How to tell if someone is ViewBotting on Twitch – 4 Methods

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If you have ever noticed an increase in views on your stream or on some other stream you might have thought about a view bot. In this article, I will share everything about view bots like how to tell if someone is Viewbotting on Twitch.

While visiting any Twitch streamer chat and seeing that a person has hundreds of viewers clicking on the stream but there’s nobody speaking or there is no engagement, then it’s a Viewbot.



How to tell if someone is Viewbotting on Twitch

This would be an easy or very difficult task to know if someone is Viewbotting on twitch.

Many streamers even have a question how do I know if I ‘am getting the view botted?

So probably you would be thinking, it’s easy to spot as a sudden increase of viewers indicates the sign of a viewbot.

No, there can be a couple of more reasons behind the sudden increase in viewers like a raid by any big streamer.


Are there Bot Viewers on Twitch?___________

Yes, there are and there can be bot viewers on your twitch stream as well.

I will explain here everything about Viewbot on Twitch, why people use View bot, and how to tell if someone is Viewbotting on twitch.


What is ViewBot in Twitch?__________________

A Viewbot is a kind person who is just watching your stream, without any intent to watch it. So basically view botting is the art of artificially increasing an audience or view count.

Now imagine that you’re a small streamer, you haven’t had any people in chat for the past weeks and you see your view account go up finally at last for it to only be above promoting view botting.

Someone is viewbotting my stream


These viewpoints exploit small streamers who are getting demotivated by streaming. I myself at the time wanted to try and view bot my stream when I started out just to try and get more viewer interaction.

Thank goodness I didn’t as I got to know that fake interaction is a bannable offense on twitch making it extremely risky and stupid for basically no reward you can tell if a streamer’s viewers from a mile away


How to know if there is a View bot on Twitch

To be honest there is no twitch view bot checker tool where you can simply find the answer either in yes or no.

Recently a guy emailed me asking how do I know if I’m getting Viewbotted.

This is something you need to do manually with some smartness and extra effort.


1. Very Low Chat with High View Count

This is one of the best methods that can help you to know if someone is Viewbotting on twitch or not.

If you see hundreds or thousands of live views on stream with almost no chat engagement then that’s a strong indication of a viewbot.


How do i know if I’am getting view botted

You might be thinking now that this can also be some kind of raid by any big streamer. No, what I have seen so far even on a raid, there is a chat engagement where people either chat normally or spam by writing RAID by (streamer name).


2. Check their other Social Accounts

Still, if you have any doubts, you can check their other social accounts linked to twitch.

If any streamer is really having a good and constant view of his stream then he must have good followers on other social accounts.

I can say this is another step after the above 1st method on how to tell if someone is Viewbotting on twitch.


3. Scripted Chat

Now if anyhow you still see some chats on the stream and you doubt that even he has high view counts with some good chat engagement then how do I know they are using Viewbot.

There are a couple of bots using some scripts to create messages on that stream.

You are smart enough, check the chat carefully and you will easily find whether the real chat is by some real users or the fake messages from the bot.

The messages would be like

  • Wow, I love your stream
  • Impressed
  • Keep it up
  • What’s up


4. Check Viewers Profile

Viewers from Viewbot will have some typical names like Mormon or jofik that really look weird.

Check their profile as well as they must be following tons of channels that show these are bots meant only for increasing fake views.

These fake accounts will even not have any twitch offline banner as they really don’t care about this.

I understand this may take time, but unfortunately, there is no tool that can quickly do this work for you.



How does twitch detect bots?

The twitch team is actively monitoring the streamers and their activity to stop view botting. They have certain algorithms and lawsuits that are constantly working on this.

According to some of their algorithms, what I guess is that they make some kind of calculation by counting the total no of followers with the total no of views to get the average point.

They must have some decided average point and many other methods as they are smarter than us.

According to naked security, Amazon which owned twitch in 2016 has filed charges against the seven top sellers of Viewbots.



Is Viewbotting allowed on Twitch?

No, Viewbotting is not allowed on Twitch, though it’s also not illegal so far, and have not seen any streamers sued in court.

Neither streamer will be banned immediately as this is quite tough to decide whether a streamer used a Viewbot on their stream or any of the competitors.

Now you must understand that twitch also really hate this Viewbot as this affect their business model and brand.

Even many advertisers are unhappy with this as they used to pay the streamer on basis of view count.


FAQs on How to tell if someone is Viewbotting on Twitch

How do I report a Streamer to View botting on Twitch?

If you feel sure about any Twitch streamer using Viewbots or followers bot then you can easily report that streamer.
To report follow the below steps
– Open your twitch account and then open the streamers channel who you want to block.
– Just right-hand below the video, you will see 3 ⁝ dots, click on it and choose “Report Live Stream“.
– Check the last box of the search and then click on Next.
– Now choose Bots and hit Next again.
– In the box of Tell us more, type the complete detail that how you feel that this streamer is Viewbotting.

Keep in mind, that the more accurate reasons and clues you give more the chances will of banning that streamer.

How do I get rid of bot viewers on Twitch?

As a Streamer, you may face a situation where you get tons of viewers and fake followers on Twitch. Generally, some haters do this.
If you are in the same situation then you can do the following tasks.
– Report the fake bot users in your chat.
– Enable followers-only chat and set a minimum of 10 minutes of time before anyone who followed you to chat.
– Keep clearing chat using Twitch’s inbuilt feature of Clear chat.
– Add Stream marker

Can you find out who reported you on Twitch?

No, Twitch keeps a user’s identity safe as reporting someone on Twitch is a part of user privacy.


Bottom Line

Now as you know all about view botting on twitch and also how to tell if someone is Viewbotting on twitch you must try the above 4 methods to catch the 1st view bot streamer.

Everyone who is using Viewbot or planning to I have a message for you.

There is no future in streaming using Viewbot and even the advertisers are smart enough now.

It’s just the sweet perks that you feel at the beginning of having hundreds of fake followers quickly with any effort.

I would be happy to answer if you have any further questions or doubts related to Viewbot or twitch.

Instead, there are few services that provide real viewers through some advertisements, rather go with them.

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