Meet Nickmercs Wife, Emumita Bonita – (Full Profile)

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Nickmercs is one of the famous American Twitch streamers and a YouTuber who got married to Emumita Bonita on October 10, 2020.

As Nickmercs has been very popular now and most of you including me get excited to know about their personal life.

Since Nickmercs got married and posted his pictures along with Emu, most of the people wish to know more about Nickmercs’s wife Emumita Bonita.

Here I will talk all about Emumita Bonita that you should know.


When Nickmercs got married to Emumita Bonita

Nickolas Kolcheff known as Nickmercs and Emu were in a relationship for a long time and then finally got married on October 10, 2020

In Spite of Nick’s busy streaming schedule, he took a complete 1 week off for his marriage.  Nick posted a beautiful picture of their marriage on Instagram on October 12, 2021.

Emumita and Nickolas got engaged on July 8th, 2019.

Nickmercs got married to Emumita Bonita
Nickmercs got married to Emumita Bonita

Around 2.5 years ago there was a video where Nick proposed Emumita Bonita. Nickmercs posted a video on YouTube with the title “I’m getting married”.  He was sharing his experience on the expression of Emumita on marriage. On October 10, 2021, he posted another beautiful picture of his anniversary with Emumita Bonita.

Now let me share a few available personal information about Nickmercs wife Emumita Bonita.


Nickmercs Wife Emumita Age, Height, Real Name & Hometown 

Emumita Bonita was born on November 26, 1990, in the United States, so she is just 1 year and 5 days younger than Nickmercs.

She completed her primary schooling in her hometown and business administration from Florida International University, Miami.

Her real name is not disclosed either by her or by Nick. But during his wedding ceremony, a few photographers called Emumita by the name “Rio”. 

Emu has a good shape with a weight of around 56kg and a height of 5’5″ whereas nick’s height is 5’8″ and that I guess is a perfect couple height.

Currently, Emu and Nick live together in South Florida, United States.

Emumita Bonita Parents & Social Accounts

Everything related to Emumita like her social accounts, parents, and even siblings is hidden.

Since the people got to know about Nickmercs wife Emumita Bonita everyone searched for her on social platforms like Instagram. Unfortunately, no one was found by this name.

This indicates that Emumita did not wish to disclose anything about herself and her family.

Probably she would be on social accounts like Instagram and Twitter but no one knows by what name she has the account.

Emumita Bonita is an American citizen of Greek descent.

Emumite Bonita and Nickmercs Pets

You may have seen a dog or cat during Nickmercs stream and even Emumita with a dog in Nickmercs photos shared on Instagram.

Nickmercs used to have a cat but he got a new dog called Jaxons.  On March 2, 2021, he posted a picture of his dog saying “That’s just my baby dog”.

Nickmercs Dog
Nickmercs Dog


In Feb 2021 there was another picture where he went to the beach with his wife Eumita along with his and her dog.

Emumita has a black color dog called “Joe Joe” and Nick’s dog is white in color called “Jaxons”.

Emumita Bonita Dog
Emumita Bonita Dog

In many pictures of Nicmercs, Emumita is seen with her dog Joe Joe and that shows both Emumita and Nickolas love their dogs.


Emumita Bonita Net Worth

Emumita Bonita’s net worth also remains private, the same as her profile. But according to a few experts, she is a beauty expert and works for some waxing and skincare firms.

However, she is now the wife of Nickmercs, a big twitch streamer and a Youtuber whose net worth is more than 6 million.  

Emumita also helped Nick in his stream and so she has more opportunities and she can even earn a lot of money by just becoming a twitch paid mod.

What do you think she would help Nick in his stream or continue with her own profession?

Let me know in the comment box.


Wrapping Up

I see Emumita Bonita’s real name as RIO very sincere and intelligent woman.  Nickmercs and Bonita really looks good with each other.

Even if she has decided to keep her social and personal profile private, I guess still we would be getting enough updates from Nick’s profile.

Let me what you like the most about Emumita or Emumita and Nick in the comment box.

Also, let me know what information you were looking for about Emumita that you still wonder about.

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