PauseChamp Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin – Emote Explained

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Emote plays an important role in chat and especially when you have to quickly express your feelings. Pausechamp twitch emote is one of them and here I will brief everything about this emote.

Pausechamp Twitch Emote Meaning

Pausechamp is another popular Better Twitch TV emote and a variant of Pogchamp emote.

If you are aware of Pogchamp emote that was cropped from the shocked face of Gootecks.

In Pogchamp Gootecks mouth is open but in Pausechamp the mouth is tightly closed and is used when there is something suspense or if the streamer has taken a long pause either in a game or from their activity.


Pausechamp Emote Origin

Pausechamp emote was added to Better twitch tv and FrankerFaceZ in 2019 and got more popular when Pogchamp emotes were banned.

People started looking for alternate options and along with Pogchamp, they found Pausechamp as a great emote on both BTTV and FrankerFaceZ.

Pausechamo emote was originated because twitch users demanded a variable of Pogchamp and even an emote that can be used in a suspense situation.

Are Pausechamp and Pogchamp, Twitch Emotes?

Pogchamp was a twitch global emote that was added to twitch in 2012 but unfortunately it was removed from the twitch in January 2021 because of Gootecks tweet on National riots that occurred after the US election results.

Pausechamp was never a twitch emotes and is only available with BTTV and FrankerFacez.

How to Use Pausechamp Emote in Twitch?

Pausechamp is a BTTV and FrankerFaceZ emote and in order to use it, you must have a better TTV or FrankerFaceZ extension.

As a viewer you just need to install and enable the BTTV extension to access BTTV emotes added by the streamer.


How to Use Pausechamp Emote as a Viewer

Follow below quick simple steps

  • Open Better twitch tv extension on Chrome store and then click on Add to Chrome. I am using chrome, but BTTV is available for almost all browsers.
  • Click on Add to Extension,  then on Upgrade Permission, and then click on Allow to finally add BTTV extension to the browser. 

So BTTV emotes are now added to your extension and now simply open twitch or refresh the twitch page.

You will now see a new emote section has been added by BetterTTV just left to the Chat at the very right-hand bottom.

Make sure to enable BTTV emotes from BTTV settings and if still Pausechamp emote not showing under BTTV twitch emote then better refresh the page a few more times and also suggest your streamer to add the emote.


How Streamers can Add Pausechamp Emote to Twitch channel

If you are a new streamer then you must be updated on the best streaming time on twitch and all popular emotes, news in streaming.

If you don’t find Pausechamp emote to your channel then you first need to install BTTV extension and then add Pausechamp emote to the channel.

For installation watch the steps above and follow the steps below to add emote.

  • Open betterTTV website and click on the Emotes tab located at the left-hand top menu.
  • Now in the search box that is at the right-hand top, type Pausechamp and hit on the enter key.
  • From the results choose the Pausechamp emote and click on Add to channel.

Refresh the twitch page and the Pausechamp twitch emote should be in your channel now. If not then you can wait for some time as this may appear after a few minutes.

You can also add other related emotes like WidePeepoHappy and Nam emote through this way.

When to Use Pausechamp Emote

Pausechamp emote is very similar or opposite to Pogchamp emote where you can spam this emote when a streamer takes a long pause or if any suspense is created.

Rest there are many situations where you can also spam with this emote when other viewers are spamming in the chat.

Few examples that I can give when to use Pausechamp emote in Twitch are.

  • The streamer stuck and hold for a longer time during the gameplay.
  • When the streamer takes a big pause during any activity like singing a song, dancing, or any other activity.
  • I have also seen many people spamming with Pausechamp emote when something goes laggy in the game or stream.

Now as you have an idea that when exactly Pausechamp emotes are used. You better use it according to the condition and situation in the stream.

Bottom Line

Pausechamp twitch emote is one of the best variants of Pogchamp and is also suitable during the suspense condition.

Have you used this emote before or seen people spamming with Pausechamp emote, if yes let me know in the comment box?

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