Overwatch 2 “Rendering Device Lost” & Graphic Error (Nov, 2022)

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Overwatch 2 was launched this October 2022 and the game is really loved by the players. But as it’s a new game users have issues like the Overwatch 2 rendering device was lost.

The exact error appears with the message “Your rendering device has been lost! Application closing!” 

However, there are many other problems in Overwatch like connecting to the server, lagging, and graphic issues.

Before proceeding with the fixes, let’s see a few major reasons for this problem.



What Causes Rendering Device Lost in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Rendering device lost error can come because of multiple reasons due to software, hardware, or Internet connectivity.

I download this game the very next day when it was launched and since then I got this easy twice, so I got enough idea about its causes and fixes.

High graphic quality selection in overwatch 2 and high resolution can also cause such errors.

A few other possible causes of Your rendering device lost in Overwatch 2 are.

  • Overclocking of GPU and CPU.
  • Overwatch 2 blocked by a Firewall or Antivirus
  • High CPU & Memory Usage
  • Outdated or Corrupted graphic driver

I will share the complete list of solutions that you can apply to fix the problem.


How to Fix Overwatch 2 Rendering Device Lost

Apply all the solutions here carefully to get rid of this problem.

FIX 1 – Run SFC /Scannow

SFC /Scannow is a very useful Windows tool to scan and repair Windows for corrupted files. 

They look at all protected files and if any integrity violations are found they fix them and even save the log.

  • On Windows search type CMD and choose Run as Administrator.
  • In the Black Command prompt window type SFC /Scannow and hit the Enter key.
    Run SFC Scan to fix Overwatch 2
    Run SFC Scan to fix Overwatch 2



  • System scanning will start and will take some time.

You can minimize this black window and move to the next solution until the command is 100% completed.


FIX 2 – Disable GPU & CPU Overclocking

Overclocking is a process to increase the clock speed of the GPU and CPU to get better performance.

But sometimes due to force clocking GPU or CPU may not work properly and can cause game errors like Overwatch 2 rendering device was lost.

Try reverting the changes you have made on your PC for overclocking or uninstalling any overclocking software.

Once done restart your PC and check if the issue is resolved.


FIX 3 – Scan & Repair Overwatch 2

This is another best way to repair the Overwatch game. Battle.net gives you a feature to scan and repair any game installed on their platform.

  • Launch Battle.net and from the top game lists, click on Overwatch 2.
  • Now at the left-hand corner click on the settings cog icon that is at the very right of the Play button.
    Scan and Repair Overwatch 2
    Scan and Repair Overwatch 2



  • From the options choose Scan & Repair and wait until the process is completed. 

Once the scan is completed restart Battle.net and launch Overwatch 2 to check if the issue is resolved.

FIX 4 – Add command to Game settings

  • Open Battle.net and from the top game lists, click on Overwatch 2.
  • Click on the settings cog icon at the very right of the Play button and choose Game settings.
  • Here check the box “Additional command line arguments” and paste the below code in the box.

    -tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 -d3d11 -threads 2

Rendering device lost overwatch
Rendering device lost overwatch

Once pasted click on done and restart the game.


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FIX 5 – Disable Full-Screen Optimization

Windows Full screen-optimization optimizes apps and games that work on the whole screen but sometimes it really ruins the experience and can cause such errors.

Try disabling the Overwatch 2 full-screen optimization by following the below steps.

  • Look for Overwatch 2 game icon on your desktop, right-click on it and choose Properties.
  • From the properties, box click on the Compatibility tab.
  • Here you will find the box of Disable full-screen optimization. Check the box and also check the box of Run this program as administrator.

Once done restart the PC and check if the issue is resolved and if not then move to the next solution.

FIX 6 – Change Overwatch 2 Game settings

The wrong selection of game settings in Overwatch 2 can also give the rendering device lost problems.

Just apply the solutions

  • Launch the Overwatch game and from the dashboard click on the Menu at the right-hand bottom.
  • From the menu click on Options.
  • Try changing the display mode to Borderless Windowed.
  • Now from the left-hand menu, click on Graphics Quality.

Here choose Graphics quality to Medium.

High-Quality Upsampling to AMD FSR 1.0

Make all other graphic-quality to Medium.

Once done click on Apply or press the Y key to save the changes.


FIX 7 – Restart Graphic Driver to fix Overwatch 2 rendering device lost

The malfunctioning graphic driver can be another cause of the such problem. You can quickly reset your graphic driver on Windows PC by using the shortcut key.

From your keyboard press Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B key altogether. 

Once pressed properly you will see a black screen with a sound for a while and that indicates that your graphic card has been successfully reset.


FIX 8 – Disable Xbox Game Bar and Enable Game Mode

According to many users on the Battle.net forum users have fixed their problem by turning off the Xbox Game bar and turning on Game mode.

  • Right-click on your Windows icon and choose Settings.
  • In the settings search box, type game mode, and from the suggestion choose Turn on Game mode.
  • Here make sure Game mode is toggled on, then click on the Xbox Game bar from the left-hand side and disable it.

Restart the PC and check if the issue is resolved now.


FIX 9 – Delete rzchromasdk64.dll

Again, according to many users deleting the rzchromasdk64.dll file from C drive fixed Overwatch crashing and rendering device lost issues.

  • Open File explorer by pressing the Windows + E key.
  • Click on This PC from the left-hand side and then on C drive.
  • Now click on Windows and then on System32
  • In System32, click on the search box at the right-hand top and paste rzchromasdk64.dll.
  • Once this file comes up, right-click on it and choose Delete.

In case you don’t get this file in the search then don’t worry as this file shows only on a few computers.


FIX 10 – Update Graphic Driver

Graphic driver plays an important role in gaming and outdated or corrupted driver can cause such problems.

Try updating drivers by following the below steps.

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and from the options choose Device Manager.
  • In the device manager look for Display Adapters and double-click on it.
  • Your graphic card will now be expanded.
  • Right-click on it and choose Update driver.
  • Choose Search automatically for drivers and if the updates are available it will automatically update it.

Once done restart your PC and launch the game again to see if the issue is fixed.


FINAL WORDS on Overwatch 2 rendering device lost 

These were the 10 best solutions to fix Overwatch 2 rendering device lost and graphic issues.

In case nothing works for you then you should try reinstalling the game and even if reinstalling doesn’t work then you will have to reset the PC.

Please update us that which method worked for you and also let us know if you have any suggestions

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