How to Do a Subathon on Twitch in 2022 – (Meaning & Ideas)

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A few months ago, Ludwig, a big twitch streamer, streamed a Subathon and since then many streamers and viewers wish to know how to do a Subathon on Twitch.

You might have many questions in your mind like what exactly Subathon means, how to do Subathon event, and also you might be looking for some good Subathon Ideas.

So let’s get started and see what does Subathon means on Twitch?


What does Subathon Mean on Twitch?

Subathon as the name says stands for Subscriber marathon. 

Basically, when people donate, subscribe, or support you financially on twitch there is something called a Subathon. So the more amount that people donate, gift, subscribe, or anything along those lines the timer will actually increase.

The timer can be set at whatever number you would like to on the screen or wherever you would like.

Once the time is set it shows viewers how long until the twitch stream actually ends. Now people can torture you by donating more and making the stream go on and on and on.

But overall you will earn a lot of subs and donations through this Subathon. Excited, Let’s see how to do a Subathon on Twitch now.


How to Do a Subathon on Twitch?

You may have a quick question that how Subathon works, I will share step by step how to set up Subathon on Twitch stream.

But before settings it up you need to get ready and keep several things in mind.

Keep in mind Subathon sounds very good to stream but it’s not easy and you will have to get ready for will couple of things. I am sharing the information that you need to be aware of.


1 – Get Ready and Plan Subathon

Subathon is not so easy, you need to be well prepared and need people like mods who will help you during your Subathon.

In order to get ready, you need to keep the following points in your mind.

  • Make sure you are mentally prepared.
  • You must have enough viewers to start Subathon as this is mostly for the streamers who have a good audience.
  • You are not suffering from any disease that can harm you because of this Subathon stream.
  • Get in touch with your mods and editors and tell them that you are planning for Subathon. 

Once you are done will the above points, next you need to plan about your Subathon like the goal, time, and incentives to allure people for sub.

I have seen people who have set the maximum time like 24hours and even there are few streamers who have planned Subathon with no maximum time.

So you need to plan this timing and incentives by keeping your personal life and health on priority.


2 – Announce Subathon 

If you are reading this point it means you have finally made up your mind to stream Subathon.

This is an important point where you need to inform your audience about your Subathon so that they must be ready and excited to join your Subathon.

Announce your Subathon Stream
Announce your Subathon Stream

You must announce in all the related communities and on all your social accounts like Discord, Instagram, and Twitter. You can even advertise on social media for which Digiaze can help you.

Create a good thumbnail, advertisement Images, and ask all your team members like the mods, VIPs, and other supporters to share continuously till the Subathon starts.

This will ensure that you will have a good audience when the stream starts.


3 – Create Twitch Subathon Countdown Timer

Now, this is the important part where you will know how to create a Subathon stream. 

So here we will use a website called Marathon Timer which basically allows you to set up a widget with a timer on the streaming software like OBS or Streamlabs.

Follow the steps below to configure this Marathon timer or Subathon.

  • Open the Marathon timer website, click on Login with Twitch, and then get logged in with your twitch account. It may ask for the token and authorization, so kindly follow the instructions. 
    Marathon Timer for Twitch Subathon
    Marathon Timer for Twitch Subathon


  • Now you will be on the setup page and at the top, you will find Tips and Bits. So if you want this option like a donation from PayPal then you need to connect to Streamlabs.
  • From the top menu, click on the right arrow and then click on “Connect Streamlabs”. Click on Link to Streamlabs again and then you can connect Streamlabs via Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. 
    How to do Subathon Stream
    How to do Subathon Stream

So now you are all set with these links and connections. You can go ahead and configure these timer settings as per donation and sub.


4 – Configure Subathon

There are going to be a bunch of different settings depending on how big you are as a streamer.

You need to change these accordingly because if you don’t have these set up properly you’re not going to be able to actually stream a marathon or a Subathon effectively.

NOTE:– You can set the time according to your scenario, here I am sharing the best setting as per a few streamers who have successfully conducted Subathon.


  • From the TIPS and BITS, change the seconds to 120 and leave the dollar to 1. Similarly, do the same with BITS, change the seconds to 120 from 60 and leave BITS to 100. 
    How to create Subathon Stream for Twitch
    How to create Subathon Stream for Twitch



  • Included Gift Sub box is optional, but I would recommend that you should check this box and let it be enabled. 
  • Then it’s New Subs and Resubs, you can leave it at the exact same numbers or you can make it less or more depending on how frequently you’re donated to or how long you want to stream for.


The next tab is to add time manually where you can that how much time you want to stream. But it’s better to skip this option and move to the tab.

If you want to try this then you can add time here by choosing the total time in hours, minutes, and seconds.


Set timer this is basically what amount of time you’re gonna have the timer started at and then next is going to be the maximum amount of time that can be added to the timer.

For example to make things easy if you’re starting at 15 hours and you want to have a maximum of a 24-hour stream then you need to do a 15-hour start in the starting time and 9 hour in the maximum

Set timer for Subathon Stream
Set timer for Subathon Stream

So that’s 15 hours max if you want a 24-hour stream list for easy math you’re gonna start that at 4 hours and people can simply donate up to 20 hours worth of added time.



Font settings are also important settings of Suabthon. It just basically changes the color of the text, what type of font you want, and the size of the font.

Change font for Subathon timer
Change font for Subathon timer

Here you need to pick your choice, so keep doing a twitch test stream to check which color, size, and font look best to you.


Now, this is the important part where you need to connect this Subathon widget to Streamlabs or OBS to display the timer.

Now follow the below steps to link with your OBS or Streamlabs

  • Click where it says “Click here to unhide Widget link, Use this link as a browser source”. 
    Subathon Widget link for OBS
    Subathon Widget link for OBS



  • Now you need to add a new source as a browser on your Streamlabs or OBS. Here for example I am taking OBS. 
  • In the source section, click on the + icon to add a new source and from the list choose “Browser”. 
    How to Subathon with OBS
    How to Subathon with OBS



  • You can rename it whatever you want like I rename it as Subathon link and click on Ok. 
  • Now in the URL section paste the link that you copied from the Marathon site. 
Subathon Stream with OBS
Subathon Stream with OBS

Once done click on ok and you will see the timer just appeared on the left-hand top.

In case you wish to change the font, color, or size of the widget go to the Marathon timer website again, click on the font tab and change the color, size of the widget.

Then you can again copy the URL from there and paste it again in the OBS or Streamlabs browser source.


Subathon Stream Ideas

Once you have understood what is Subathon and how to do a Subathon on Twitch you must be eager to quickly start with it.

So here I will also try to help you with some Subathon ideas that will be key for you to grow.

1 – Focus on Followers if you only have dozens of viewers

Why I am keeping this at the top is because I have seen on my friend’s sister made this mistake where she properly ran the Subathon but the result was not that good.

Subathon with few viewers may not give you that kind of subs you must be expecting. So the key is that you must have enough viewers to achieve more and more subs.

When you are a beginner or have only a few viewers then you must focus on getting more followers during the Subathon.

Do this Subathon for 18 hours at least with a goal that you have to gain a certain amount of average viewers like 3000 followers within a time frame. Once done you have enough viewers and followers then you can go with Subathon stream to get more subs.

This is my personal recommendation, rest you think twice about it.


2 –  Do something Weird like Eating Spicy 

Viewers really stick to your stream when they see something happening weird in the stream with a challenge and they also want to be part of it.

You can set a goal like after a certain amount of subs you will do something weird like

  • Eating spice chips 
  • You will dance or sing for them 
  • Special Shoutout
  • Talk about relationship

These are just examples and there can be many more things that you can do to make people laugh and engage.

You must set up these tasks after every milestone of followers or sub achieved like after every 5 or 10 subs depending on how many viewers you have.


3 – Play Game on Demand

Subathon means a huge time to play games and in such a situation, you can play a couple of different games.

Viewers generally on chat ask you to play their favorite game but that’s really accepted by streamers as streamers cannot play multiple games in a single day during the normal stream.

But in Subathon you set an incentive that if 5 viewers sub to you and request the same game to play then you will play that game. Viewers love to do this if streamers do what they say.


4 – Show your Stream Setup or House Tour  

So far you may have understood that Subathon is to gain more subs and donations for which you need to do your best to attract viewers.

Now to attract viewers you need to put such incentives on subs that really push viewers to fulfill your goal.

You may announce that once you receive 50 subs you will go through with your Stream setup tour. Similarly, on achieving 100 subs you will go through with a home tour.

Viewers would love to watch your studio and home and so they will sub you.


5 – Giveaways

There are certain things that people would love to get from a streamer as a giveaway prize.

You can let your viewers know that there will be a giveaway on achieving certain numbers of subs you will and winners will be selected from the people who have taken your subscription.

This will surely be loved by the viewers and will also increase your earnings. A few giveaways that you can do are the following.

  • Choose a gift according to your community, like if you stream Valorant then better offer new gun skins. 
  • Chance to play with you, viewers really dream to play with streamers so make this a giveaway price.

You can also raise a poll and better ask viewers what giveaway price they need.


6 – Give Consultation Call

Now, this would be again a kind of a giveaway which would be on achieving a big sub milestone.

Let your viewers know that once you gain 200 subs you will pick 3 random winners to whom you will give a consultation call for 15 minutes.

This would be more effective for the artist steamers as their viewers would love to learn from them.

Even gamers can give a consultation call where they can give some pro tips for gaming like for best aiming and other tips.


Ludwig Subathon Stream

A few months back famous twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren made a Subathon stream on twitch which I guess was to boost his earnings.

Subathon played different games, chatted with his viewers, ate food, and even slept when his mods were playing games picked by his community viewers.

In Ludwig Subathon each sub added an extra 20 seconds to his stream and during his stream.

Many weird moments were seen where he was waiting for the stream to be finished but suddenly many subs came up and time increased. 

How long has Ludwig been streaming Subathon?

There have been continuous new records of maximum hours and most subs with Subathon on Twitch.

Ludwig capped his stream for 30 days in April 2021 and broke the record of gaining most subs.

Ludwig did almost everything during his Subathon like eating, bathing, sleeping, and many more activities.

How much did Ludwig make from Subathon?

According to Dexerto, Ludwig stands on the top with most subs during Subahon stream on twitch with 283,066 subs.

Another popular streamer Ninja stands in the second position who streamed in April 2018 with 269,154 subs.

Twitch Subscribers record from Subathon
Twitch Subscribers record from Subathon

Now the majority of the sub, Ludwig gained was for $4.99 out of which twitch took 50%, and then he also paid his mods around $167,000, charitable donation $365,350, and many more.

According to Dexerto, he was left with around $200,000.

Longest Subathon record on Twitch?

In the longest Subathon stream record on twitch, Ludwig currently stands on no 9 positions but making most subs from Subathon he is still in the top position.

As of now, GhostInTheMachone carries the record of streaming the longest Subathon for 76 days that was made on October 2021.

Longest Subathon twitch
Longest Subathon twitch

The second position is held by Athena with 47 days and then by PappiEric with 45 days.



Subathon is a new concept that is really making the streaming industry full of fun and challenges.

Every streamer including big and small streamers is planning for Subathon to gain more subs and break records.

Hopefully, you are not only aware of Subathon and how to do a Subathon on twitch but also about the people who have records of making most subs and longest duration from Subathon.

Leave your comment on what you think about Subathon and if you are planning for Subathon. 



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