How to Private Stream on Twitch in 2022 – (Step by Step Guide)

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There can be different reasons to stream privately either for your audience or a test stream. You must be aware of how to private stream on Twitch.

Though there is no such option to make your stream private, there are a few ways through which you can do it, and that’s what we will talk about in this video.

Many people have the question that where can I stream privately and can you make a twitch stream private.

Private streams are an excellent way to grow your brand while reaching a select audience. These users usually pay a fee to watch your stream. People can get more interested in your twitch streams if you have a lot of viewers.

People can get more interested in your twitch streams if you have a lot of viewers. One easy way to do this is to buy Twitch viewers that will increase engagement and traffic to your exclusive stream.


Benefits of  Twitch Private Stream

I guess you may know the benefits but probably not all and I will that you must know why people wish to go with private streaming and what are the basic reasons.

If your reason is not listed here, then please let us know in the comment box so that we can add that to the list.

  • Private Stream on Demand which can be paid
  • Private Stream for Subscribers (Will help you to gain more Subs)
  • Avoid copyright strikes
  • Private stream for selected viewers as a Giveaway prize
  • Chance to Increase Members and Subscribers on other platforms.

There can be many more benefits of a private twitch stream that totally depends on what kind of content the streamer streams.


How to Private Stream on Twitch

There was a method of password-only streaming where viewers can only watch the stream with that password. I think this was one of the best ways but unfortunately, this method doesn’t exist anymore.

As I said above there is no such option as a private stream on twitch and so there 3 ways through which you can make your twitch stream privately.

Many people even wish to go for private streaming just to test twitch streams. You can pick the one depending on your requirement and convenience.


Method 1 – Stream with a New Account

In this method, you need to create a new account with some weird name without any tags, info, or categories.

I know this would not be a private stream but as I said create a new account with some weird name including numbers that people would never search.

There won’t be any title, tags, or categories so even won’t come in the organic search of twitch and neither twitch would show it in suggestions.

Step 1 – Create a new twitch account with a new email and give some weird names like du#12&y.

Step 2 –  Start streaming without giving any title, tags, description, or categories so that it should not come in suggestions and searches. 

Step 3 – Share the link with the private people to whom you want to show the stream.


Method 2 – Run Subscribers-Only Stream

This is another best method if you want to go sub-only stream on twitch. 

However, this is again not a private stream but it’s a kind of a private stream as only your subs will have access to this stream.

So if you have a twitch affiliate or partner program then you can private streamers to your selected audiences.

  • Open the broadcaster dashboard and make sure you are not live as it works.
  • In the Audience box, click on the box and choose All Subscribers. Subscriber’s stream with a start will be automatically checked.
  • Below All Subscribers you will see “Include Moderators” and “Include VIPs” so make you uncheck these two options if you don’t want your mods and VIPs to watch this stream.
    Twitch Sub-only Stream
    Twitch Sub-only Stream


Keep in mind that there is a preview option for a sub-only stream where all viewers can watch your stream for a few minutes and then they will get a pop-up message that says to subscribe to watch the stream.

So this even increases your subs in twitch or you can give some rewards to your Twitch VIPs and mods.

Method 3 – Stream on other Platforms

Now if none of the above methods suits you then you have the option with other platforms also.

Streaming platforms like Discord, Facebook, and YouTube.

Most of you would have their discord, Facebook, and Youtube account so let me know how you can privately stream on these platforms.

Private Stream on Discord 

Discord is one of the best platforms for the private streaming if your private viewers are below 50 members.

Currently, discord allows only maximum of 50 members to join your stream.

If you have discord nitro, then you can stream with 1080 or source resolution and 60 frame rate.

  • Create a private server or channel on discord or you can also make any discord channel private with changes in permission.
  • Make sure you add only private members to this channel.

Now go LIVE and start streaming on this private channel of discord and this stream will be all private.


Private Stream on YouTube

YouTube is another best way to stream privately with just one setting.

Hopefully, you all have a YouTube account and you can quickly go live on YouTube privately and share the link with private people.

So while going LIVE on YouTube just below the Stream Title click on the box that says public. Now choose either private or unlisted and you are all set.

How to private stream on youTube
How to private stream on YouTube

Now simply share this link with people who are your private audience.


Private Stream on Facebook and Steam

There are also ways to stream privately on Facebook and Steam.

Why I am sharing all these platforms so that you must have multiple options for private streaming in your mind.

For Facebook, you just need to create a Facebook private page and for steam, you need to change privacy settings to private.


My Personal Suggestions on Private Streaming

I have my own priorities and suggestions that I would also like to share with you guys.

Now the suggestion is also based on many streamers’ feedback on how to private stream on Twitch.

If you wish to give private streaming to a few premium or your know viewers then you must go with discord streaming to stream up to 50 viewers.

It’s easy and will also increase the number of members on your discord server.

If the viewer’s list for private streaming is more than 50 members then you must go with YouTube private streaming.

Keep stream unlisted and share the link with the private members, this will again help you to gain more subs on Youtube.



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