8 Ways To Liven Up Your Just Chatting Twitch Stream

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Twitch is undeniably one of the most popular streaming sites today. Through Twitch, people are able to share content they enjoy while interacting with like-minded people around the world in the Live Chat.  Here I am sharing 8 ways to liven up your just chatting twitch stream

One of the things that make this streaming site stand out is the diverse range of streaming categories they offer. One example is the Just Chatting category.

Whether you’re new to streaming or simply want to look for future stream inspirations, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s dive into what exactly the Just Chatting streaming category is and what you can do to make it stand out from the rest. 



What is Just Chatting Twitch?

Different streamers offer various content on the platform. Some of them focus on playing video games, some like to perform their own songs, while others enjoy hosting Just Chatting streams. 

This stream category, as the name suggests, focuses on interacting and talking with the viewers through Live Chat. This lets the audience become part of the stream, too. 

Just chatting on steam is really trending on all platforms like Twitch and YouTube.


Just Chatting Twitch Stream Ideas

One drawback of this type of streaming is that some people may not tune into it because having the streamer just sit and talk the entire time might seem boring to them.

This is why a lot of streamers plan different activities they can do while interacting with the Chat.  Make sure you use the best headsets for streaming as the conversation is a major part here.

Here are different ways you can make your Just Chatting streams even more fun and engaging.

Make art

A lot of streamers like to create art while talking to their audience.

This can range from doing arts and crafts to making drawings to anything art-related that you would want to do.

This also gives people who want to learn about art to talk with others and ask questions from the streamer and other people in the chat who have more experience. 

While making art, you can also hold fun discussions with your audience.

This way, if you run out of things to talk about, you can redirect the conversation to your art. 

Surf the web

You can also choose to visit different websites during your streams. For instance, you can watch videos on YouTube with your viewers or go to sites that they like.

It’s important that you check a requested site beforehand before showing it on your stream.

Many streamers will either use a different monitor to look at the site or turn off their screen sharing.

You don’t want to risk having something that’s against the Terms of Service of Twitch show up. 

You can talk about what you encounter while you surf the web. Maybe you’ll even see something that’ll remind you of a story that you can share with your viewers. 

Give your stream a theme

People are more likely to tune in to your Just Chatting stream if you incorporate some sort of theme to it.

If you’re hesitant about going all out and making your entire channel revolve around the theme, then you can also explore different themes for different days. 

Some themes you could do are Anime Nights, Movie Nights, and You Laugh You Lose challenges. If you want to be unique, you can do a discussion stream, such as interpreting dreams or reading people’s birth charts. 

Show off a skill

It’s always fun to host a hobby stream. It can be something as simple as solving puzzles or knitting or it can be something complex like doing animations or working on a new song. 

You can even use the stream as a chance to learn a new skill.

Pick up that new instrument you’ve always wanted to play or get started on learning a new language. You can make the entire process a lot more fun by involving your audience with you. 

This is also a good way to hone skills that you already have and not let them rust. 

Cook food (Just Chatting Twitch)

If you’re into cooking, then why not try a cooking stream? Although it can take a lot more effort to set up, it’ll still be a lot of fun preparing different meals while talking with your viewers. 

You can try out different recipes each week and share them with your chat.

Your audience can also ask for cooking tips from you throughout the stream. Even if you’re not as adept at cooking, a Just Chatting stream can be a fun way to learn. 

Host a Q&A session

This is also another way to really make the audience feel involved with your stream. Simply give the floor to your viewers and let them ask questions that they’ve been wanting to know.

Not only is it a great way to maximize interactions and make the stream engaging, but it’s also a great chance for them to know you just a bit better.

Do a book review 

Are you into reading books? Have you just finished reading one? Then, tell your viewers all about it! You can host some sort of Book Club through your dreams. 

With book reading as an activity slowly fading away amidst the number of digital innovations, this can be a great way to revive the healthy habit of book reading in your audience. 

You can even have schedules, where you feature a different book each week. This gives your viewers something to look forward to and may even encourage them to read books they’ve never read before. 

Stream your day

It’s already been tried and tested by popular vlogging content that viewers look forward to knowing how their favorite content creators go about their normal days.

This streaming idea is essentially an extension of the “a day in the life of” content, except you’re able to interact with viewers in real-time. 

Remember to keep it as interactive as possible.

If you can, try to avoid streaming on days when you have any major commitments. However, if it’s unavoidable, then make sure to inform your audience of whom you’re meeting in advance. 


Promoting Your Just Chatting Twitch Stream

A Just Chatting stream would not be as fun if there are little to no viewers. In fact, it defeats the entire purpose of the stream category.

Getting people to tune in to your stream needs just as much effort as building your channel, to begin with. If you want to draw more people to your stream, you can start with the easiest one: promoting on social media. 

Twitter, especially, is a great place to share details of your upcoming streams and catch the attention of potential viewers through hashtags and retweets.

You can also invite people you know from Instagram and YouTube to tune into your stream, growing your audience little by little

Another way you can draw viewers is by creating an attractive and eye-catching Twitch banner. A lot of the time, Twitch users will scroll through a specific streaming category and look for new streamers that they can watch. 

If you want them to choose your stream, then you need to make sure that your banner is enough to draw their attention. There are many free Twitch banner templates on online websites, such as PosterMyWall, that you can use for your channel.


Final Words

The Just Chatting streaming category on Twitch is a fun way to involve your community more. However, the struggle comes with making it stand out from others and engaging enough for your existing audience. Fortunately, the ideas we’ve listed above can turn a regular stream into something a lot more fun and interactive!

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