NaM Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin – (How to Use it with BTTV)

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NaM Twitch emote is a popular Better Twitch TV emote which has been used around 1.9 billion times.

Now most of us wish to know the story behind these NaM twitch emotes.

In this guide, you will know the meaning, origin, and how you can use this emote with Better twitch tv extension.



NaM Twitch Emote Meaning

You might be eager to know first what does NaM means on Twitch? 

NaM emote features Korean twitch streamer Namja and is used by the people in the chat when there is a discussion about Asian countries. NaM clearly means “weebs get the fuck out”.

This emote is a direct counter to those who spam AYAYA as these two emotes are the easiest way to start a chat war.

NaM is also used when the country Vietnam is mentioned for obvious reasons.

Rest when this emote is used, I will let you know at the end.


NaM Emote Origin

Every emote has a story and behind the emotes there is a face, a personality, or a history that makes it popular.

NaM was uploaded as a BTTV global emote on December 12th, 2015.

NaM Emote was originated when Namja was in a game and during the game, he made a puzzled reaction. So Nam Emote has been cropped from the face of Namja when he made a puzzled reaction.

As this emote features streamer Namja, the emote was named NaM.


How to Use NaM Emote in Twitch

NaM is a BTTV emote and in order to use this emote in twitch, you need to have a Better Twitch TV extension.

Streamers can add this emote as well to their BTTV emote list.

How to Use NaM Emote as a Viewer

Follow below quick simple steps

  • Open Better twitch tv extension on Chrome store and then click on Add to Chrome. I am using chrome, but BTTV is available for almost all browsers.


  • Click on Add to Extension,  then on Upgrade Permission, and then click on Allow to finally add BTTV extension to the browser. 

So BTTV emotes are now added to your extension and now simply open twitch or refresh the twitch page.

You will now see a new emote section has been added by BetterTTV just left to the Chat at the very right-hand bottom.

Make sure to enable BTTV emotes from BTTV settings and if still NaM emote not showing under BTTV twitch emote then better refresh the page a few more times and also suggest your streamer to add the emote.

How Streamers can Add Nam Emote 

If you are a new streamer then you must be updated on the best streaming time on twitch and all popular emotes, news in streaming.

If you don’t find Nam emote to your channel then you first need to install BTTV extension and then add NaM emote to the channel.

For installation watch the steps above and follow the steps below to add emote.

  • Open betterTTV website and click on the Emotes tab located at the left-hand top menu.
  • Now in the search box that is at the right-hand top, type NaM and hit on the enter key.
  • Now click on Add to channel and you are all done.

Refresh the twitch page and the NaM twitch emote should be in your channel now. If not then you can wait for some time as this may appear after a few minutes.

You can also add other related emotes like WidePeepoHappy through this way.


When to Use NaM Emote on Twitch?

After knowing NaM emote meaning and origin you must be excited to know when to use this emote.

There are several occasions when you can use or spam with NaM emote.

  • Use whenever there is a discussion about Asian countries.
  • Spam with NaM emotes whenever there is anything weebish.
  • You can also use Nam7 as a salute or respect very similar to the o7 twitch emote.  
  • Use NaM to take out the weebs.
  • Also used to counter AYAYA emote.


NaM Twitch Emote Variants?

There are many similar emotes to NaM or variants of NaM that you must know and be aware of.
The emote MaN is almost the same exact pose as NaM.

Rest if you search betterttv emotes you will find many similar emotes of NaM with different names and animations.

Where does NaM come from?

NaM emoted was cropped from the face of Korean streamer Namza where he made a puzzled reaction while playing a Horror game.


NaM is no doubt one of the popular emote in twitch and is still used by the people in the chat.

There are even many videos and memes created with the slang SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS.

Hopefully, you know all about the NaM twitch emote and what is your opinion on this emote let us know in the comment box.

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