How to Unsub on Twitch in 2022 – (Desktop & Mobile)

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While on Twitch you might have subscribed to your favorite creator either to support or to get a shout-out from them. Now for any reason, if you want to unsubscribe them, then read this article that how to unsub on twitch in 2022.

Sometimes when you get banned from someone on Twitch, then also you decide to unsub.

You can easily unsubscribe from Twitch Subscription on your Desktop but for android and twitch, there is a different trick that I am going to share in this article.



How to Unsub on Twitch Desktop

Twitch Streamers subscription has been divided into three tiers. TIER1, TIER2, and TIER3.

Every tier has its own perks and prices, tier 1 is the least and tier 3 is the top with the highest perks and price.

So, let’s have a quick look that why people cancel twitch subscriptions.


Why do people Unsubscribe on Twitch?

Now, there can be any reason behind subscribing to the Twitch channel but still, I am sharing a few major causes behind the twitch unsub.

  • Can’t afford
  • Change in the Payment method
  • Not interested in that streamer 
  • Not using twitch anymore
  • No time
  • Don’t feel worth

So let’s jump to the topic and see how you can unsubscribe people on twitch. The process is really easy and let’s make it easier for you.

  1. Open your Twitch desktop application or on the web and simply sign in to your account where you want to cancel the subscription.

  2. Click on the Profile picture located at the very right-hand top and choose “Subscriptions” from the suggestions drop-down.
    How to cancel Twitch subscription
    How to cancel a Twitch subscription


  3. Twitch Subscription manager will now be explored displaying your subscriptions.

  4. Now if you have subscribed to multiple streamers, then hover up to the streamer for which you want to cancel the subscription.

  5. Click on the cog icon beside the streamer subscription and choose “Cancel Paid Subscription” or “Don’t Renew Subscription”.

    How do you unsubscribe on Twitch
    How do you unsubscribe on Twitch?


Once done, there will be no auto-renewal of the subscription and you will be still able to enjoy the subscription for the remaining time.

So hope the people asking how to stop subscription auto-renewal on twitch got their answer.

Now you might be also thinking will there be a refund if I cancel the twitch subscription? So if you have just subscribed and want to cancel then probably you can claim a refund.


How to Cancel Twitch Subscription on Android mobile?

There are 2 methods that you use for unsub on mobile. However, I have seen people also unsubscribing if they notice that they have already followed them for a long time on twitch. Let’s start with the normal one

Method 1 – Unsubscribe from the Twitch Mobile app

This is the shortcut way as well to unsub on twitch if it works for you. Follow these easy steps to cancel your twitch subscription.

  1. Launch your twitch application on your phone and make sure you are signed in with the same account.

  2. Open the channel of the streamer for whom you want to cancel the subscription.

  3. Click on the “Subscribed” button and then on “Cancel Subscription” or “Don’t Renew Subscription” to proceed.

  4. Once done make sure it says Subscribed and if not click on it again as it should say Subscribe.

You are all set, there won’t be any auto-renewal for this twitch streamer and you will be still able to enjoy the remaining time subscription.


Method 2 – Use Desktop Mode to Unsubscribe from Twitch

If you are having trouble with the above method while canceling the twitch subscription then you can access your twitch in desktop mode.

This will give the same interface as on the desktop.

  1. Launch Chrome browser on your android phone and enter to open a twitch website.

  2. On the very right-hand top of the chrome, you will find the ⋮ 3 dot icon. Tap on it and from the suggestions check the box “Desktop Site”.

  3. Twitch will now load in desktop mode. Tap on login which is on the very right-hand top to get into the account.

    How do I cancel my Twitch Subscription on mobile?
    How do I cancel my Twitch Subscription on mobile?


  4. Now tap on your profile picture located at the right-hand top and choose “Subscription” from the suggestions drop-down.

  5. Here you will see the list of channels you have subscribed to, click on the cog icon in front of the channel you want to unsubscribe to, and then choose “Don’t Renew Subscription”.

    How to unsubscribe on twitch mobile
    How to unsubscribe on twitch mobile


  6. A new box will appear where you need to choose the reason for unsubscribing. Choose the reason and tap on don’t renew the subscription.


How to Unsub on Twitch iPhone?

Now for iPhone, you can easily unsubscribe with the same trick used for android. We will again use the desktop mode method here.

  1. Launch your Safari browser and type in the URL box.

  2. Once the twitch website is opened, tap on the AA icon located at the very left-hand top and beside the URL as shown in the figure below.

  3. From the suggestions, tap on “Request Desktop Website” and this will open the twitch website in the desktop version.

    How to request desktop mode in iPhone
    How to request desktop mode on iPhone


  4. Now tap on login and fill in your login details to log in to your account. Once logged in tap on your profile picture and choose Subscription.

  5. Here in the subscription section hover up to the channel you want to unsubscribe to and then tap on the cog icon.

  6. From the suggestion choose “Don’t renew subscription


I Can’t Cancel my Twitch Subscription | Manage Twitch Subscription

I have shared all ways to cancel a Twitch subscription on your PC and mobile, but there are many people who have issues while canceling the Twitch Subscription.

When you subscribe to any Twitch channel your renewal goes automatically and you need to manually unsubscribe from that channel before the next sub-cycle to stop the auto-renew of the subscription.

However, if you are unable to unsub or cancel your twitch subscription then that may be because of some Twitch server issues or probably with your browser.

You can try the below tips

  • Wait for some time and try again
  • Try clearing the browser cache if you are using a PC or laptop.
  • Clear App Cache in case of Android or iPhone.

hopefully, this will work


FAQs on How to Unsub on Twitch

Why I am not able to Cancel my Twitch Subscription?

Recently many users had trouble canceling twitch subs, let me give you some suggestions
Reload the application or browser and device as well
If you do not see the cancel subscription option, you might see the recurring payment option, click on it, and then probably you will find it.

Add a new card to your twitch and then probably you see this option

How do I stop Auto-Renewal on Twitch?

As explained above, to stop auto-renewal on desktop and android you need to cancel the subscription.

There is no extra option of auto-renewal on Twitch.

How do I get a refund for a twitch subscription?

Okay let me make it very clear, you are just unsubscribing to the channel so that it should not renew the next time.

A refund is something different and you won’t be getting any refund after canceling the subscription.


Bottom Line

Though a Twitch subscription is a great contribution to your favorite streamer still you can cancel it after learning how to unsub on twitch.

There is another option to change your subscription while canceling your subscription on twitch. So if this is something related to money and you have subscribed to tier 3 or tier2 then you can also switch to tier 1 which is much cheaper than others.

Hopefully, I have cleared all your doubts on twitch subscription cancellation but if you still have any doubts, feel free to comment.

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