Is Bloodhound a Girl in Apex Legends – (Bloodhound Full Profile)

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Apex Legends has been a popular game for the past few months. With its release, many players spent hours and hours playing and trying to unlock all of the characters. One of the most hotly debated questions was “Is Bloodhound a girl in Apex legends?”

People were just involved with the creation of bloodhounds with lots of questions.

Not only during the game but even after playing apex legends players discuss Bloodhound apex gender. In the streaming and gaming world, we see a lot of trending characters and emotes like pogchamp.

In this article, you will get complete information about the bloodhound like his real name and height.



Is Bloodhound a Girl in Apex Legends

Is bloodhound a female or male, so the answer is Bloodhound is non-binary.

Perhaps that is a term you’ve never heard of well. What it means is that bloodhound identifies as neither male nor female and uses they-them pronouns.

Remember bloodhound is a character created by Respawn. So let us take a look at the most recent tweets by the developers instead of diving back into the history where a lot of this was explained.

Allegra Clark tweeted by tagging Apex Legends to remind people about bloodhound gender.

Allegra Clark tweet reminding bloodhound gender
Allegra Clark tweet reminding bloodhound gender

But people still wish to know that is the bloodhound voice in apex legends a girl?

Yes, bloodhound voice is a girl and Allegra Clark is the voice actor for bloodhound she was also the voice actor in the animation short. 

What do Non-Binary Means

Non-binary are people who are neither male nor female. I can also say people without gender. Most transgender people come under this category.

There are other names for non-binary as well like agender and bigender.

Non-binary people exist for a long time but people are getting more aware of them through social platforms and blogs.

However, you can not assume someone is non-binary by simply looking at them or by their name.


Does bloodhound have a real name?

With the popularity of the famous character bloodhound in Apex legends, many people were excited to know more about bloodhound profiles.

One of them was about bloodhounds’ real names

According to esportspedia bloodhound who is one the most playable legends in Apex legend has no real name.

But yes bloodhound’s full name is technological tracker bloodhound.

There are no deep details about this character which I guess is just an imaginary character created by Apex devs.

So let’s know more about the bloodhound developers team. 

Bloodhound Developers Team

Now I will take you through with a few important devs of bloodhound in Apex legends and also with their tweets.

First would be Allegra Clark who is the voice actor of the character bloodhound.

Allegra Clark bloodhounds voice actor
Allegra Clark bloodhounds voice actor

Then we have Tom Casiello, a writer at respawn who is part of the team who created and writes the story of who Bloodhound is.

Tom casiello bloodhound dev
Tom casiello bloodhound dev

The last person I will be sharing tweets from is Manny Hagopian who is the senior writer at respawn entertainment.

Manny Hagopian bloodhound dev
Manny Hagopian bloodhound dev

Important Tweets on Bloodhound Character by these Devs

I want you to just read a couple of mystics a close tweets when the old way cinematic went live.

In a tweet, Tom Casiello said that if someone asks me that who cares what gender the character is in a video game. It matters, everyone matters.

Is bloodhound non binary
Is bloodhound non-binary

There was another tweet from Allegra Clark about the people saying that a bloodhound is a girl. She said NO, the bloodhound is still non-binary, and just because Allegra is growing up the voice is higher.

I am sure many players might have assumed that the bloodhound’s voice is now changed a bit and so bloodhound is a girl.

Is bloodhound a girl apex
Is bloodhound a girl apex


Wrapping Up

Bloodhound is one of the popular characters in Apex legends and was chosen by most of the players because of BH’s ultimate power.

Hopefully, you got enough information about bloodhounds and also cleared that is bloodhound a girl in apex legends or not.

Bloodhound is non-binary and everyone should respect this instead of trolling or spamming just because of gender. I would be more than happy if you also shared your positive thoughts on bloodhounds and let other people know through this article.




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