How to Make Someone an Editor on Twitch – (PC and Mobile)

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Are you thinking of adding an editor on your twitch channel, I am sharing step-by-step instructions on how to make someone an editor on twitch.

Once you grow on twitch will lots of followers it becomes quite tough to manage.

Twitch provides you an option to add moderators, editors, and VIPs to your channel.

Let me first share the step on how to make someone a channel editor on twitch and then I will share the difference and action performed by mods and editors.


How to make someone an Editor on twitch (PC)

Though the main actions performed by most of the editors are to edit stream info like changing stream title and video info.

I will also share the way that how you can give extra roles to editors to manage betterTTV emotes as well.

  1. Open your Twitch website and make sure you are logged in with your account under which you want to create an editor.
  2. Now on the very right-hand top, click on the username, and from the suggestions, drop-down choose “Creator Dashboard”. 
    How to open Creator dashboard on Twitch
    How to open Creator dashboard on Twitch
  3. From the creator dashboard left-hand menu click on Community and then on “Roles Manager”. 
    Roles Manager on Twitch
    Roles Manager on Twitch
  4. Twitch Editor Dashboard will now be up on the right-hand side. Click on Add New and the search box will be highlighted where you need to type the name of the user to whom you want to make an editor. 
    How to make someone an editor on Twitch
    How to make someone an editor on Twitch
  5. Click on the username and a small box will appear where it will display your two options to choose between moderator and editor.
  6. Click on the Editor box and then click on Save.

You have now successfully added a creator to your twitch channel.

Use the same method to add more editors to your twitch channel.


How to make someone an Editor on twitch (Mobile)

I am assuming that you want to add an editor on twitch while your free time or during lying on the bed.

You can use your Android phone or iPhone to complete this task.

But this won’t be possible from the Twitch mobile app and you need to do it through the browser.

  1. Launch your Chrome browser (You can do it on safari as well) and open 
  2. Now tap on the 3 dots of Google chrome located at the very right-hand top. From the suggestion options check the box of “Desktop Site”. 
  3. Twitch will load in the Desktop version and will give you all the options of twitch desktop. 
  4. Once loaded, tap on your profile picture and choose Creator Dashboard. 
  5. From the creator dashboard option choose Community and then “Roles Manager“. 
  6. Type the name of the user and click on it. From the option choose Editor and click on Save.


How to Add any Editor to manage BTTV Emotes

If you are using BetterTTV emotes on your channel, then you can also add your editor to manage these BTTV emotes.

But make sure you have enabled BTTV emotes and see it’s working.

  1. Open the BTTV website and make sure you are logged in to your account.
  2. From the left-hand top, click on the Dashboard tab. 
    How to make someone an editor for Better Twitch TV
    How to make someone an editor for Better Twitch TV
  3. Now from the left-hand menu option click on Editors.
  4. The “Add a new Editor” box will now be up, click on the box where it says twitch username.
  5. Type the Editor Username and click on Submit.

You are all done and given extra permission to your channel editor to manage BTTV emotes.


Difference between Twitch Editors and Moderators

Editors and moderators are both different roles in twitch and have their own actions to perform.

Let me make it clearer by sharing their powers and responsibilities.

This will clarify what can Editors and Mods do on Twitch.


Editors           Moderators
Edit Stream Information Enable Slow, Subscriber-only or Followers only chat mode
Edit Video Information Start and Manage Polls
Downloading Past Broadcast Time out or Ban users.
Running Commercial breaks Start, Manage and End Predictions
Uploading Videos
Starting Reruns
Reviewing, Searching and Deleting clips


Hopefully, this will clear your doubts and help you understand the permission of Editors and Moderators.

Read below frequently asked questions that will clear the rest of the doubts.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Twitch editors get paid?

There are many editors who also work without getting paid but it all depends on the streamer.

Twitch streamers like xQc whose net worth is high may pay you a good amount if earning good money.

Depending on the work and duration they may decide your payout.

Most of the streamer appoints editor from their moderator.


How to make someone a supermod on twitch?

Supermod has more power and access on twitch channels.

Twitch streamers can choose a Supermod from their mods or from any other user.

Supermods can even appoint a mod or demod from the channel.


Can a mod be an editor on twitch?

Yes, a mod can be an editor on Twitch.

As Editor and Mods are two different roles and a channel owner can promote any mod to the editor.


Can an editor do everything a mod can do?

Editors and Mods have their own role and in simple words, I can say NO, an editor can’t do everything that a mod can do.

An editor will need a mod role from the channel owner to perform the moderator work.


Bottom Line

Editors and Mod become a big help for any streamer who can easily focus on his games.

After knowing how to make someone an editor on twitch, make sure to pick the right user for this responsibility.

Streamers can also choose an editor among the best moderators. This will also motivate your mods to work more hard and sincerely.

Let me know if I have missed anything in this article and I will try to cover it as soon as possible.

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