How to Record Netflix using OBS on PC – (2022 Updated Guide)

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Netflix is one of the best streaming service providers for enjoying movies and series. But it does not have any features to download movies to watch later offline or share with someone else. In this guide, I will share how to record Netflix using OBS on both Windows and Mac PC.

Now you might have many questions in your mind like how to record Netflix without a black screen using OBS and is it illegal to screen record Netflix?

So there is a way that I am sharing here through which you can easily capture and record your Netflix, amazon prime, or any streaming with OBS Studio.



Why do you need to Record on Netflix?

Netflix has become an increasingly popular source of entertainment these days. 

You don’t have to pay for cable tv or satellite anymore because you can just subscribe to Netflix and watch all the movies and tv shows that you like.

We often like to download our favorite tv shows or movies on our computers to watch them later when we’re not connected to the internet or we can even cast them on our tv.

The problem is that Netflix doesn’t allow you to download or transfer video streams to your computer and that’s why you’re here you want to know how to record Netflix to save the video on your computer


How to Record Netflix using OBS

Now, most users use browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to record Netflix videos, and once recorded they find a black screen with only the sound of the video.

Chrome browser is owned by Google and Edge by Microsoft which agrees to the Netflix policies and does not allow you to record Netflix videos through OBS.

So here we will use the Mozilla Firefox browser to record Netflix videos.

Step 1 – Download OBS studio and install it on your PC.

Step 2 – Launch the OBS software, click on the + icon from the box of sources at the left-hand bottom and choose Display capture.

How can I record my Netflix screen
How can I record my Netflix screen?

Step 3 – Finish the setup by clicking on OK and OK.  OBS  setup is now completed and will record your PC screen.

Step 4 – Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser and open Netflix. Login with your account.

Step 5 – Choose and play the movie that you want to record. Open OBS and click on Start Recording at the right-hand bottom when you play the movie.

How to capture Netflix with OBS
How to capture Netflix with OBS

Once the movie is finished stop recording from OBS and check the OBS saved recording folder to find your recorded shows or movies. 


How to Record Netflix using OBS on Chrome Browser

Now according to many users, OBS records a black screen just because of enabled hardware acceleration on the browser.

So due to any reasons you wish to capture the Netflix screen by OBS on Google Chrome, you can only try by disabling hardware acceleration.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser, click on the 3 dots at the right-hand top and choose Settings.

  • From the left-hand menu click on Advanced and then on System.

    How to record Netflix with black screen obs
    How to record Netflix with black screen obs

  • Here you will find “Use hardware acceleration when available”.  Make sure it’s been toggled off and if not toggle it off to disable.

Once done restart your browser and follow the same steps to record Netflix as explained above.


OBS cant record Netflix?

If you are not able to record anything then make sure you have added display capture from the OBS source.
If OBS is recording but while playing the recorded video it shows a black screen then try a different browser like Mozilla firefox or disable hardware acceleration on Chrome.

How can I record my Netflix screen?

If you want to record your Netflix screen on a PC then OBS studio would be the best as it’s free and safe to use.

There are many other software as well like EaseUS through which you can record your Netflix screen.

Is it illegal to screen-record Netflix?

Streaming companies do not allow to record their shows and movies as this is against their rules.
You can record the Netflix or any other streaming services like Hulu shows for personal use like watching them later.
It’s only illegal when you record and sell in the market.



Netflix offers varieties and huge collection of movies and series to watch online. After learning how to record Netflix using OBS you can easily record it and watch it later offline.

You just need to use a browser like Mozilla firefox to record it or disable hardware acceleration on chrome to record.

Let me know in the comment section which method you tried and which worked for you.


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