How to View Recently Played with on Steam (PC & Mobile)

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Everyone wishes to have a great list of friends with the people they played with. This will be a step-by-step guide on how to view recently played with on steam PC & mobile.

Many users on steam still wonder if you can see who recently played with steam.

Steam allows you to have your own friend list on steam that can be filled with some good random players or people.

This recently played with option can also be used to report any recent players on steam whom you played with.



How to View Recently played with on Steam (PC)

Steam recent players can be seen from the “Recently played with” menu in the friend section. 

Follow below simple steps to see recent players you played with on steam.

  • Open the Steam application or from the browser and log in with your account.


  • Once logged in, hover up to your name at the top, and from the suggestions drop-down click on “Friends”.

    How to Manage Friends on Steam
    How to Manage Friends on Steam


  • From the left-hand menu options click on “Recently played with” and now on the right-hand side you will see the list of all recent player’s profiles along with the game you played together.

    How to VIew Recently played with on Steam
    How to View Recently played with on Steam

You can view steam players’ profiles from here and further you can either send them friend requests or you can also block players on steam.


How to View Recently played with on Steam (Mobile)

You can also view “recently played with” on the steam mobile app as well. The below steps will be applicable for both Android and iPhone users.

  • Launch your steam app on your phone and make sure you are logged in with your account.


  • Tap on the hamburger icon located at the very left-hand top.


  • From the menu options tap on “You and Friends” and then tap on “Friends”.


  • Now tap on Your friends arrow down and then tap on Recently Played with. Here you will find recently played games along with all steam players you played with.

Here you may not view all recent players or games and why this happens. Let’s discuss that as well.


Steam “Recently Played With” is Empty and not Showing

According to many users, they see an empty list in Recently Played with and don’t find any games and players.

This can be a steam glitch as well as any problem with your device. You can wait for some time to check Steam “recently played with” to get updated.

There are a few workarounds below that you can do.

1 – If you see an empty list or steam doesn’t show anything under the Recently played with then you can open it by going to the Steam dashboard.

  • Click on By friends under Recommended
  • View players under Most played and Most wanted.


2 – Next what you can do is go in the game and press Shift +tab to bring up the game overlay and there you can find view players. Click on it and then click on recent players.


3 – Now another thing that you can try is switching the device. Let’s say if you can’t see recent players on PC, try on your mobile steam app.



Steam recently played with an unknown game

Try clearing your browser cache or use Incognito mode and if you have issues on steam mobile apps then try clearing Steam app cache.

Additionally, you can try by going to Steam dashboard > By friends > View Players.

Why can’t I see all recent players on Steam?

You may not see all recent players on steam if they have set any privacy.

So if you see a few players missing from Steam recently played with a list then probably those players have some privacy.

How to Hide Recent Game Activity and Game hours on Steam?

If you wish to hide your recently played games along with game hours you can easily do it with a few basic settings.

Open the Steam dashboard and click on your name arrow down at the right-hand top and choose View Profile.
From your profile click on Edit Profile on the right-hand side.

Now from the left-hand menu click on “Privacy Settings” and come to the Game details section.

Here you can either make it for friends only or Private and then check the box of Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details


Hopefully, you found it easy to see how to view recently played with on steam and why recently played with does not work sometimes.

If you still don’t find it make sure you read the guide carefully as I covered everything.

In case you have more questions or doubts that I have not covered in this article, let me know in the comment box.

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