Jeff Gerstmann Wife, Age, Net Worth, Patreon – (Secret Details)

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Jeff Gerstmann’s real or full name is Jeffrey Michael Gerstmann a popular video game journalist and scientist. Here we are sharing complete detail about Jeff Gerstmann’s wife, age, net worth, and all current news related to him.

Most people knew him as a co-founder of Gaint Bomb but he recently left Giant Bomb after completing a long time of 14 years. You must be curious to know why he left the Giant bomb and even about his personal life.

So keep reading this article as I am sharing the complete detail on Jeff Gerstmann that you must know.



Jeff Gerstmann Quick Introduction

Full Name Jeffrey Michael Gerstmann
Born in Los Angeles, United States
D.O.B August 1, 1975
Wife Name Jessica Elliott
Kids 2
Profession Video Game Journalist and Expert
Past Profession Editorial Director of Game Spot and Co-founder of Giant Bomb
Current Profession Streaming on Twitch and Content Creator on other Platforms
Birth Sign Leo
Favorite Game Smash TV


Why did Jeff Gerstmann leave Giant Bomb?

According to Giant news published on June 6th, 2022 Jeff Gerstmann and Giant Bomb separated their own ways.

Giant Bomb News on Jeff Gerstmann
Giant Bomb News on Jeff Gerstmann

They just mentioned this news along with jeff’s contribution but did not mention any clarification on the reason why Giant bomb and Jeff Gerstmann have their own ways.

But they have revealed that former Giant Bomb member Dan Ryckert will be returning to the site as a creative director. Dan also tweeted on June 7th about his joining.

Dan Ryckert new creative director of Giant Bomb
Dan Ryckert new creative director of Giant Bomb

Now as there are no exact reasons both from Giant Bomb and Jeff Gerstmann why they separated, we guess it could be because of.

  • Not feeling comfortable anymore and missing his old Giant bomb colleague Ryan Davies who passed away.
  • Jeff is now a family man and he may have more responsibilities.
  • Some internal disputes
  • Time for a Change

These are just my personal guess as I have been watching this podcast for a long time and he is like my hero.


Who is Jeff Gerstmann?

Jeff Gerstmann is an American video game journalist who started his career in the early 1990s. He was born on August 1, 1975, in Los Angeles, United States, so we can say he started his career when he was 17 years old.

Jeff was a former editorial director of the gaming website Gamespot and co-founder of another gaming website Giant Bomb.

In 1997Jeff won an NFL Blitz tournament and was been interviewed on Electronic playground. He was also a regular guest on the Bonus round for the gaming discussion.

Jeff also runs a forum called where all kinds of gaming-related questions and answers are done.

He also used to create points reports and video podcasts semi-weekly on Gamespot. Now let’s know more about Jeff like Jeff Gerstmann’s wife, family, net worth, and much more.


Who is Jeff Gerstmann Wife?

Jeff Gerstmann got married to his girlfriend Jessica Eliott on Feb 16, 2016. They have both been engaged since the summer of 2015. Even his marriage announcement was also made on Giant Bombcast.

Jeff has 2 kids so far and he has posted a few pictures of them on his Instagram account.

To get more information about Jeff’s wife Jessica Elliott we researched the whole social media and the internet but did not find any authentic detail.

Jeff has even not posted any pictures or videos with her on Instagram and other social accounts

We got some clue that Jessica Elliott runs an artificial jewelry online store but again we do not have any concrete clue to prove that she is the only one that owns the shop. 


What Jeff is Doing after Giant Bomb 

So since the day, Jeff Gerstmann quit Giant Bomb he has started his own show “The Jeff Gerstmann Show”.

He’s creating his own podcast having left a giant bomb now and seems to be doing pretty well for himself. He’s got the podcast, Patreon, Discord, Youtube, and Twitch as well.

He is regularly streaming now on Twitch, talking about games and other things and a bunch of random stuff.

He doesn’t really have a crew together to do this yet it sounds like he said his wife is helping him with some things but it’s still just him figuring everything out.

Jeff Gerstmann Patreon

Jeff is doing pretty well on Patreon and currently, he has 6504 Patreon, wow that is quite a great start to launch your Patreon today and you have that many people contributing money.

Jeff Gerstmann Patreon
Jeff Gerstmann Patreon

That is a crazy successful first month so I guess he can just do it on his own. This proves Jeff’s popularity among the people who really like legit gaming reviews and content.

By becoming Jeff’s Patreon you can unlock 1 exclusive post, be a part of the community, listen anywhere, and also connect to him via private message.

He has 4 levels of Patreon membership.

  • Enabler ($5 per month)
  • Co-conspirator ($10 per month)
  • Accomplice ($20 per month)
  • Mastermind ($100 per month)

If you are from a similar industry or want to support Jeff Gerstmann then you can also be his Patreon and enjoy the perks.


Jeff Gerstmann Net-Worth

Jeff was an ex-co-founder of Giant Bomb whose last year’s revenue according to Zoominfo was $6 Million.

Jeff Gerstmann estimated net worth according to HowtoTwitch is calculated around $1 Million.

Now as Jeff Gerstmann is no more co-founder of Giant bob so we won’t be talking about any income from that. But still how much money Jeff Gerstmann is making now? Jeff is currently active on Twitch and getting a good response on Patreon, so we will calculate his estimated net worth. 

On average, he is streaming around 2 hours on twitch as he is not a streamer like Sinatra streaming games.

Currently, on Twitch he has 44.6k followers and on Twitch majority of his income comes from Subs, ads, and donations.


Jeff Income from Twitch Subscribers

There are no details that currently how many subs he has but we still assume it to be around 500 subs.

According to tier 1 sub, streamers get around $2.5 on every sub and that makes $1250 USD every month from Twitch Subs. Twitch takes its own cut depending on the streamer and its location. 


Jeff Income from Twitch Ads

Twitch ads in another major source of twitch earning and once you quality twitch affiliate or program you can easily earn from it.

According to twitch tracker, Jeff Gerstmann last month’s total views are around 1 Million. He must be making $1000 p/m from twitch advertisements..


Jeff Income from Patreon

Patreon is the one through which he is making the most money. Currently, he has 6504 Patreons. Patreon level starts with the basic plan of $5 USD every month, followed by $10 every month, $20, and $100 every month.

If I take the second level of $10 and multiply it by 6504 it makes $65040. So Jeff Gerstmann is currently making $65040 USD every month from the Patreon


Jeff Gerstmann Social Accounts

Finally, let me share a few of his social accounts as well so that you can visit and know more about him.

He is currently active on more than 5 social accounts and forums as well.

Instagram – 26.3k Followers

Twitter – 175.1k Followers

Facebook page – 5.5k Followers

YouTube – 20.9k Subscribers

TikTok – 8k Followers

Twitch – 44.6k Followers

He is also active on Patreon which we discussed above and also on Tumblr and other forums.


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