How to Stop Hosting Someone on Twitch in 2022 (PC & Mobile)

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In this article, I will explain how to stop hosting someone on twitch in 2022 both on PC and Mobile.

Hosting someone on twitch can be a great tool to grow but not to everyone.

Choosing the right streamer and stream to host is something you should better know.

Let’s see how to unhost on twitch and then I will brief the right way to host someone on twitch.



How to Stop Hosting on Twitch (PC)

Though hosting or unhosting on twitch is quite easy and can be much easier if you have a better ttv extension enabled for the host button.

Yes, you can have a simple host button that will be displayed at the right bottom of every stream.

So probably you have this option enabled so just look below the stream if you find the button you can simply click on “Unhost Channel”.

But if you hosted someone through chat let’s see how to disable twitch host on desktop manually through twitch command.

  1. Open the Twitch website and log in to your account.
  2. Click on your profile picture located at the very right-hand top and choose “Channel” from the suggestions dropdown.
    How to Stop Hosting Someone on Twitch
    How to Stop Hosting Someone on Twitch


  3. Now here below your channel, you will find a Chat section, click on it and it will bring up the chat section on the right-hand side.
  4. Write the command /unhost in the chatbox and press the Enter key.
    Twitch how to unhost
    Twitch how to unhost


  5. Once successfully done you would be able to see a message that you successfully unhosted the channel.

There is no need to type the channel name after the command as you enter while hosting.


How to Stop Hosting Someone on Twitch (Mobile)

You can quickly exit out of hosting on twitch mobile that probably you might have done accidentally or hosted the wrong streamers.

So you will know here how to stop hosting someone on twitch app and that can be an android phone or iPhone.

  1. Launch the twitch app on your mobile.
  2. Tap on your profile picture located at the very left-hand top to open the twitch profile section.
  3. Tap on the “My Channel” option that will be at the bottom.
  4. Now here look for the “Chat” tab which will be at the very right of Clips.
  5. On the chatbox type the command /unhost and send the message.

Great you are all done and this will stop broadcasting all the channels on Twitch.


How to Turn Off Auto-Host on Twitch

Twitch Autohost allows you to add the list of channels that you want to be auto-hosted on your channel.

Disabling auto host on twitch is also easy and can be done with these below steps

  1. Open the twitch website and log in with your account credentials.
  2. Click on the profile picture located at the very right-hand side and from the suggestions drop-down choose “Settings”.
    How to open channel and videos on Twitch
    How to open channels and videos on Twitch


  3. In the settings tab click on “Channels and Videos”.
  4. Now click on the Featured Content tab and just below that you will find “Autohost Channels”.
    How to stop auto hosting someone on twitch
    How to stop auto hosting someone on twitch


  5. If it’s enabled the toggled switch would be with a blue tick, simple click on the switch again to disable it.

So you are all set and successfully unhosted channels both through the manual and auto-hosted.


When to Unhost Channels on Twitch

As I said above that twitch hosting can be a great networking tool to grow on twitch.

But you must know the right way to host. Let me brief

Twitch allows you to host or unhost any channels that you want, but it’s up to you how you make the right selection.

Choosing the wrong stream channel will never give you any kind of benefits.

Here are few tips that you must know and if you are not following these tips then you must end twitch host now.

Stop Hosting Big Streamers

If you have recently started streaming on twitch or a small streamer then you might have decided to host any big streamers with high subscribers and followers.

This is just a myth as we think we may gain more followers from them. So better unhost these channels.

No, viewers are smart enough and are mostly aware of these big streamers.

So stop keeping any expectations that they will also host or raid sometime in the future as even they might not be aware that you hosted them.


Stop Hosting Irrelevant Content 

This is a world of community where people or viewers like to connect with the community of their interest.

So lets you are a regular streamer of a Valorant game and while offline you host channels that stream Roblox or any music channels.

The audience would never connect, so better stop hosting such channels.


You will not get Paid for Hosting

There are many beginners who still think that they might get paid by hosting these channels.

Keep in mind when you host any channel on twitch that hosted channel will be paid if they have an affiliate or partner program.

You won’t be getting paid for hosting any channels, so better unhost channels if you are only hosting them with the intention of monetization.

You must also be aware that how you can lose a twitch affiliate by violating twitch policies.



How do I found out who is hosting me on twitch?

Twitch earlier had the option to see that by how many channels you have been hosted.
But there is no such option now as per my knowledge.
But you will be always notified whenever anyone hosts you on twitch.

How do you host offline on twitch?
  • There are two options where you can host someone on twitch while you are offline.
    Manually go to your channel and in the chatbox type the command /host [channel name] and hit enter. In the channel, name, add the names of the channel that you want to host.

  • Enable autohost on twitch and you can also add multiple channels that you want to host

Do you get money for hosting on Twitch?

No, you won’t get any money for hosting on Twitch but the channel that you host will be benefitted.
So in the future, if they host back to you as well, then you will make money.



To grow on twitch and make your carrier in streaming you must use every method that can help you to grow your audience.

In this article, you saw how to stop hosting someone on twitch and I believe that should be if you hosted any irrelevant channels or just because you know want to host any other channel.

Use this hosting and raid feature properly.

Better host some average streamers who will at least know that you hosted them.

This also makes a chance that they make host or raid you back in the future.

Let me know if you still have any doubts or questions related to twitch or streaming.

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