Logitech Mouse Keeps Double-Clicking on Windows – (2022 FIX)

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Logitech is a well-known company that manufactures computer peripherals. But if I talk about the Logitech mouse,  like G102, G502, or G702, many users have reported that their Logitech mouse keeps double-clicking on Windows 10 & 11 PC.

A Logitech mouse double-click issue on Windows can be frustrating. It is also possible that your mouse is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced.

So you may have a question how do I fix the mouse from double-clicking suddenly or accidentally?

Good News, we have the solution for this Mouse double clicks issue.

To verify your mouse has double clicking issue use this double click test here your get troubleshooting information about double clicking.

Let me take you through the reasons behind Logitech mouse keeps double clicking on windows and how to fix it.


What Causes Logitech Mouse to keeps Double Clicking 

The mouse double click problem can be more frustrating when you are in the middle of any important work or during the game.

Here you have only two choices either you fix the issue quickly or buy another mouse.

There can be many reasons behind mouse double clicks on a single click but let me share a few major reasons.

Mouse Spring is loose or Removed
– This is the most common hardware reason behind Logitech mouse double-clicking issues. 

Spring used in the mouse controls the click mechanism and if has been loose or dislodged it may malfunction. This mostly happens when a mouse accidentally falls from a distance or even also during regular use.

Mouse settings on Windows – Due to some hardware changes and malware probably there have been some changes with mice settings that are causing such problems.

There is a setting on Windows where you can make mouse clicks twice from a single click.

Issues with Mouse DriverOutdated mouse drivers or corrupted drivers can be another big reason behind issues like mouse double-clicking.

So if you have outdated or corrupted mouse drivers then this can several other issues like mouse lag, no smooth scrolling, and double click.

Static Charge – If your mouse is running for a long period of time there can be some static charge through the battery or device and that can also lead to the mouse malfunctioning. 

Hardware  Problem – The mouse may malfunction even if there there is any problem with the mouse’s hardware.

Problems with wheel, wire connectivity, and chip damage can also cause mouse double click issues.



How to Fix Logitech Mouse keeps Double Clicking

This was necessary for you to read the reasons behind Logitech or any other mouse double-clicking issues as this will help you in the future.

We will start first with the software setting and then move the hardware troubleshooting. But before that try these below quick fixes.


Before proceeding to the fixes below try the below quick solutions.

Quick Fix 1 – Restart PC

Restarting may fix a few glitches and temporary issues and also resolve Logitech mouse double-clicking issues.

Quick Fix 2 – Unplug and Plug-in Mouse

After restart, if you still have the problems then unplug your USB or Wireless mouse from your PC or Laptop. Restart the PC again and then plug in the mouse again to check if this fixes the problem.

Quick Fix 3 – Try Removing Battery

Now I am sharing the complete list of solutions that you need to try to quickly resolve the problem. 

If your mice are like Logitech G703 which is wireless then better try removing the battery and then insert it again.


FIX #1 – Check Mouse Settings 

These are the basic setting and troubleshooting steps that I would recommend performing before moving to the hardware troubleshooting.

Manage Double Click Speed

If double click speed is set to very fast, you may also have similar issues. Follow the below steps to slow down the speed of double-click.

  • On your Windows 10 or 11 search box, type mouse, and from the suggestions choose “Mouse Settings”.
  • Now from the right-hand side find “Additional mouse option” and click on it.


    Mouse Settings in Windows 10
    Mouse Settings in Windows 10
  • The mouse properties box will now be up and in the middle of the box, you will see Double click speed.


    How do I stop my Logitech mouse from double-clicking on Windows 10
    How do I stop my Logitech mouse from double-clicking on Windows 10?
  • Slide the mouse speed towards slow and set it to slowest.

Once done restart your PC and check if this fixes the problem and if not then come to the mouse properties again to revert the action.

Enable Double Click to open an Item

  • On your Windows 10 or 11 search box, type single, and from the suggestions choose “Specify Single – or double click to open”.
  • The file explorer options box will now be up and in the middle of the box, you will find Click items as follows.


    Why is my Logitech mouse clicking twice?
    Why is my Logitech mouse clicking twice?
  • Make sure it’s set to Double click to open an item (single-click to select).

Once done unplug your mouse and plug it again to check if the Logitech mouse double-clicking issue has been resolved.


Make Sure the Primary button is set to Left

Recently I have seen a few users also report that their mouse is malfunctioning where left-click is working like right-clicking and right-click as a left-click.

This may be your problem as well and follow the below steps to change this setting to default.

  • On your Windows 10 or 11 search box, type mouse, and from the suggestions choose Mouse Settings.
  •  Here on the top, you will find the Select your primary button. Make sure it’s been set to left.

If it’s set to right then right-click on the box and then choose Left by making a right-click.


FIX #2 – Update Mouse Driver

As discussed above outdated or corrupted drivers can cause such issues where devices may malfunction.

If the above fix didn’t work for you then try updating your mouse driver by following the easy steps.

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and from the list choose “Device Manager”.
  • Now double click on Mice and other pointing devices to expand the mouse drivers.
  • Right-click on your mouse and choose Update driver.


    Update mouse drivers
    Update mouse drivers

If the device is already updated then try uninstalling the device.

  • Again right-click on the mouse and choose Uninstall.
  • Once uninstalled, unplug your mouse and remove the battery from the mouse.
  • Restart the PC or laptop and then plug in the mouse again.

Check if this resolves the issues and if not then no need to worry we have a few more solutions for you.


FIX #3- Look for Mouse Static Charge

According to many users’ feedback, using a mouse for a long period of time may create a static charge.

Many people say why is my mouse suddenly double-clicking. This happens when you have been using the mouse for a long time and the static charge may lead to the mouse malfunctioning.

  • Unplug your mouse from a PC or laptop, switch off the mouse and remove the battery from the mouse.
  • Now press and hold both left and right clicks of your mouse for at least 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Wait for another 1 minute and then insert the battery again into the mouse.
  • Plugin the mouse again to PC or laptop and check if this fixes the problem.


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FIX #4 – Try Replacing Mouse Battery

Wireless mice with batteries will run out of power after some time and you will have to change it from time to time.

If the battery is drained then you will have issues like

  • The mouse will stop working all sudden
  • Cursor will freeze
  • Mouse may malfunction

So try replacing the battery and check if the new battery has resolved the problem of the Logitech mouse keeps double-clicking.


FIX #5 – Look for Logitech Warranty

As we are discussing the solution here if nothing works from the above fixes then try contacting the Logitech service center if your mouse is under warranty.

According to many users, they had a mouse double click problem just after 2 months of purchase. So it’s better to replace your mouse within the warranty period.

To claim your warranty online, visit the Logitech warranty support page or visit the nearest Logitech service center along with the purchase receipt.


FIX #6 – Repair Mouse Spring

Unfortunately, if your mouse is out of warranty period then you better try this last solution of repairing the mouse spring by yourself.

Mouse spring is one of the primary causes of such issues which can be either loose or broken.

Here I am sharing step by step solution along with the screenshot to repair the Logitech mouse spring.

Note:- Before you begin make sure you have a flat head screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, and a pair of tweezers at hand.

Step 1 – Unplug the Mouse and Remove the Battery

In the first step, simply remove unplug your mouse from the PC or laptop and then remove the battery from your mouse.

How to remove mouse battery
How to remove mouse battery

No need to worry about the battery if you have a wired mouse.

Step 2 – Unscrew to Open Mouse

  • To unscrew the mouse you first need to remove the plastic cover at the back of the mouse. You can either use a tweezer to remove it or take the help of any similar tool to remove it.


    Mouse double clicks
    Mouse double clicks Mouse double clicks
  • Once the rubber covering is removed, you will find the screw, use Philip screwdriver to unscrew your mouse.


    How to open Logitech Mouse
    How to open Logitech Mouse
  • Now gently separate the mouse to open it.


Step 3 – Remove the Click casing

On the top middle, you will find the scroller wheel and on the very left and right of it, you will see the mouse click mechanism as shown in the image below.

How to repair Logitech mouse to fix double click issues
How to repair Logitech mouse to fix double click issues
  • Use a flat head screwdriver to gently lift the black click mechanism on you which you have the problem.
  • Once removed at the top you will find the copper spring that performs the click mechanism in the mouse.


     Logitech mouse double clicking issues
    Logitech mouse double-clicking issues

Step 4 – Fix Spring Curve

  • Gently remove the copper spring from the mechanism and notice the curve on the bottom.


    how to remove Logitech mouse spring
    how to remove Logitech mouse spring
  • Now bend the curve slightly upwards to give it more tension. You can use your nails or screwdriver for this work.


Step 5 – Reassemble the Spring

Now, this is the most typical and technical part where you need to place the tension spring back to its place.

    • Place the tension spring on the hook that is in front of the mechanism. Take the help of a tweezer and flat head screwdriver to attach the spring to its right place. Keep in mind you may have to make several attempts where spring may jump, so keep trying.
    • The position of the spring should be like as shown in the image below.


      Mouse keeps double-clicking
      Mouse keeps double-clicking
    • Now put the white button in the black rectangular cover of the spring and then place it over the spring. Make sure that it has been properly fitted to the place.
    • Place the entire PCB board in the mouse properly and screw the mouse again.

Now try making a double-click test to assure that the problem is fixed.

In case after reassembling button doesn’t work properly then repeat the process again as you may have made any mistake

After this, you have only 2 options left either you visit the repair center or buy a new Logitech mouse.



FAQs on Logitech mouse double-clicking


How do I fix my mouse from accidentally double-clicking?

Try following the above steps with checking mouse settings where double-clicking too much speed and driver issues can cause the mouse to accidentally double-click issues.

If nothing works then also follow the repairing steps which may take some time but if done properly then it will surely fix your problem.

Does the Logitech g703 have a double click issue?

I have seen Logitech G703 double-clicking problem since it was launched. 

Though the double click problem is with many mice, my personal analysis and Logitech G703 user’s feedback say that Yes, there is still a problem of double-clicking with Logitech G703 mice.

How to do the Mouse Double click test?

There are many websites where you can do your Logitech or any other mouse double-click test.
One of my favorite sites is codepen.io, visit the site and click on the white box at the left-hand bottom.
Start making single clicks and notice the click count assure if your mouse is now working properly or not.



I hope this article on how to fix Logitech mouse double-clicking issues and according to howtotwitch analysis majority of the users had a problem with their spring.

So it’s all up to you if you have enough time to repair then follow the steps there are two benefits if you repair by yourself.

  • The mouse Double click issue will be fixed without any charge.
  • You will learn how to repair which will surely help you in the future.

Try repeating the repairing steps as you may have to several attempts.

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