How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League – (5 Pro Tips)

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A new game mode was recently released in rocket league called knockout bash. This is probably the best update we’ve ever had so if you haven’t played the new mode yet you definitely need to check it out. If you have and you’re confused about how to grab in Knockout Rocket league then this article is perfect for you 

Here I will also share the five tips that will surely make you a pro at knockout dash.

Let me explain first how to grab in Rocket League knockout bash and then I will share more about this Knockout bash and 5 pro tips as well.



How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League?

To grab in knockout bash rocket league simply press and hold down the grab button, dodge again and again on an enemy to through them out of the arena.

For PC users left-click is the grab button, L2 for Playstation, and LT for Xbox.

You can also change the grab bindings key by going to game settings > Control and then choosing change bindings. Check this article for the best Rocket League settings.


How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users can grab and throw their enemies by using the brake button. To properly grab enemies you will have to use your brake (L), left stick, and the jump button (B).

Go towards your enemies, press the brake (L) button, use the left stick to target your enemy, and then press the jump button twice to dodge.


How to Attack in Knockout Bash Rocket League?

To attack in knockout bash rocket league, dodge them to make them fly in the sky

You can even do front flip, left and right flip to attack your opponents. Keep in mind faster you will go harder you will hit.

Attacking is an important part of the game that will help you to move towards the win. 


How to Block in Knockout Bash Rocket League?

You can use a backflip to activate a shield that may help you to block in Knockout bash rocket league.

But this doesn’t work all the time and I have seen many people asking how to block grab attack in Knockout bash?

Blocking is as important as attacking and grabbing on Knockout bash. If you don’t know how to block you will be eliminated very soon.


What is Knockout Bash in Rocket League?

Knockout bash mode is a free game played by a total of 8 players with no team and only 1 player comes on the top as a winner.

So if you want to win then you need to knock out other players by sending them out of the safe zone or into hazards by attacking or defending. You will get 3 chances to do this; if you fail, you will be eliminated.

This is a new mode of Rocket league with a different theme where you don’t need to make a goal and only need to survive till the end.

There are Game rules as well that you must keep in mind to better understand this game.


Knockout Bash Rocket League RULES

There are 4 rules of Knockout bash that will help you to understand this game better and after this, I will also share the controls.

Team Size –  There is no team size as this is no team in Knockout Bash. There are a total of 8 players entering the ground and you need to stand till the last of the game to be a winner.

Lives – There are no unlimited lives where you keep respawning. You only get 3 chances in this game so you need to be aware and watch all your angles or else you will be KO’d.

Safezone –  The place surrounding the ground is a safe zone and once a player is knocked out of the safe zone they need to be back to the ground again within 10 seconds. 

Throughout the game, the safe zone will shrink and after 6 minutes of the game, the match will be in a KO mode where every attack or throw will make a direct knockout. 

Hazards – There are several hazards like spike and laser grid in each knockout arena, If you touch these hazards you will be instantly knocked out.  


5 PRO Tips for Knockout Rocket League

So now it’s time to share 5 top tips for you that will make you a pro in Rocket League Knockout bash.

Read the tips carefully and make sure you apply them at least for a day to notice your improvement.

TIP NO #1 – Learn the Trinity

Any time you’re facing off against an opponent, you have one of three moves

Attack, Block, Or grab

Each one of those options beats one move and loses to another

Like rock, paper, scissors

So it’s important to vary your strategies and make sure you’re outplaying the opponent if you want to win.

TIP NO #2 – Go Fast

The faster you’re moving when you attack or throw an opponent, the further they are going to fly

But be careful when you are searching for those supersonic speeds

You don’t want to be caught out with no boost

It can be disastrous when trying to get back to the platform after a big hit.

TIP NO #3 – Master your Movement

In Knockout you have more tools at your disposal

You can triple jump, and dodge four times before needing to put your wheels to the ground to refresh those mechanics

These are critical for recovering when you’ve been knocked way off the platform and need to make your way back.

TIP NO #4 – Positioning is Important

Each map has obstacles that can result in a K.O. if you are not careful

So make sure that you’re positioning yourself to use those effectively and not fall victim to them.

TIP NO #5 –  Be Unpredictable

If your opponents know you always attack, they’re just gonna block

So make sure you’re switching up your strategies often

And hey, get creative



However, Knockout dash is no longer available on Rocket League but it will be back very soon.

As you have learned how to grab in knockout rocket league and even 5 pro tips this will surely help you once the knockout comes again, so better bookmark this website.

Please share your feedback or any suggestion in the comment box.


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