How to Make an Uptime Command for Nightbot – [Twitch 2022]

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As a Viewer you might have seen people using !uptime command on streamers chat or as a Streamer you may also wish to have !uptime command on twitch. In this guide, I will take you step by step on how to make an uptime command for the Nightbot.

If you are not sure what is uptime command on twitch is, then this is basically a command set by third-party websites like Nightbots and Stream elements to find how long the streamer has been live.

How to Make an Uptime Command Nightbot

In order to set up !uptime command on twitch, you will need a third-party website. In this guide, we will take Nightbot which is considered one of the best bot services for Twitch.

Nightbot helps in setting up many important commands like shoutout commands for twitch.

The process needs to be done in 3 easy steps. The command will be simple and you can also copy-paste this uptime command for Nightbot.

STEP 1 – Connect Nightbot to Twitch & Add Command

Open the Nightbot website, click on Login, and then choose Login with Twitch. It may ask you to log in to twitch and authorize, so simply follow the steps.

So Nightbot is now connected to Twitch and we are ready to add the command.

  • Once the Nightbot dashboard is up, click on the Command from the left-hand menu option.

  • From the drop-down choose Custom and then click on + Add Command button on the right-hand side.
    How to Setup Nightbot Uptime Command on Twitch
    How to Setup Nightbot Uptime Command on Twitch

    So now Add command box will be up and we need to fill all the information here. Just look below every option and you can also copy and paste it into your Nightbot box.

COMMAND – This is the first option where you need to type the command that viewers will enter in the chatbox to know how long you have been streaming.

So just type !uptime and let’s move to the next option.

MESSAGE– Here will be the main command or I can say the configuration box where the main command goes in.

I have created one, simply copy and paste it into the Message box without making any changes.

!commands add !uptime Stream uptime: $(twitch $(channel) “{{uptimeLength}}”)

How to add uptime command nightbot as a mod
How to add uptime command Nightbot as a mod

USER LEVEL – User-level defines that who can use this command and which should be to Everyone. So click on the drop-down and choose Everyone.

– Cooldown is basically a slow that decides how often a user can run this command. So set this at least to 30 or 60 seconds so that people cannot spam. 

ALIAS– Leave the Alias box empty.

Once done click on Submit and now we just to make Nightbot a moderator on the Twitch channel so that it can use the uptime command. 


STEP 2 – Make Nightbot a Moderator in Twitch and Test Command

Now if you are using Nightbot for the first time on your twitch channel then you need to add Nightbot as a moderator on Twitch.

This will allow Nightbot to run the command, you can even do this if Nightbot is already before.

  • Open the Twitch website and log in with your credentials.

  • Click on your profile picture located at the right-hand top and choose Channel.

  • Now click on Chat to open the chatbox and type /mod nightbot.

    Make Nightbot a mod in Twitch
    Make Nightbot a mod in Twitch

So Nightbot is now added as a moderator on your Twitch channel and so we are now good to go.

Let’s quickly test it

  • Open the Twitch channel chat box, type the command !uptime, and hit Enter.

You will now see a message about how long the streamer has been streaming or a message of Offline if currently not streaming.

Nightbot Uptime Command not Working on Twitch

I have seen many users facing trouble running Nightbot commands for which there are several reasons.

If you have correctly followed the above steps and still uptime command of Nightbot is not working on Twitch then follow these below fixes.

FIX 1 –  Do not Edit the code

The code given above doesn’t need any changes.

There are many codes where you need to replace Channel with your channel name but in the code, I have shared you don’t need to do any.

Simply copy and paste it into your message box.

FIX 2 – Try Different Code

Sometimes few codes don’t work and the best way to fix this is to try another code. Try the code below and here you need to replace the CHANNELNAME with your channel name.


FIX 3 –  Make sure Nightbot is added to Twitch and as a Mod

Just assure that you have connected Nightbot to twitch and also added Nightbot as a mod in twitch channel chat.

Once done restart the browser and try again running the command.



So far you learned how to make an uptime command for Nightbot which you might felt easy to do. Nightbot provides many such commands and features not only for Twitch but also for other platforms like YouTube.

In case your Nightbot uptime command doesn’t won’t make sure you check the fixes I shared and if still, you have the problem let me know in the comment section.

Rest add your suggestion to this article or if you still have any problems let us know in the comment box.

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