How to Link Twitch to Discord in 2022 (PC and Mobile)

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Discord has huge 150 million users every month and once you know how to link twitch to discord, you can increase your audience on Twitch.

Connect your twitch to discord and let the people know you are streaming on Twitch.

In fact, you are not connecting twitch to discord but both the families with each other.

Should I connect my Twitch to Discord?

Yes, this will help you to grow and you will help your audience to give them some good roles on Discord.


How to Link Twitch to Discord (PC)

Follow these basic steps to connect twitch to discord on Windows and Mac PC.

So once twitch is connected to discord, your discord audience can easily get to know when you are streaming on Twitch.

But keep reading the article till the end as I will also share that what to do if you don’t receive notifications or if failed to connect twitch to discord.

  1. Launch your discord application and sign in with the account where you want to integrate twitch.


  2. Click on the user settings gear ⚙️ icon located at the very left-hand bottom to pull up discord settings.


    How to open Discord User Settings
    How to open Discord User Settings


  3. From the left-hand settings menu option, click on “Connections”.

    How to Link Twitch to Discord PC
    How to Link Twitch to Discord PC



  4. Now you will see the connections page with different accounts. Click on the first icon of Twitch.


  5. Twitch login screen will now be up, type your twitch username and password to sign in to the account.
    How to Connect twitch to discord
    How to Connect twitch to discord


  6. Twitch may send a verification code to your email to verify it’s you. Just open your email copy the code and paste it into the twitch verification box.


  7. You have now successfully integrated twitch with discord and you can see Twitch in the Discord connections area.

Now to show your twitch stream status on Discord make sure you have enabled the option of “Display on Profile”.


How to Link Twitch to Discord (Mobile)

Connecting a twitch account to discord mobile is as easy on PC.

Follow these simple steps that are applicable for both your Android and iPhone.

  1. Launch your discord application on Mobile.


  2. Tap on the profile picture located at the very right-hand bottom.


  3. Now in the Discord settings list, tap on the “Connections“. This will display the connections that you have already integrated.


  4. Tap on “Add” which is on the very right-hand top and choose Twitch from the list.


  5. Discord will now ask to open twitch from your phone browser, choose the one from which you want to open Twitch.
    How to link twitch to discord mobile
    How to link twitch to discord mobile
  6. Log in with your twitch account and it might ask you for the verification by sending a verification email. Open your email to verify.
  7. Once successfully connected you will see a message of “Connected your twitch account to Discord”.

Now go back to your discord application again, refresh the page and you will see twitch is now integrated.


How to Link Twitch Emotes to Discord

To give some more feel of a twitch on discord you can link twitch emotes to discord as well.

There is many popular twitch emotes like MonkaW or o7 that you would like to use.

You can either create these emotes or can also sync from better twitch TV.

Now once you have emotes you need to create a separate role for your twitch subscribers on discord.

NOTE:- If you have a Twitch affiliate or program discord will automatically create a sub role.


How to set up Twitch Subscribers roles in Discord?

Here we will first create a role for your twitch subscribers and then need to give the permission to Use external Emotes on Discord.

So this will be like a twitch sub-enabled server on discord.

Follow these below simple steps


  1. Open your Discord account, click on the server drop-down and choose Server settings.


  2. From the settings left-hand menu, click on “Roles”.


  3. Now click on the blue tab of “Create Role” and this will bring up the role profile to customize.


    How to Create Roles on Discord Server
    How to Create Roles on Discord Server


  4. In the Role name box, rename it to twitch Subscribers or any name that you want to give.


  5. From the role color, choose the color for this role.

Once done, click on “Save changes” and now we can set up the permission for this role for every channel.


  1. From the discord server, choose the channel for which you want to create the permission.


  2. Click on the settings gear cog ⚙️ icon in front of the channel name.


  3. From the left-hand menu options click on the “Permission” tab.


  4. Now from the Role/ Member option, click on the + icon and select the Twitch Subscriber role that we just created.


  5. Give the basic permission that you want to give and then scroll down to “Use external emoji”.


  6. Click on the green tick icon and then click on Save changes.

You are all set now and can give this role to your twitch subscribers to enjoy these twitch emotes.


Failed to Connect Twitch Account to Discord

This can be really annoying when you are trying to link your twitch account to discord and you get such errors messages.

Twitch accounts fail to connect discord mostly when you have opened the discord app and twitch in the browser.

Before proceeding to the below solution, you can also try restarting your device.

Solution – Open Discord and Twitch from Chrome

Here you need to repeat the process again and this time you need to open both apps from the website.

Launch your Chrome browser and open the discord website on one tab and on another tab open the twitch website.

Make sure you are logged in to both of your accounts.

Follow the above steps on how to link twitch to discord.

This can be done from both PC and Mobile, but make sure you open both apps from chrome (recommended).



How do I see twitch streaming status on Discord?

If you want to see someone twitch streaming status on discord then click on the user profile picture and it will show you the status.
To show your streaming status make sure you have enabled streamer mode on discord.


How to unlink Twitch from Discord?

You can disconnect your twitch account from discord anytime you want with almost the same process.
Open Discord and then click on the User settings icon to bring discord settings.

Now click on the Connections tab and then click on the X close button icon which is in front of the twitch.

Twitch not showing on Discord profile?

First, make sure you have linked your twitch account to discord properly by following the above steps properly.

If still, it doesn’t show then make sure you have enabled the option Display on Profile.
Go to Discord settings > Connections > In Twitch box, toggle on the option of “Display on profile.



Connecting Discord to Twitch is a great feature through which you can connect both of your viewers with each other.

You also give an option to connect on discord for your twitch viewers.

Never miss any such chance to grow your audience and discord server and as you know now how to link twitch to discord, connect now.

Do let me know if you still have any issues related to this post and also let me know if I have missed anything.

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