How to Freeze the Chat on Twitch 2022 – (Pause & Disable Chat)

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Millions of users come to twitch every day to enjoy their favorite stream with free access to the twitch chat box. But when the flow is too high on chat your messages or everyone just get disappear so quickly. Here you will learn how to freeze the chat on twitch like how to pause, disable, clear, and see the offline chat.

Twitch gives you some basic chat settings that you must be aware of as a viewer.

I am sharing the complete details on Twitch chat that will take a while to read but the next time when you will be on any Twitch stream, you will be aware of all options.



How to Freeze (Pause) the Chat on Twitch? PC

When you are in a chat of any twitch channel with lots of live viewers then it’s really hard to read any chat even until you don’t know how do I stop the chat from disappearing.

You can pause the chat using some chat shortcut keys to read your or any specific message during the high flow of chat.

  • Open the twitch stream where you want to try pausing the chat.


  • Click on the settings gear icon at the very right-hand bottom of the chat box.

    How to pause chat on Twitch
    How to pause chat on Twitch


  • Look for Pause chat and click on it.

  • This will bring up a drop-down with 4 options on how you want to pause the chat. 

These are kind of quick shortcuts through which you can pause the chat.

Scroll only – This is the default option where the chat will be paused as soon as you scroll in the chat.


Mouseover – With mouseover, you need to place your cursor over the chat to pause.


Hold alt key – Press the alt key from your keyboard whenever you want to pause the Twitch chat.


Mouseover / alt key – You can check this option when you want to pause the chat both through the mouseover and alt key.

Types of pause chat on Twitch
Types of pause chat on Twitch

Try them all to see which works best for you and then you can check that option to pause the twitch chat.


How to Pause the Chat on Twitch Mobile?

The majority of the twitch viewers use mobile to enjoy their favorite streams.

Unfortunately, there is no way to pause chat on twitch mobile.

However, you can access twitch desktop on your mobile where pause options are available but they don’t work.


How to Hide Chat on Twitch

There are many viewers or I can say lurkers that only want to enjoy the stream and don’t want to get engaged in the chat.

Many streamers like xQc chats have toxic people as well and you have a question in your mind that can I disable chat on twitch?

Yes, you can follow the simple below steps

  • Open twitch stream and then click on the settings gear icon at the right-hand bottom of the chat box.

    How to HIde chat on Twitch
    How to HIde chat on Twitch


  • From the options click on Hide chat and your chat will now be hidden.

You can unhide chat anytime by clicking on Show chat.


How to Hide Chat on Twitch Mobile

On your iPhone or Android phone, you can watch the stream on full screen and chat will be hidden.

You can also hide chat like on PC by using twitch desktop mode.

Open your browser and enable the desktop site from the settings and then open the twitch website. 

Once the website is up, follow the same steps as done on PC. tap on chat settings and then tap on hide chat.


How to get rid of chat on Twitch?

if you are just interested in enjoying the stream and not in chat then you can enable the Hide chat option from Twitch chat settings.
You can also switch the screen to full screen and the chat box will disappear.

How to clear chat on Twitch

If you want to get rid of twitch chat by deleting then you need to use bot commands. If you are a Twitch mod or owner then type the command /clear and hit the enter key.
All the chat will be cleared from the twitch channel.

What is Popout chat on Twitch?

With Twitch popout chat you can open the chat box in a dedicated new window.



As a regular viewer on twitch, you might chat a lot on Twitch stream but because of the high flow of chat on some channels, it seems impossible to read the chats.

Thanks to Twitch as it has an option of Pause chat to freeze messages until you allow them to run.

Hopefully this article on how to freeze the chat on Twitch, you got much other related information like how to hide chat on Twitch.

If you still have any questions or suggestions for us, please comment in the comment box.

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