problem and I am sharing all possible fixes. But the best solution that I found is using XOutput

Try this best-working method

FIX 1 – Use XOutput to configure the Controller

XOutput is a software that converts Direct input to Xinput. This is a very good option for players who have trouble PS 4 controller with Spiderman Remastered.

Follow the below simple steps.

Step 1 – Download & Install XOutput

  • Visit the link and download XOutput. 
  • Once downloaded, copy the downloaded zip file and paste it into the Marvels spiderman Remastered game folder. 
  • Right-click on the zip file and choose extract here.

    Extract XOutput in Spiderman Game folder
    Extract XOutput in the Spiderman Game folder


  • XOutput app file will now be available. Double-click on the file to open it. 
  • A new box of XOutput will be up, click on Add Controller and then on Edit at the very right of Remove.

    XOutput Controller
    XOutput Controller


Step 2 – Configure Controller

  • Here you will see lots of “Configure” buttons. Click on every configure button and then click on Save.  
  • Once done close the configure box, click on Start, and then on Save configuration.

    PS4 controller not working with spiderman remastered
    Configure XOutput


  • Minimize the XOutput box and start the game again.

Your issue of the controller not working with Spiderman remastered will be now fixed.

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How to Fix Spiderman Remastered Controller not Working on PC

Spiderman Remastered supports varieties of controllers but still stream users have issues with controllers.

There are a couple of things that you can do like restart your PC completely and check again.

Try removing other controllers if connected to your device.

If still you have issues, then try the below  steps

  • Open Steam and click on the Library tab from the top menu. 
  • From the right-hand side game lists look for Spider-man remastered, right-click on it and choose Properties. 
  • From the left-hand side click on Controller and then select Override for SpiderMan. 
  • Now select Use Default settings or Disable Steam Input.

Restart your steam and check if this fixes the issues of the controller not working on Spiderman remastered.


Spider-Man Remastered supported controllers

As of now, there are only a few controllers supported by Spiderman remastered. Check the list below of Spiderman remastered supported controllers.

  • Xbox One  
  • Xbox 360 XInput Controllers 
  • The Dualshock 4 (PlayStation 4) 
  • DualSense  (Playstation 5) 
  • Deck of Steam


Steam and PS4 are currently on the list of Spiderman remastered supported controllers but still, issues occur you can take the help of this article to fix the problem.

We are hoping that soon more controllers will be supported.

If nothing has worked for you then better try using other controllers like use PS5 if PS4 not working.

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