Nick EH 30 Net Worth, Age, Height (Full Profile 2022)

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Nick eh 30 is a famous Canadian Fortnite twitch streamer and a YouTuber. If you are here to know about Nick Eh 30 net worth, age, height, girlfriend, and other details then you are in the right place.

I will first start with Nick Eh 30 net worth and how much does he make every year, month, day from YouTube and Twitch.


Nick Eh 30 Net Worth

According to our calculation, Nick Eh 30 net worth is around  $1.2 Million USD every year. However, this is not the actual amount and we calculated this figure based on the Nick EH 30 information on the Internet. 

The net worth is calculated by adding his income from all sources of Twitch and YouTube. We then deducted his expenses like paying to the mods and other gaming expenses.

You might be eager to know how much does Nick EH 30 makes from Twitch and YouTube. Nick Eh seems to be fan of Nickmercs and he is also now close to Nickmercs net worth.

Nick eh 30 with Nickmercs
Nick eh 30 with Nickmercs

Keep reading the information as I have broken all the information into different headings.


How Much Money does Nick EH 30 make from Twitch? 

Nick is a famous twitch Fortnite streamer and these days he is streaming Horizon forbidden west.

He has 3.7 M followers on twitch and he earns from Twitch Subscription, Advertisements, and Donations.

Nick EH 30 is making around $250,000 every year from twitch subs, ads, and other sources.


Nick EH 30 Earning from Twitch Subs

According to Twitch tracker, Nick EH 30 has an active 4754 subs which include all 3 tiers of subs.

Tier 1 subscription costs $4.99 out of which 50% is taken by Twitch. So on average if I count 4754 subs as tier 1 and multiple with $2.5 which is the rest 50% it makes $11885.

So Nick Eh 30 makes around $12000 every month from twitch subs and for a year it will be around $144,000.


Nick EH 30 Earning from Twitch Ads

Advertisements are another big source of making money from twitch.

According to the twitch tracker, last month’s views on Nick’s stream were 1,414,442. Twitch pays CPM of around $3.5 on every 1000 views and this makes $4950 USD every month from twitch ads.

So here we can say that on average Nick EH 30 makes around $5000 USD every month from Twitch ads and $60,000 every year.


Nick EH 30 Earning from Twitch Donations 

Donation is another way to support your favorite streamer. Nick EH 30 has more than 3 Million twitch followers and I am very sure he earns a good amount from donations.

Viewers donate through bits and other sources like PayPal. 

There is no exact way to tell how much donation does Nick EH 30 gets but I guess according to his popularity he must be making at least $3000 a month and $36,000 every year from donations.


Nick EH 30 Earning from Merch

Nick also has its own merch whose link you can find under his twitch about section. Though his merch only has 2 products that are hoodie and t-shirt.

But I am sure his true fans purchase the products from his merch store. 


How Much Money does Nick EH 30 make from YouTube?

Nick EH 30 currently has 6.31 M of subscribers on YouTube. YouTube ads are one of the major sources of income for YouTube content creators.

According to the social blade, Nick Eh 30 last 30 days YouTube views is around 27.301 M. In a country like the US, UK and Canada Google pays the CPM of around $3 for every 1000 views.

If I calculate for the last 30 days then Nick EH 30 is making  $81,903 USD every month and $982,836 every year just from YouTube ads.

Earning from Sponsors

Nick EH 30 has many big sponsors like EA and Bose who pay good amounts to Nick.

However, there is nothing to tell how much they pay and how often but I assume streamers like Nich EH 30 must be getting between around $1000 every month from sponsors.


Earning from YouTube Membership

Most YouTubers have their membership plan and viewers can join this membership to enjoy many perks and benefits.

Nick Eh 30 has 3 membership plans 

  • Eh Team = $4.99/month
  • Eh Team Gold = $9.99/month
  • Eh Team Platinum = $19.99/month

There is no detail that how many members do Nick Eh has, but I assume out of 6.3 million followers he must be having at least 500 members.

If I count with the lowest plan of $4.99 and multiply with 500 members then it makes $2500 every month and $30,000 every year from Youtube membership.


Nick EH 30 Other Sources of Earnings

There are many other sources of earnings through which Nick Eh makes money. Nick Eh 30 has earned a total of $45,130.85 from 17 esports tournaments.

The tournament occurs every year and probably there are many other tournaments as well through which NIck EH 30 earns money.


Nick Eh 30 Personal BIO

Nick EH 30 real name is Nickolas teddy Amyoony and he was born on March 14th, 1995 in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

He is a great Fortnite player and a streamer with many records.

As per my knowledge, Nickolas has been in gaming for the last 7 years and he has been in gaming with full dedication.

However, Nick Eh 30 has not disclosed any of his personal information but still, we will share some personal information about him that we collected.


Nick Eh 30 Height, Age, and Weight

Viewers wish to know how old and tall Nick Eh 30 is?

Nickolas teddy was born on March 14th, 1995 and as per today’s date which is 20-02-2022 he is 26 years and 11 months old.

Nick eh 30 height is 5 feet 6 inches and his weight is 76 kg.


Nick Eh 30 Girlfriend and Family

Nickolas is on almost all social platforms but he has been never seen with his girlfriend.

Many of you asked about Nick Eh 30 Wife and girlfriend. Nick Eh 30 is single and even it’s tough to say that he has a girlfriend as he never admitted that he has a girlfriend while on stream or on other platforms. 

In 2018 he tweeted a pic saying this is why I can’t get a girlfriend.

Nick eh 30 tweet on girlfriend
Nick eh 30 tweets on girlfriend

Nick Eh 30 has never disclosed anything about his personal life but he has featured his mom in his videos a couple of times.


How much money does Nick eh 30 make a day?

Nick Eh 30 makes around $3600 every day both from Twitch and Youtube. This income is mostly from Twitch subs and YouTube ads.

What does Nick Eh 30 do for a living?

Nick Eh 30 is a full-time gamer, he streams on Twitch and uploads videos on YouTube.

Does Nick eh 30 have a disability?

Many people talk about Nick Eh 30 disability and say that he has had Autism since he was a kid. 

Autism is related to the brain where patients understand something in a different way.
But there is no concrete evidence or proof for this. 

What is Nick Eh 30 salary?

Nick Eh 30 is earning around $100,000 every month both from Twitch and YouTube. This is after deducting his expenses like paying his mods and other bills.


There is one thing I can see and tell you that Nick Eh 30 is one of the top creators and streamers who has full dedication towards gaming.

I am still looking for more of his personal information and will update you here as soon as I get more details. 

I tried to share all information like Nick Eh 30 net worth and his personal information, if still there is something missing please let me know in the comment box.

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