Setup Nightbot Shoutout Command on Twitch – [2022 Guide]

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Shoutout on Stream is one of the best ways to appreciate your viewers who are putting value to your stream or donating. You can also thank the other streamers who raid your channel by setting up the Nightbot !shoutout command on Twitch.

I will also cover many related topics like how to shoutout on twitch as a mod, what to do if the Nightbot shoutout command is not working, and much other related information.

Nightbot is basically a chatbot and is considered one of the best shoutout bots for Twitch. 

The tutorial will be step by step and will cover every piece of information about the Nightbot !shoutout command.



How to Setup Nightbot !Shoutout Command on Twitch

If your channel gets a raid from a big twitch streamer like Nich EH 30, then you must at least give them a shoutout. 

So lets quickly see how to setup nightbot shoutout command on Twitch.

As discussed above, setting up a shoutout command on Twitch, Nightbot is the best bot and that is exactly what I will explain.

So here we will first connect twitch with Nightbot and then add the shoutout command.

Step 1 – Connect Nightbot to Twitch and Add Command

Nightbot allows you to signup with Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo. Open the Nightbot website, click on sign up and choose Login with Twitch. Sign in to Twitch to connect and authorize Nightbot.


  • Once you are logged in to the Nightbot dashboard, click on the Command Menu from the left-hand menu section and then choose Custom.

    How to Add Custom Command in Nightbot
    How to Add Custom Command in Nightbot


  • At the right-hand side click on +Add Command and a new box of commands will come up.

  • Here in the command box type the command that you want to activate shoutout. Type !so or !shoutout whatever you love the most.

    Twitch shoutout command in Nightbot
    Twitch shoutout command in Nightbot


  • Here is the message that will be displayed when you will give a shoutout command. In the message box type the below command. You can also copy-paste it or can change the prefix message that you like

    Go check out $(touser) at$(touser)

  • In the UserLevel box, click on the drop-down and choose Moderator. This means only moderators can use this command. If you want only for the owner, then you can set it to the owner.

  • The last two options are cooldown that is slowdown and alias which I guess you really don’t need so leave it as it is and then click on Submit.

Great, you are now almost done and now let’s go the Twitch and activate this shoutout command of Nightbot.

Step 2 –  Make Nightbot a Moderator in Twitch and Test Command

So as only moderators can give the Shoutout command on Twitch you need to make Nightbot a mod on the Twitch channel.


  • Open your Twitch, click on the profile picture at the right-hand top, and from the options click on Channel.

  • Now from the tabs below to your profile picture, click on the Chat tab. 

  • Chatbox will now be up, here type the command /mod nightbot and then hit on the enter key to run the command.
    Make nightbot a Mod in Twitch
    Make nightbot a Mod in Twitch

Nightbot is now added as a moderator on the Twitch channel, so now let’s go and test the command.

Type !so [username] in the chatbox and then hit on the Enter key. Let’s say I want to shout out for a user sebrauf so I will type the command !so sebrauf and hit on the enter key.

Now in case your shoutout command of Nightbot is not working then try the following fixes.

Nightbot Shoutout Command Not Working

I have seen many users fail to use this shoutout command in Nightbot even after configuring it properly.

There can be many reasons why you fail to use the Nightbot shout command and so you need to try the following fixes.


FIX 1 – Make Sure Nightbot is a Mod in your Channel

I have seen many users miss this step where they forget to make Nightbot a mod on their twitch channel.

The command won’t work until you have added Nightbot to the mod list.

Open twitch channel chat, type the command /mod Nightbot and hit the enter key to make Nightbot a mod. Once done run the shoutout command again to check if this fixes the problem.


FIX 2 – Try other Commands 

Not every command work for every user which is probably a Nightbot glitch and so you can try using a few other commands from the list below


  • Be sure to follow $(touser)$(touser) !


  • $(twitch $(touser) “If you haven’t yet, follow {{displayName}} at {{url}} – They are awesome!”)


  • $(twitch $(eval a=decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`); a.replace(/@/g,“)) “Go check out {{displayName}} at {{url}} ! They were last streaming some {{game}}.”)


FIX 3 – Contact Nightbot Support

There can be some connection issues between Nightbot and twitch as well. Try contacting Nightbot support and let them know about the issue you are facing.

  • Navigate to the Nightbot contact page, choose Help & Support request from the “what can we help you with” box.


  • Choose Nightbot from “what product does this related for” and then click on Head to the Nightbot forum.


  • You can sign up here and then create a new topic, mention your problem and post it.

Wait for the reply and someone will surely help you with this. Make sure you describe everything in the subject before posting, if possible also attach the screenshot of the Nightbot command configuration box.


FIX 4 – Try Streamlabs Shoutout Command

I have rarely seen people complaining about the Streamlabs shoutout command. Even I have been using this command for a long time.

I am sharing the process below step by step.  


How to Setup Streamlabs Cloudbot Shoutout Command on Twitch

Streamlabs is one of the best streaming software and if you use it, you can set the shoutout command with Streamlabs also with a few simple steps.

This needs to be done in 2 steps, follow the instructions below.

Step 1 – Connect Streamlabs to Twitch

Visit the Streamlabs website and log in with your twitch account on which you want to set up the shoutout command.

  • On the Streamlabs dashboard click on Cloudbot from the left-hand menu option.

  • Click on the Cloudbot toggle to Enable it.

    Streamlabs Cloudbot Shoutout command
    Streamlabs Cloudbot Shoutout command

  • Click on the Commands tab and then on Add Command.

  • Add Custom command box will now be up, from the template drop-down choose !so.

  • Now command box will automatically fill up with !so and the response box with the default code.

Check out {} over at {target.url} , they are playing {}!

Now you can customize the prefix check out, over and they are playing with any message you like.

Nightbot shoutout command with game
Nightbot shoutout command with game

In the target name will be the username, target URL will be the streamer URL and in the target game, you need to type the game name.

  •  Leave the Reply into Chat and Permission box to Moderator.

There are a few more settings in the Advanced tab that you can check out. Once done click on Confirm.


Step 2 – Make Streamlabs a Mod and Test Command

So once you are done setting up the Streamlabs shoutout command, it’s time to make Streamlabs a mod on your twitch channel.

  • Open twitch, click on the profile picture located at the right-hand top, and choose Channel.


  • Click on the Chat tab to bring up the chat section on the right-hand side.


  • On the chatbox type, /mod Streamlabs and hit the Enter key.


  • Okay, you are now all set and good to go for a shout-out.


  • Now in the chatbox type !so [username] and hit enter key to give a shoutout. So let’s say I want to give a shoutout to channel sebrauf, so I will type !so sebrauf



How to Shoutout on twitch as a mod?  

Shoutout command both on Nightbot and Streamlabs are mostly set for moderators. So any mod on twitch can run this shoutout command.

In case you are still not able to use this then make sure permission or user level is set to Moderator and not to the only broadcaster.

Nightbot shoutout command with the game?

You can set the Nightbot shoutout command with the game and also with the channel name by adding the code in the Message box.

$(twitch $(eval a=decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`); a.replace(/@/g,“)) “Go check out {{displayName}} at {{url}} ! They were last streaming some {{game}}.”)


A shoutout is a great way to thank streamers who raid or help you and also to the viewers who are supporting you.

I am very sure you can set up the Nightbot shoutout command on twitch very easily now. In case you fail, look to the fixes that what to do if Nightbot shoutout is not working.

Let me know if you have any addition to this article or any doubts in the comment box.




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