KKONA Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin – How to Use in Twitch

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There are different emotes on Twitch that is trending and you may have seen people using or spamming with Kkona Twitch Emote on chat.

So what exactly does the Kkona Twitch emote mean, how this emote originated and why is it called Kkona, or when to use it.

You may have tons of questions related to Kkona emotes and I will cover everything in this guide.


KKONA Twitch  Emote Meaning?

There is no specific meaning of Kkona as this kkona emote is based on an American twitch streamer Konas “Kona” Korner.

The Kkona emote is basically used in chat when any American or redneck streamer behaves stereotypically American.

Viewers spam this emote in the chat when a streamer behaves or says something that keeps America at the top of the world.

Now you must be thinking, is kkona a betterTTV emote?

Yes, in order to use kkona you must have a BTTV extension installed. I will brief this below but first, let’s know about the origin of kkona twitch emote.

KKONA Emote Origin

Kkona emote is cropped from a picture of American twitch streamer Konas “Kona” Korner in comic-con in 2008 where he was standing around with a couple of stars.

According to a post on Reddit, Kona shows the kkona original picture for the first time.

Kkona original picture
Kkona original picture

Konas Kona Korner is an old streamer and was streaming on twitch when it was known by justin.tv. The Kkona emote was uploaded on BTTV by NightDev in 2015.

As the emote became global anyone who has BetterTTV installed can use this extension.

If you do not have betterTTV extension yet or do not know how to use it, don’t worry I will explain below how to install and use BTTV.


Why is it called Kkona?

Kkona does not stand for anything and just because this emote has been taken from an old twitch streamer Konas “Kona” Korner, the name for this emote is Kkona.

Which I guess has been picked from his first and middle name. 

There are many other popular emotes like Pogchamp that have been taken from the expression.

So when to use Kkona Twitch Emote and as it’s not available in the twitch emotes you need to have a BTTV extension in order to use it.

How to Get KKONA Twitch Emote

Less or more you know Kkona twitch emote meaning and its origin. So let’s see how to use this.

If you are not aware of how to install and enable BTTV on twitch, just follow the below steps.

  • Open the BetterTTV website and click on Download. You can use it for almost all browsers, I am taking Google Chrome here for example.
    Install BetterTTV on twitch
    Install BetterTTV on twitch


  • You will now be in the Google web store, click on Add to Chrome, and then on Add to Extension.
  • If additional permission is required shows up, click on Upgrade Permission and then on Allow.
  • Now open twitch.tv, if already open then refresh the page and you will see a new emote section has been added by BetterTTV just left to the Chat at the very right-hand bottom.
    How to Use BetterTTV Emotes on twitch
    How to Use BetterTTV Emotes on twitch


  • Once you click on it, you will see a bulk of new BTTV emotes. Just look for Kkona emotes, in case you don’t find it you need to manually add it.


How to Manually Add a Kkona Emote to BetterTTV

  • Open the Better Twitch TV website and click on the Emotes menu at the left-hand top.
  • In the search box type Kkona and hit the enter key. You will see all variants of Kkona available in the BTTV emotes list.
  • Click on the one that you want to add and then click on Add to Channel. You can add more following the same steps.
    How to get KKona Emote on Twitch
    How to get KKona Emote on Twitch
  • The Kkona emote will now be added to your betterTTV emote list. If it still doesn’t show up in the list then wait for some time and refresh the twitch page again as this may take some time to appear in the list.

You can also visit the article on what to do if BetterTTV emotes are not showing up. Hopefully, this will help.

Why was KKONA Removed from Twitch

Many people still think that if Kkona emote is available with BTTV then why was it removed from Twitch.

Kkona was never uploaded to twitch global emotes by twitch.

So if you have seen people spamming with Kkona emote so that was through BTTV. No one can see or use this emote without BTTV.

By default the emote was only available on Kkona channel on Twitch.


More Variant of this Emote

There are many other variants or I can say similar emotes of Kkona that you can use on twitch chat through BTTV.

Check the list below

Emote Name Uploaded by Picture
KKoNaM Nol_der KkonaM
KKona3D Xintho KKona3D twitch emote
KkonaGuys nasiputi Kkonaguys
KKonaLul Besmirch Kkonalul twitch emote

Why this Emotes was named Kkona

There are 2 major reasons that this emote was named kkona.

  • Kkona emote was cropped from konas Kona Korner face.
  • Konas is an American Twitch streamer who is stereotypically American.

About a year back there was a video uploaded on YouTube by a famous Twitch streamer HasanAbi, where he met with Konas Kona.

The video started with a basic conversation about the emote and then turned into a debate.

Konas Kona behaved naturally and was not ready to accept any country better than the United States.

If you watch the video your doubts will be cleared as to why this man was only picked for this emote.


Wrapping Up

Concept of getting and making such emotes viral on streaming platforms like Twitch really enhances the chat experience.

There are many popular emotes like WidePeepoHappy and MonkaW that are still in use on Twitch.

I tried sharing all related information to Kkona twitch emote, if you have some additional information or experience related to this emote let us know in the comment box.

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