List of Banned Games on Twitch in 2022 – (Game Ban Checker)

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Before streaming any games on Twitch you must check this list of banned games on twitch as of 2022.

These are the banned games from Twitch that you are not allowed to stream.

Twitch has its own guidelines according to which few games are prohibited and you can get banned for playing those banned games on Twitch.

Let’s have a look at what kind of games you are not allowed to stream on Twitch.



What kind of Games are Banned on Twitch?

Twitch is absolutely been exploding over the last couple of years.

Thanks to the rise of Battle Royale Games and eSports, that doesn’t mean that twitch lets anything go on their platform

It doesn’t mean that they’ll let you get away with anything.

As per twitch criteria, there are two kinds of games that streamers are not allowed to play on Twitch.

But it’s recommended that you must know why and what types of games are banned.                         

Before proceeding to the categories first check the complete list of games banned on Twitch.


List of Banned Games on Twitch in 2021 (Without Adults-only Ratings)

Check these complete lists of the games banned on twitch as of October 2021.

Now the lists of these games are regularly updated and there can be removal or addition of games depending on the change in ESRB ratings.

You are even not allowed to use VOD (Past broadcast of these videos on Twitch)

  • Artificial Girl 1, 2, & 3

  • Artificial Academy 1 & 2

  • Battle Rape


  • Cobra Club

  • Criminal Girls

  • Dramatical Murder

  • Ethnic Cleansing

  • Genital Jousting

  • Grezzo 1 & 2

  • Harem Party

  • House Party

  • HunieCam Studio

  • HuniePop 1 & 2

  • Kamidori Alchemy Meister

  • Negligee

  • Porno Studio Tycoon

  • Purin to Ohuro

  • Purino Party

  • Radiator 2

  • RapeLay

  • Rinse and Repeat

  • Sakura Angels

  • Sakura Beach 1 & 2

  • Sakura Dungeon

  • Sakura Fantasy

  • Sakura Santa

  • Sakura Spirit

  • Sakura Swim Club

  • Second Life

  • Suck My Dick or Die!

  • The Guy Game

  • The Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno

  • What’s under your blanket !?

  • Witch Trainer

  • Yandere Simulator

  • 3DXChat

This is the list of 37 prohibited games on twitch that you should not stream.

If you have just started any game that is on the list above then you must stop streaming or else you may get banned.

Action can be taken from both Twitch and the viewers as well. Viewers can report streamers for streaming these banned games.

NOTE: – Read below categories that will help you to better understand what kind of games get banned


Games containing Nudity, Pornography, and other Sexual content

Twitch welcomes its users globally with all kinds of audiences which can be adults or minors.

Every user on Twitch including both streamers and viewers is supposed to create a family-friendly atmosphere.

So the game that contains nudity, pornography, and sexual acts or services is completely prohibited by Twitch.

Even the game that contains content like some kind of sexual violence or exploitation threat and promotion will be prohibited.

You will get banned for streaming such kinds of games on Twitch.

Recently FaZe Kalei was banned on Twitch because of Sexual suggestion conduct. She tweeted on Twitter with the screenshot that she received from twitch.

Why FaZe Kalei got banned on Twitch
Why did FaZe Kalei get banned on Twitch?

Such games mostly come under the Adults only Rating of ESRB.


Game with Extreme Violence, Threat, and Self destructive behavior

Violence, threat, and self-destructive behaviors are not allowed on any platform.

Playing any games on Twitch that contains suggestive threats or can lead to self-destruction is strictly prohibited.

However, you can play games that contain enough gore content like DOOM.

In simple words, any games that encourage terrorism, hacking, or violence are banned by twitch.


Hateful Speech and Harassment come on the list of banned games on Twitch

Any games that encourage or promote the harassment, discrimination, or denigration will be under the prohibited list of twitch.

Discrimination like

  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Disability

Twitch does not allow any kind of discrimination based on the above categories and so any game containing such categories will be banned from the stream.

Now probably some games like GTA 5 or Call of duty must be coming to your mind. Don’t worry you can play these games as this only plays a negative character.

You are even not supposed to use such banned words in twitch that comes under these categories. 

Key points

  • Be away from the game containing elements that can lead to harassment like personal attacks and sexual harassment.
  • Games that talk about religion and have some negative discrimination.
  • Games with elements that talk about racism.


Games encouraging Scams, Spam, and Malicious Conduct

Spam, scams, and Malicious are neither accepted by the streamers on their stream chat nor Twitch like this on their platform.

Twitch won’t allow any games or streamer that promotes any kind of spamming, scam, or malicious content.

So if you find such content within your game better checks the game name in the list of banned games on Twitch.

Streamers should also not accept any sponsor that asks you to promote any app or product containing such elements.


Game with Real money, Gambling, Betting, and Drug use

Now you might be getting an idea that all the content that is illegal or that promotes harassment, discrimination, violence, and individual destruction is not allowed on Twitch.

However, in this category casino games are accepted to some extent but with certain limitations.

  • You cannot stream casino or gambling games for more than 30 minutes during your stream. This means while streaming any other allowed games on Twitch you can stream such games in the middle of the stream for a max of 30 minutes.


  • No link sharing is allowed while streaming that asks viewers to bet or gamble with real money.


  • No giveaways that ask users to sign up with real money as an entry fee for a giveaway.


  • Games that contain drug use or promote the usage of drugs.

Relax, as this information is only for the informational purpose to let you know what kind of games comes under the list of banned games on twitch.


Games breaking Law, Cheating, and referring to Slots, Roulette, and Dice games

According to twitch community guidelines any content that breaks any local, national or international law is prohibited.

Twitch community guidelines
Twitch community guidelines for breaking the law

For example games or content that promotes public theft, defacement or crime will be prohibited.

Few other prohibited gaming guidelines are

  • Any activity leading to hacking, cheating, or botting is prohibited.


  • Content that includes links like slots, roulette, or dice games is prohibited.

Now as you know about these categories better use the twitch ban checker to check the banned games.


What games can you stream on Twitch?

Twitch is the king of streaming platforms and leading the market on the top.

According to Streamlabs quarterly report out of total hours watched in Q4, Twitch has made a record with 5,436.4M hours whereas YouTube is on the second with 1,924.1M hours and Facebook is the third with 901.1M hours.

So everyone would wish to stream on Twitch which has a high number of viewers.

But choosing the right game to stream is the first important step that you need to take.


Most watched Games on Twitch

You need to check the list of banned games on Twitch in 2021 and avoid them.

I have shared the category that will help you better understand what kinds of games are prohibited to play on twitch.

Check this list of most-watched games on twitch that may help you decide on any one game

  1. Apex Legends

  2. Valorant

  3. GTA V

  4. League of Legends

  5. Call of Duty: Warzone

  6. Fortnite

  7. Phasmophobia

  8. Albion Online

  9. Overwatch

  10. PUBG

There are many other games that you may check, but what I am trying to explain is that you must take some time to decide on a game that won’t get banned on twitch.


What If you Stream a Game in the list of banned games on Twitch

Now, this happens with most of the beginner streamers who even don’t know that any banned games on twitch exist.

So if you are one of them or just curious to know what will happen if you play these banned games on twitch even accidentally.

If you still play twitch prohibited games you will be banned temporarily by twitch without any notice and if you still continue you may get banned permanently.

In case if you streamed banned games on Twitch accidentally and got banned then you need to contact twitch support.

Give the proper explanation and once get unbanned make sure you only stream the allowed games on twitch.


Few biggest Banned Twitch Streamers of all time

Now in order to clarify what happens if you play any games on twitch that are banned.

So you must understand the exact reasons why any game or streamer on twitch gets banned.

Neither any twitch streamer nor any games are allowed to promote any of the above-banned categories.    

Let me share a few examples

Joey Salads – Kicking off our list today is none other than Joey salads. You might not know him for gaming but probably for H3H3.

He was permanently banned on twitch a couple of years ago due to self-harm.

This happen when he had his buddy pepper sprays on him in the park while he was streaming.


Amaranth – She has been controversial for sexual content and got banned a couple of times.

Amaranth has a Patreon where people can donate and receive exclusive picture sets

Well, twitch apparently looked into her Patreon and found that her content was too inappropriate.

So they hit her with a seven-day ban on the platform


FAQs on List of Banned Games on Twitch

Can you Blacklist Games on Twitch?

As a streamer you cannot block or blacklist any game to stream, you need to make your own selection of games to stream.
But as a viewer, you can block or hide unwanted streams by using an extension.
This unwanted twitch extension will hide you to hide those streams that you don’t like.

Is Crush Crush allowed on Twitch?

Crush Crush is currently not on the list of banned games on twitch.
But make sure you read the twitch guidelines above to assure such games won’t get banned in the future.

This doesn’t make sense to put your hard efforts into streaming any game that may break twitch guidelines.

Why is Yandere Simulator banned on Twitch?

Yandere simulator got banned in the year 2016 and has been listed in the twitch prohibited games.
The game was banned from the stream on twitch because the game was about violence and sexual harassment of underage children.

Why is Second life banned on Twitch?

Second life has been considered under the list of adult-only on their official website.
Twitch has found an adult theme in this game which is not suitable for all the viewers.
As second life is under the list of twitch banned games, you may get banned as well for streaming second life on twitch.

Is Mortal Kombat banned on Twitch?

No, Mortal Kombat is not on the Twitch banned list as of Sep 2022.

There are few contents in Mortal Kombat that seems against Twitch policies for which the controversies are going on.

So there is no surety about this game in the future. Maybe it gets banned by Twitch or maybe not.


I have seen people talk out the world about the streaming platforms once they get banned.

You must understand these rules and guidelines are for everyone and even these platforms like twitch may get banned for allowing streamers to stream such content.

All the above list of banned games on twitch is only banned to avoid discrimination, violence, and harassment.

Hopefully, you will take a step ahead to keep the community safe.

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