How to Update Streamlabs OBS and Studio in 2022 – OBS Guide

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When it comes to the best streaming software OBS studio and SLOB are the leaders and are used by most streamers. You must know how to update Streamlabs OBS and studio as this helps to get rid of many problems and even avail with new features.   

Updating OBS studio and Streamlabs can improve OBS performance and also fix lagging or black screen issues.

We will discuss later in this article why you should update your OBS but first see how to update it.


How to Update Streamlabs OBS

I can bet that you may have tried really hard to find update options all over SLOB but found nothing.

I am afraid to say the truth, that is there is no update option in Streamlabs OBS.  

So the question comes what to do when Streamlabs OBS is not working properly or you feel that is all because of outdated Streamlabs.

Now in order to force an update on SLOB, there is only 1 option and that is you go with reinstalling Streamlabs OBS.

Don’t worry, as this can be a good time for you to reinstall Streamlabs as this will not only update Streamlabs to the latest version but also fixes many other issues.


How to Update OBS Studio

OBS studio pop-ups automatically with updates screen whenever there is a new update available.

But somehow due to any reason if this didn’t happen on your OBS then you can check and update OBS studio manually.

What is the latest OBS Studio version?

This is another way to check out whether you have the latest version of OBS or not. By Jan 17, 2021, the latest version of OBS studio is “27.1.3.

In order to check your OBS version, click on the Help menu and then on About. OBS installed versions will be displayed on the screen.

If you have an outdated version, follow the below steps to update OBS.

  • Launch your OBS studio and click on the “Help” tab from the left top menu option of OBS.

  • From the help drop-down click on “Check for Updates”. A new box will appear that will let you know if the update is available or not.

    How to update OBS studio
    How to update OBS studio


  • If updates are available it will say New update available and will display you the latest OBS version with all hotfixes, new features, tweaks, and bug fixes.

  • Spend some time reading it, make your mind and click on Update Now.

  • OBS will now be closed and updates will begin. Once completed it will ask you to launch OBS again.

    OBS Studio update
    OBS Studio update

Click on Launch OBS and congrats you now have the new updated version of OBS studio.


Why is my OBS not Updating?

I have seen several people having issues while updating or starting an OBS application.

The problem can be both on OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS.

Most of the users reported that every time they click on Check for Updates, it comes to “looking for new files” and disappears.

I am sharing 2 solutions that you must try every time you have issues with OBS updates or opening OBS and Streamlabs.

Solution 1 – Quit OBS completely and Try Again 

This is the issue that the majority of OBS or Streamlabs users face.

Few OBS files go in not responding and as they run in the background, OBS neither run properly and even won’t update.

So simply you need to quit Streamlabs or OBS completely from the task manager.

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc key and then click on the Details tab.
  • Look for OBS, right-click on it and choose “End process tree” and then again on the end process tree.

    Quit OBS completely on Windows
    Quit OBS completely on Windows

Now OBS will be completely closed on your PC. Once done try opening again and see if this fixed the issue.


Solution 2 – Reinstall OBS or SLOBS completely

Now, this is the most effective solution that resolves many other issues like OBS display black screen as well.

Many users go with basic reinstallation where they simply uninstall apps but leave the corrupted files on the PC.

  • Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box, type %appdata%, and then click on OK.

  • Look for Streamlabs OBS or OBS studio folder whichever you are using. Click on the folder once and press the Shift + Del key to permanently delete the folder.

  • Now press Windows + R key again to open the RUN box, type appwiz.cpl, and press ok.

  • Look for Streamlabs OBS or studio, right-click on it and choose Uninstall.

Once done restart your PC and visit Streamlabs OBS or OBS studio website to download the latest version.


How to Make OBS update Automatically

Many users like me who wish to stay updated with the latest version of OBS can set OBS to update automatically.

Follow the simple below steps

  • Launch OBS client on your PC and then click on Settings at the right-hand bottom corner.

  • The settings box will now be up and in the general settings at the top you will find a box of “Automatically check for updates on Startup”.

    OBS automatically check for updates
    OBS automatically check for updates
  • Once done click on Apply and then on OK.

So now whenever there will be an update for OBS, every time you open OBS there will be a popup saying “Updates available”.


Why should you update OBS?

The update is an important part of any software that comes with new features and also fixes many bugs and security issues.

Following are the reasons that you should update OBS

  • Help to fix many issues of OBS.
  • Fixes many security and bugs of OBS
  • Bring more features and hotfixes.

So overall there will be a great change and the best performance from the updated OBS version.



How do I update OBS on Mac?

Updating OBS studio on Mac is as simple as in Windows. Open OBS settings, click on help and choose “Check for updates”.

How to revert OBS updates?

Now if anyhow, updated OBS is not working for you then you may think of going back with an older version of OBS.

There is an option for the Previous version on the download page of the OBS website. 

Though the navigation keeps changing, you need to look for previous versions or related words and there you will find the older version.

Additionally check your downloads as you may have the setup file of the older version in your download folder.

Will updating OBS delete my OBS settings?

No, updating OBS fixed bugs brings hotfixes and adds new features.
Your hotkeys, settings, and configuration will not be affected and will remain the same.


Updating is an important part of all applications and software that plays an important role to fix bugs and bring new features.

OBS has tons of features that it becomes hard to find the update option on it.

Hopefully, this guide briefed everything that how to update Streamlabs OBS and why is it important.

If you still have any doubts let me know in the comment box. 

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