How to Set Chat Rules on Twitch in 2022 – Chat Rules Template

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Have you not set any chat rules so far, then you must know how to set chat rules on twitch and why to have chat rules?

Chat is an important part of any stream that connects your viewers with you and the viewers get more attached to the stream because of this communication.

But on the same hand keeping this chat safe you must have good twitch chat rules.


Why set Twitch Chat rules?

During your stream, viewers also get connected to each other.

Mostly the communication is good but sometimes the viewers can go wild and start weird discussions.

By weird discussion I mean people talking against religion, sex, and race.

You might have your viewers from different communities, races, and even from a different country.

Now such conversation and discussion may hurt the feelings of the viewers and so in order to avoid this, you must have twitch chat rules.


How to Set Chat Rules on Twitch

Ok once you know how to set hat rules on Twitch you can easily set or change Twitch chat rules to make your chat safe and better.

I will also share few twitch chat rules templates and examples that you can use.

  1. Open the Twitch website and make sure you are logged in.
  2. Click on your twitch profile picture located at the very right-hand top.
  3. From the suggestions drop-down choose “Creator dashboard”.
    How to open Creator dashboard on Twitch
    How to open Creator dashboard on Twitch
  4. Now from the left-hand menu of the creator dashboard, click on “Settings” and then from the drop-down click on “Moderation”.
    How to set chat rules on Twitch
    How to set chat rules on Twitch
  5. So here on the top, you will find Twitch AutoMod control that is a profanity filter and I will brief you about it after settings chat rules.
  6. Scroll down to the channel verification section and here the first option will be Email verification. You can enable this option if you want that viewers should first verify their email. You can leave it disabled as most of the streamers don’t enable this option.
  7. Now in the Chat rules box, you need to type all the rules that your viewers will read before starting the chat. You are all set and so from now onwards if anyone joins your chat, twitch chat rules will pop up.

You can also make someone an editor on your twitch channel to create these chat rules

Now I am sharing few Twitch chat rules templates that are almost used by every streamer.

You can add some more to this template or replace it with any rules.


Good Twitch Chat Rules Templates

So in case you are a beginner or want to quickly set chat rules then check these twitch chat examples which are the best rules you can use for your channel.

Good twitch chat rules
Good twitch chat rules
  • No Religious and Politics talk: Wherever there is a religious or political talk there will be a huge conflict as your viewers may be from different beliefs.

You must restrict your users for such talk that can hurt someone and even your viewers will leave your stream.


  • No Bullying, Sexism, and homophobia: Such discrimination is also against Twitch Terms and Conditions and could get you banned as well.

So not only for viewers but to keep your chat clean and to follow twitch terms you must add this to your chat rules.


  • No Racism and other Discrimination: This rule is again to avoid any racism or any other kind of discrimination.


  • No advertising or self-promotion: I have personally seen people coming on chat with an intention to advertise their service or product. So before they start to chat let them know that self-promotions and advertisements are not allowed.


  • No Spamming: This is optional and you can add if you really hate spamming.


Now let me share also share few Twitch chat rules templates. You can simply copy and paste these templates into your chat rules box.

Make sure your Twitch Chat size and fonts are good as well.


Twitch Chat Rules Template 1

  • No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia, or other hate-based chat
  • No ethnic, sexual, religious, disability, agist, or transphobic slurs
  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t argue with people over chat — especially the moderators
  • No advertising or self-promotion
  • No backseat gaming


Twitch Chat Rules Template 2

  • English only
  • Good Vibes only
  • Don’t be a Dick. Simple J


Twitch Chat Rules Template 3

  • ❤ (ง̀_•́) Don’t be a butthead.
  • ❤ (ง̀_•́) Don’t be an Idiot.
  • (●’◡’●) No Racism, Religious and Discrimination talk


Twitch Chat Rules Template 4

  • Don’t be a Dick
  • This is a safe place
  • My rules are final for everyone
  • You are welcome but be nice


Twitch Chat Rules Template 5

  • Don’t Be Rude
  • No Fun making of challenged people
  • No Sexism
  • No Racism
  • No Spamming
  • No Spoilers

You can apply these rules on your Twitch chat or add some more serious and funny twitch chat rules.

Twitch AutoMod Control & Other Channel Privileges

There is also an Automod control in Twitch where you can simply enable the filter to create rules.

You can create the following filters on Auto Mod control.

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual content
  • Hostility
  • Profanity

Go to the moderation section and enable this option.

By default the filter of these above rules will be on No filtering, you can set on less, some, more, and most filtering.

You can also block terms and phrases by clicking on the Blocked terms and phrases box.

Once done you can also do a test stream on Twitch to assure everything is working fine.


Frequently Asked Questions

What words are banned in twitch chat?

On twitch chat, any terms and words related to racism and homophobic are restricted. Twitch ban words like SIMP, VIRGIN, and INCEL.


How do you read chat rules on twitch?

As a viewer when you are on any stream channel and when you click on the chatbox, it will display you the rules that you need to follow.

If you are a streamer you can view your chat rules in the Moderation section.



Hopefully, you know now how to set chat rules on twitch and why is it important to create for the channel.

I tried to cover the steps along with a few twitch chat rules examples and you can easily use it for your channel.

Better add or modify the rules depending on your audience.

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