How to Watch Multiple Streams at Once on Twitch – (PC & Mobile)

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Watching a single stream at a time is something like an old fashion now and so in this guide, I will brief how to watch multiple streams at once on Twitch PC & mobile.

You won’t miss your favorite streams anymore who are streaming at the same time.

You can watch multiple streams from the same browser using essentially an iframe type function.

Seamlessly to be able to switch between the chats but also at the same time you’ve got the content from both or multiple streams.

Do you still have doubts that can you watch multiple streams on Twitch at once? Yes, you can watch and chat multiple streams at the same time.



Why do People watch Multiple Streams at Once on Twitch or YouTube?

Twitch and Youtube are the 2 top streaming platforms with millions of viewers and there can be many reasons people will watch multiple streams at once.

You may have your own reason but I am sharing the few possible reasons why viewers watch multiple streams on Twitch.

  • Your all favorite streamers are streaming at the same time. 
  • Streamer has collaborated with other streamers and so you want to watch them all. 
  • You are interested to watch some other stream but also want to support your favorite streamer as a lurker. So in such cases, you may have to open 2 or more streams at a time. 
  • You are a streamer and want to watch other streams when you have collaborated. 
  • Sometimes you might be interested to listen to any music artist while watching any gameplay on Twitch.

These are a few common causes people watch multiple streams at once. Let us know if you have any other reason in the comment box and we may add your reason to the list.


How to Watch Multiple Streams at Once on Twitch – (PC)

There are many third-party websites that allow you to watch multiple streams at once.

I am sharing 4 best twitch multi-stream websites as an option for you where you can visit and watch and chat on multiple twitch streams at once.

However, there is also an option of Squad Stream on the Twitch filter section where you can watch streamer streaming in squad mode or a different stream.


NO #1 – Multi Twitch 

Multi Twitch is one of the best and most used websites for twitch multi-stream purposes. The website is very simple and created by Brian Hamrick.

Why I am keeping this twitch multi-stream website on top is because you can watch unlimited streams at a time absolutely free.

This site works only for Twitch streams and you cannot multiple streams on one page.

The website is free to use and you don’t need to pay anything to enjoy twitch multi-stream. There are little manual works you need to do and you are all done.

How to Use Multi Twitch

  • Open website and you will see a basic page with few instructions.  
  • You need to add the name of the streamer’s channel to the multi-twitch URL on the top. 
  • Let’s say you want to watch twitch streams of FaZe Swagg, Shroud, and Grace Van Dien, so you need to add their name after

    Twitch multi-stream
    Twitch multi-stream
  • Once done hit the enter key and Multi Twitch will load all the 3 streams. 
  • You can now watch all 3 Twitch streams at once and on the right-hand side, you will find the chat box with different tabs for all 3 streamers.

    How to watch multiple streams at once on twitch
    How to watch multiple streams at once on twitch

Now you can easily watch all the streams together and even chat with them at the same time. 


NO #2 – is another simple and best twitch multi-stream website to watch multiple streams at once.

This is a trustworthy website and you can watch up to 8 streams at a time with this site. is only available for twitch streams and is easier to use, as you only need to paste the link of the twitch stream.

How to Use

  • Naviagate to website and paste the twitch stream link in the box of Stream 1. Once you paste the link another box of Stream will appear along with the layout.

    Twitch watching multiple streams
    Twitch watching multiple streams

  • Now keep adding your streamer’s live twitch link that you want to enjoy on multi-stream and click on the layout in which you want to enjoy the twitch multi-stream.

  • Once you are done click on the Watch Streams button.

  • The stream will now load and you will see the chat option on the right-hand side in the default layout.  

To switch the chat simply click on the stream name appearing on the left-hand bottom of the chatbox.

I personally like this twitch multi-stream and consider this the best twitch multi-stream website for the viewers who want to enjoy up to 8 streams.


NO #3 – Twitch Theater

Twitch theater is another simple twitch multi-stream website where you can add multiple streams at a time

You can enjoy multiple streams from different platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook from this website.

The only thing I don’t like about this website is that you have to add the stream link of the channel where you want to chat and there is no option to quickly switch the chat.

You will have to add the channel link every time for the stream on which you want to chat. 

However, this is free and once you start using it probably you would be familiar.


How to Use Twitch Theater

  • Navigate to the twitch theater website.
  • Once the website is up paste the link of the twitch channel in the box of “Streams and Videos” and then click on the + symbol to add.

    Twitch Theater to watch multiple streams
    Twitch Theater to watch multiple streams


  • Paste the twitch channel link of another stream that you want to add in the same box and click on the + icon. Keep doing this until all your favorite stream is added.

  • Now for chat, you need to paste the twitch channel link in the Chat box and then click on the + icon in front of it.

Spend some time on this website and hopefully, you will be familiar with it within a few minutes.


How to Watch Multiple Streams at Once on Twitch – (Mobile)

While finding the best twitch multi-stream website I found people also asking how do you open multiple Twitch streams at once on mobile?

No worries, I will let you know how to watch multi streams at once on Twitch mobile both for Android and iPhone.

You can use the same websites to access multiple streams on Twitch mobile at once by using your Chrome or Safari browser. 

But I am sharing an app that will be more convenient for you to enjoy multi-stream on mobile.


MultiTwitch (Twitch Multi-Stream App)

This app will help you to enjoy multi-stream at once from your mobile. No sign-up or sign-in is required and you can use it absolutely free.


  • Open your play store and search for MultiTwitch (check the image below for the exact link) and click on Install. 
  • Once installed open the app and then tap on Continue. 
  • Now paste the link of the channel in the channel box. To copy the channel link open Twitch on the mobile Chrome browser and tap on the URL box to choose copy. 
  • By default, there are 2 boxes to add the channel but you can tap on the + icon to add more channels. 
  • Once finished adding channels, tap on the done option and the stream will now load.

In case this doesn’t work for you properly then you can open your browser like Google Chrome on your phone and follow the same steps explained for PC above. 


How to Watch Multiple Streams from Multiple Platforms at Once

Probably your favorite streamers are streaming simultaneously at the same time but on a different platform. For example, one of the streamers is streaming on Twitch and the other on YouTube or Facebook.

Fortunately, we have a website that will allow you to watch multi streams of the different platforms at once.

I am sharing the two best twitch multi-stream website to enjoy streams of different platforms.


NO #1 – Rare Drop Multi

With the multi rare drop, you can watch multi streams no matter on which platform the streamer is streaming.

You can enjoy the multi streams from 14 different streaming platforms Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook

Here you will have to connect your Twitch account in order to enjoy their services but it’s worth, it as they also provide many more features along with multi-stream.

How to use Rare Drop Multi for Multi Streams

  • Navigate to the Rare drop multi, website and click on the Connect Services tab. Log in with your twitch account to authorize the permission.

    How to Watch Multiple Streams from Multiple Platform at Once
    How to Watch Multiple Streams from Multiple Platforms at Once

  • On the right-hand top of the website, you will see the “BUILD A MULTI” box with a twitch icon and username box.

    Add all twitch streams
    Add all twitch streams
  • You can change the platform by clicking on the twitch icon and then choosing the streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook. 
  • So simply choose the platform and then type the username of the channel in the username box. 
  • Once done click on Build a Multi


NO #2 – Twitch Theater

Yes, as discussed above Twitch theater not only allows you to watch multiple streams on Twitch at once but you can also mix streams from different platforms like YouTube.

Head over to the twitch theater website and paste the link of any platform stream in the Streams and Videos box.

So for example if you want to enjoy streaming from Twitch and Youtube together. Then first paste the link of the twitch stream and press the + button to add, now paste the YouTube stream link and gain press the + button to add. 


Is Multi twitch Stream Counted as a View Count in Twitch?

There is no authentic information and details that watching multi streams on twitch will be counted as a view or not. 

Many viewers just watch 7 to 8 twitch streams at a time to increase their favorite streamer’s view count. 

However, there are twitch view bots for this purpose to increase views.

In order to verify whether multi twitch streams are counted or not, I ran multi-streams on multi twitch and website on my few dummy twitch account. I found that views were counted but still, I am not sure because the twitch viewer count also goes wrong in some cases.

But what I assume is that watching multi streams from the website like multi twitch and views are counted in Twitch.



Multistream is a great way to enjoy multiple streams at a time and hope after knowing how to watch multiple streams on twitch you would be happy now.

I have only mentioned the websites that perform well and you can either watch multiple twitch streams or streams from the different platforms at a time.

Let me know if you have any additional information to be added to this article and also comment if you have issues or questions.

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